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Yes I’m talking to YOU, fellow introvert, fellow entrepreneur, fellow gal-pal who’s about to get her whole life and biz in order this year!

And for that very reason, I’m giving you a virtual high five.

Get hella organized, turn your dreams into plans and join...

Hey lovely!



The freedom lifestyle you're dreaming of comes through you first getting seriously productive and organised. Let's not postpone freedom, creativity and a boomin' business anymore.

Join Dream Plan Do today and lets turn your dreams into plans.

you had me at *freedom*

Dream Plan Do changed my life and business!!!

 I've dabbled with project management/organisation tools many times in the past but they felt like more work then they were worth - I'd get organised but never be able to stick with the tools - it seemed over complicated.

Of course that was until I was introduced to ClickUp and Dream Plan Do from Mia. Not only has Mia completely simplified the set up process but she has also shown how easy it is to incorporate as part of my daily routine!

What I love the most - of course the aesthetics! Who doesn't love a beautiful and organised space!?

- Jaimee Lee  White

what she thinks...

- Saharin Sultana

With all this goodness said, I’m so excited to introduce you to...

A course designed to teach you how to effectively streamline your business, your dream vision, and uplevel your productivity MASSIVELY using my (and soon-to-be your) new found love, ClickUp.

✨It's about dreaming, it's about planning but most of all, it's about doing ✨

with ClickUp



It’s time to stop working IN your business, letting it run you to the ground and start working ON your business and check off your goals faster than ever before.

Prepare to feel in FLOW, on FIRE and 100% in control of your business, like that CEO boss lady who knows what she's doing, where she's going and she'll get there.

What even is ClickUp?

Why clickup?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Full transparency, I've been one of those people who's been on a never-ending quest for the perfect project management tool. I've shared dances with Trello, Asana, Notion - you name it, but we just couldn't find our groove ya know? 

Until now that I got down to boogie with ClickUp and we've been dancing ever since (weird analogy, but you get what I'm saying) I'm obsessed, in love, all the things. I've found THE ONE. 

I'm now in a very serious relationship, in fact I hear wedding bells.

Jokes aside, ClickUp has the potential to realise your dreams. 

✨ ClickUp is where the magic happens ✨


If you're not hopping on the ClickUp train, this course will still be valuable to you in that I teach you how to set up systems that will also translate to other tools and you’ll still be able to apply what you're going to learn in this course to whatever project management system you desire.

Dream Plan Do is very much based on the psychology of how to best use a project management system and how to integrate it into your business, so it can be applicable to any system.

Buuut I'm not going to lie...

I think you'll want to hop on the ClickUp train though. But if you use something like Trello, Asana, or Notion you are able to import with a click of a button - so there’s also that. ⚡️

ClickUp is a FREE all in one project management tool to manage and track your goals, dreams, projects, workflows - everything you can think of. Plan your launches, days, weeks, months, and content calendar all in one place.

It's a pretty sweet tool that lets you get that birds eye view of your business but also being able to break that vision down into daily todos and projects.

You can even use it to communicate with your team (if you have one).

ClickUp gives you the ability to view your different projects as lists, boards, a calendar view, embed docs, write your notes directly in ClickUp using their Docs feature (🤤)... I mean the list goes on, I can almost promise you that you're going to fall head over heels.

Let's get your dream business ready to soar the WWW for a VERY long time

OH I'm so in!

The learning curve can sometimes feel a little steep whenever you start implementing and learning a new system within your business.

I’ll be by your side helping you navigate that jungle, taking you through step by step so you can avoid the confusion, overwhelm, and mistakes that come alongside learning a new program.

Fear not lovely!

Trust me, I get it...

Trust me, I get it...

Your reality before taking dream plan do

You wake up, the overwhelm hits you like a splash of cold water in your face, and you can already feel your to-dos for the day slipping away.

 "Where did I leave that note?" "Wait, that amazing idea for a product that I had, where did I write it down?" "Ahh there's not enough time!"

You're feeling frazzled, not knowing what you should actually be doing in order to stay on track with your big dreams.

You procrastinate. You stare into space. You feel behind and let the important tasks slip through the cracks.

*Complete and utter chaos*



You wake up, feeling 100% in control, balanced and at peace.

You also feel organised, confident and excited to dig into your to-dos for today because you know exactly where to put your focus so you can move the needle forward in your dream business.

Everything has its own little home in your dream business hub.

You're a bosslady CEO who knows what she's doing, where she's going, how she'll get there.

