Hey dreamer!

This is exciting. You’re curious about me. You want to know my story? You got it.

I'm Mia - a big introvert.

 I strive to empower introverts to start profitable blogs, shine online (with confidence), and chase dreams so they can live life on their own introverted terms – and work from the safe space of their own home all the while living a freedom-filled and extraordinary life.

That’s basically what I’m about. 👆

My motto: Quiet people can do amazing things

I really believe that.

I used to think that being an extrovert was what the world expected of me and I was afraid to tune in to my most authentic and quiet self – thinking that the world wouldn’t let me be me.

Maybe you feel the same way?

Anyway, this all changed when I started She Dreams All Day back in 2018 and got slightly obsessed with personal development.


Truth be told, I started She Dreams All Day on a whim.

However, I knew that I wanted to create something extraordinary for myself.

I never in a million years thought that I’d be one to start a blog. I mean c’mon, voluntarily put yourself out there for the whole world to potentially see? 

I used to think blogging was purely for influencers and people with extroverted personalities. Boy, was I wrong.

The more I educated myself in blogging and personal development, the more I understood that blogging was in fact the perfect job for a true introvert and dreamer like myself.

Fun fact: I did own my own domain at age 11. It was a Mary-Kate and Ashley fanpage. In some way, all this HTML and coding must have caught up with me as an adult.


I wanted to take control of my life, income and I wanted… FREEDOM.

So, I was browsing the web and hanging out on Pinterest one late August evening back in 2018 and I stumbled on a few articles – articles that would lead me to my first online course ever.

It was called Launch Your Blog Biz.

I just went for it. I purchased my domain and signed up for hosting.

I was feeling inspired, motivated and I had found something I would gladly wake up before 6AM for.

(Now dreamer – if you find that, you’re on the right path and onto something.)

I found my spark and I went for it.

Before She Dreams All Day, I was feeling so lost. I had no idea what to do with my life.

I’d been an artist and musician for all of my life while also dabbling in various unfulfilling careers.

I realized that this path wouldn’t be very sustainable in the long run. Plus, while I do enjoy writing songs and traveling – I’m not comfy on the stage.

I’d choose studio over stage any day.

Truth-telling time.

To be honest, it wasn’t long ago when this “about” page was pretty much non-existent and you wouldn’t know my face or my first name. 

I wanted to be a blogger and help other people but I wanted to do it anonymously.

Why? Honestly, I was scared, nervous and the thought of putting myself out there on the world wide web was just terrifying to me.

I was scared that people would find out.

My family. My friends. My colleagues.

It was ALL a mindset thing.

But I coached myself out if it and eased my way into online confidence. And I’m so glad I did.


This year, everything changed. 

I wanted to go all in on my blog, and do to so I realized I had to leave my cozy comfort zone.

The girl behind the Mac became the girl on the blog.​

To be able to really make a difference and help other dreamers become their best versions of themselves I had to show up. And I had to show up as me.

It’s nearly impossible to connect with your audience with no name and no face.

So, something had to change, and it did.

I got brave and I jumped out of my comfort zone. I even got on video on Instagram stories to show y’all the real me behind the scenes (yes it was terrifying at first).

You gotta start somewhere. You can’t get to Z without hitting A, B and C (and all of the other letters) first.

Now I’m here and I’m not going back.

This blog has become so much more than a blog to me. It’s my safe space, my home, my business and it’s my aim to make it the warmest and loveliest space on the web. 

I am now proud to say that I’m an online business owner and make money in my sleep

My blog traffic skyrocket and I wake up to emails like this every week.

make money blogging for beginners
how to increase blog traffic

It’s totally insane.

I’m living the dream. 

A dream I thought would never be possible.


Through blogging and running online biz I discovered several things:

  • I found my voice
  • I found my confidence
  • I found my passion
  • I found my people.

Blogging changed my life.

Online, I’m free to shine on my outside as I do on my inside.

Free to be me.

And I know this is all possible for you too.

I’m not special and in no way a unicorn (though if I am so are you my friend).

How I can help you.


I’m so glad you stepped into my world. 

Let this be your new home, your safe space online. ❤️

I’m going to pick a straw out of the hat and assume that you are a fellow introvert and dreamer?

If so, you’re the exact reason I do what I do. I’m on a mission to help other introverts start blogs, shine online, and chase their most amazing dreams – with confidence.

I want to be an example of what is possible for introverts and quiet individuals. We don’t need to scream the loudest, climb the corporate ladder, and small talk until our ears bleed.

There is a way out of that and blogging was it for me. 

I believe introversion + blogging is a match made in heaven.

Does this sound familiar?

You want more freedom.

  • Freedom to design your days however which way you want (a.k.a leave the corporate and extroverted world!)
  • Freedom to travel the world while working on your blog
  • Freedom to make “the sky’s the limit” amount of passive income 💸
  • Freedom to spend your time doing and teaching what you love
  • Freedom to wake up whenever you want
  • Freedom to make your own decisions about your life and your work
  • Freedom to just experience life as it should be
  • Freedom to live your life on your own introverted terms
  • Freedom to just be.

Are you nodding your head right now?

I want all of the above for you.

I care about you.

An invitation.

I would love to help you create your own dream blog.

I just know you can do amazing things if you put your mind to it.

I invite you to join my FREE Start Your Dream Blog Challenge if you’re feeling called to start your blog.

It’s a 5-day video course for introverts who want to learn how to successfully start their dream blogs – with confidence.

I’ll be teaching you ALL. THE. THINGS.

(Yes I get on video. Never thought that would happen, but personal growth and blogging will do that to you.)

You’re in the right place, dreamer.

I cannot wait to get to know you better.

Know that you can reach out to me at mia@shedreamsallday.com at any time. I’ve got your back. 

Learn more about how you can work with me here.

ALL my love,

x Mia

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