Hey girl!

This is exciting. You’re curious about me. You want to know my story? You got it.

Truth-telling time.

To be honest, it wasn’t long ago when this “about” page was pretty much non-existent and
you would barely know my name.

I wanted to be a blogger and help other people but I wanted to do it anonymously.

Why? Honestly, I was scared, nervous and the thought of putting myself out there on the world wide web was just terrifying to me.

I was scared that people would find out.

My family. My friends. My colleagues.

It was ALL a mindset thing.

But this all changed 10 months into blogging.

I wanted to go all in, and do to so I realized I had to leave my cozy comfort zone.

The girl behind the Mac became the girl on the blog.

To be able to really make a difference and help other dreamers become their best versions of themselves I had to show up. And I had to show up as me.

It’s nearly impossible to connect with your audience with no name and no face.

So, something had to change, and it did.

I got brave and I jumped out of my comfort zone. I even got on video on Instagram stories to show y’all the real me behind the scenes (yes it was terrifying at first).

You gotta start somewhere. You can’t get to Z without hitting A, B and C (and all of the other letters) first.

Now I’m here. And I’m not going back.

This blog has become so much more than a blog to me. It’s my safe space, my home, my
business and it’s my mission in life to make it the warmest and loveliest space on the

So, how did all this start?

Truth be told, I started She Dreams All Day on a whim.

However, I knew that I wanted to create something extraordinary for myself.

I never in a million years thought that I’d be one to start a blog.

Side note & fun fact: I did own my own domain at age 11. It was a Mary-Kate and Ashley fansite. In some way, HTML and coding must have caught up with me as an adult.


I wanted to take control of my life, income and I wanted… FREEDOM.

So, I was browsing the web and hanging out on Pinterest one late August evening back in 2018 (so not at all long ago) and I stumbled on a few articles – articles that would lead me to my first online course ever.

It was called Launch Your Blog Biz.

I just went for it. I purchased my domain and signed up for hosting.

I was feeling inspired, motivated and I had found something I would wake up before 6AM for. (Now dreamer – if you find that, you’re on the right path and onto something).

I found my spark and I went for it.

Before She Dreams All Day, I was feeling so lost. I had no idea what to do with my life. I’d been an artist and musician for all of my life and I realized that path wouldn’t be very sustainable in the long run. Plus, while I do enjoy writing songs and traveling – I’m not comfy on the stage. I’d choose studio over stage any day.

Fast forward 10 months...

I am now proud to say that I’m an online business owner and make money in my sleep.

It’s totally insane.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

I’m so excited and I can’t wait!

You want more? Here we go. Fast facts about me.

● I’m addicted to milk chocolate.
● I write songs as a side hustle and play in a pop band.
● I’m 30.
● I’ve lived in 4 different countries growing up.
● I speak 4 languages.
● I love the rain (yes that’s right. I would rather have rain than sun and it being super warm)
● I’m an introvert.
● Speaking of rain and the cold, I also really like the fall and winter months.
● I have a weakness for fruity coffee from Kenya – super snobby about my morning coffee that is.
● I’ve toured Asia 4 times.
● I’m obsessed with the TV show Friends and watch at least one episode every day.
● I’m in love.
● I’m a complete productivity nut
I actually don’t dream all day anymore – I just do. I take action.

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