The next steps are clear as crystal and you're hitting your goals.

✅The gift of time has officially been received.

Your business is on the rise.

...To this!


Go from that...

Not being organised can end up costing you valuable time, money and energy. get a handle on all the things PRONTO with dream plan do with clickup.

You have automated systems in place making your life and biz feel like a summer breeze on a hot night so you can step into the artist, the visionary and create from your heart.

(Confusion, worry, and trying to remember that thing that you were supposed to do is not invited to the party because you have a poppin' action plan in place).

...waking up in the morning, having total clarity around what you should be focusing on for the day so you can stay on track with your dreamy goals.


You’re in control and everything is in one place.

You’re at peace.

*Sigh of relief*

Dream Plan Do is the antidote to overwhelm and confusion so you can stay on track with and SLAY your goals.

I know for me, all I ever wanted, when I first started my own business was to see how someone who was a few steps ahead of me did it, so I could replicate that for myself and have the success that person was having.

Inside "Dream Plan Do", you get to see exactly how I run my business, how I organise everything - from goals and business vision to content strategy and product creation. I have nothing to hide, you're about to get the REAL *juicy* 🍑 inside scoop.

You know your business was made to thrive, to grow and to make extraordinary impact this year, to do that though, you need a powerful & proper system in place to support the rise of your dream business.

I'm pulling back the curtain!

Step inside my business

I know for me, all I ever wanted, when I first started my own business was to see how someone who was a few steps ahead of me did it, so I could replicate that for myself and have the success that person was having.

Inside "Dream Plan Do", you get to see exactly how I run my business, how I organise everything - from goals and business vision to content strategy and product creation. I have nothing to hide, you're about to get the REAL *juicy* 🍑 inside scoop.

We're nosey and curious human beings.

We're nosey and curious human beings.

A  week in the life vlog

is included with purchase of this course


module 1

In module 1, I take you BTS of the ah-maze-ing project management system that will most certainly capture your heart. ❤️

I know implementing a new system for your business can feel a little daunting so I want to make sure I walk you through the features that I love and adore, the basic layout of ClickUp and how it works, ALL the lingo, all the possibilities and nuggets that come alongside ClickUp in an easy and digestible way leaving you feeling excited, inspired and pumped to get started with your organisation and planning an epic 2023 and beyond.

In this particular module you will also learn how to BEAUTIFY your ClickUp and make it hot as baked bread on a Sunday morning (aka very tasty and good lookin').

Who are we kidding? The aesthetics are half the fun and makes it all the more exciting and motivating to dive into your daily to-do's and projects.




module 2

This is where we officially get down to business (your business in fact) and break it down into different areas and I teach you how to quite literally organise the heck out of your dream vision, goals, projects, product development, launches - EVERYTHING

(And yes there are drool-worthy templates waiting for you inside the course.)

You'll learn how to replicate my way of organising and it's a pretty stellar way to get massively productive - if I do say so myself. 🤓

You'll also learn how to set up dashboards and I gotta say that the dashboards might be my favorite feature of ClickUp. I'll teach you how to set up a CEO, Money and Personal Dash to support your journey as a dream-chasin' and dream-achievin' entrepreneur.

Trust me, it's going to be fun!!

Organising the heck out of your business


It's one thing to plan and implement a new system, but it's a whole other to actually develop a consistent routine around your now-very-organised business. 

In module 3, I share productivity and mindset advice that's going to help you transform going into ClickUp daily and sticking to it your new favorite habit.

Not only that, I show you the BTS of my own business and how I use ClickUp on a weekly basis to tick off my to-dos and zoom in on that dream vision of mine. Think vlog-style a productive and organised week in the life of MOI.

Learn how to properly plan your butt off, schedule your week so you manage and care for both your energy and time as an introverted entrepreneur going for her very extraordinary dreams.


Say goodbye to getting lost in the Google labyrinth and falling down the YouTube tutorial rabbit hole, Dream Plan Do is all you need to master ClickUp and your biz.

Bonus alert!

because everyone loves a good bonus, and I've got two for ya.

spruce up your clickup with:

Bonus 1


Bonus 2

good lookin' graphic cards

($297 value, yours for free)

($97 value, yours for free)

Beautify your new ClickUp setup instantly with pre-made graphics made especially for you to use alongside your new juicy templates, making your ClickUp look hotter than ever and oh-so aesthetically pleasing.

Because who are we kidding? The aesthetics are half the fun.

Skip the hassle of trying to set everything up yourself and steal my drool-worthy templates and import them with a click of a few buttons. 

These are the exact templates I use for my own business, and they are yours for FREE once you enroll in Dream Plan Do.


 - Business vision
- Content workflows (podcast, YouTube, blog)
- Annual profit plan (2022 edt)
- New product launch
- New product development
- Monthly projects
- Business hub
- BTS Membership workflow
- Instagram content plan

Scale to $10.000 USD months

Produce a crazy amount of content

Show up daily on the socials

Grow my dream audience every day

Create and launch products in a very short period of time - something that would be a complete DAYDREAM prior to signing up for ClickUp and changing my life

I’ve used the EXACT setup that I’m about to teach YOU how to set up for your own business to...

And so Ya might call me a productivity and organisation nutcase but you can also call me...

I’m a dreamer turned doer, a true introvert and business coach. And founder of SheDreamsAllDay.com and the creator behind the "Quiet people can do amazing things" movement.

Here are 3 other must-know things about moi:

1. I’m obsessed with the TV show FRIENDS

2. Hand me piece of MILK chocolate alongside an oat milk latte and I’m yours forever ❤️

3. I’m super passionate about helping fellow introverts show up for THEIR dreams, pursue that freedom lifestyle by building successful and DREAMY online businesses - with online confidence I may add (no more hiding!!). 

Lastly, I’m quite the nerd when it comes to setting up systems, goals, turning dreams into plans and a general addict to all things productivity. 🤓

Hey I'm Mia!

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q:  I've tried to get organised before, why would this be any different? I don't have the time...

A: Listen, I feel you 100%. Coming from a person who's been binging on organisational content for what feels like a lifetime and finally finding that one system that just made things click(Up). Dream Plan Do is designed to give you your TIME back, not only that but also your energy, more money and room for growth that comes from being organised and streamlined.

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q: How long will it take to set this up and get organised?

A: Honestly, it depends on the time you have available to devote to setting it up and what your business looks like. But if you can allot 20 minutes a day to the course, you should be up and running in an organised and productive fashion within a week.

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q:  When does the course start and finish?

A: Oh you get INSTANT access to everything my dear!

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q:  How long will I have access to the course?

A: Oh lifetime. Of course. You can go through the content as many times as you wish. You even have access to any updates I make to the course, if I add anymore bonuses or modules in the future (which I plan on doing). 

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q:  How is the course delivered?

A: You'll find the modules on a course platform called Kajabi, where you can also access your bonuses.

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q:   Is this course for newbies? What if I don’t have a business yet?

A: OMG yes! Let's get you set up for success and massive growth from day 1, shall we? If you're just starting your business, think of the time, money and energy you will save by implementing a proven and well-oiled system that actually works from day 1. Honestly, I wish I had this setup when I first started my secret blog back in 2018.

your burning q's

Answers to...


Q:  Wait, I have more questions!

A: You needn't worry. Fire away and send your questions to mia@shedreamsallday.com OR slide into my DMs on Instagram @miabrox and I'll get back to you in a jiffy.

Alright lovely

Are you in?

this is exactly what's going down on the other side, once you enroll in "Dream plan do with clickup"

☀️Expect a very warm welcome letter (aka email) to pop up into your inbox once you enroll

☀️You IMMEDIATE access to all the modules and bonuses!

☀️Module 1 is designed to help you set up your ClickUp in the most aesthetic and easy way possible. 

☀️In Module 2 I teach you exactly how I organise my business and how you can do the same.

☀️Module 3 is where I share a productive week in the life vlog (go BTS!), how to plan, manage your mind and time to help with your new ClickUp habit.

☀️You get LIFETIME access to the course content, even it's updated, added to and when the price goes up after today's limited offer.

Where do you want your dream business to be in a year from now? You need an actionable plan and system in place to get to that dream destination.

let me ask you this...


The bottom line is...

Your dreams and system need and should be a match made in heaven.

Trust me, you'll want to get your nerd on so you can make 2023 the year you successfully chase your dreams - productive and organised style. 

It's the only way.

f you're looking for the BEST way to get your business and life organised, you my lovely friend, are in the right place and RIGHT on time as we've just welcomed the new year which is guaranteed to be amazing if you set yourself up for success from well, NOW.

No more winging it, scrap the notebooks and other apps and lets put everything into one hella organised place.

✨See you inside Dream Plan Do where we literally make dreams happen ✨

Nerdy systems is the new cool. 😎

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