"You have to be an outgoing extrovert to build an audience online and have success in business."

Do you want to hear something stupid?

Do you know what it's time for?



It’s time to channel your inner #GIRLBOSS (she’s in there I promise!) and build your audience so you can make an impact, make those dollar bills and show the world what quiet people are made of. 

If you’ve ever heard me say “quiet people can do amazing things”.. you’re about to hear it again.

And one of these particular things include building a profitable and DREAMY audience who deeply resonate with your message and literally become obsessed with everything you do (not in a creepy way).



Even if this has ever been said, it would have been by someone very silly. 

You can build an online community, no matter how shy, introverted, quiet and awesome you are. In fact, the WWW is the best place for you to shine as a true introverted badass (yes I just said badass).

Hands up if this is you right now 👇

You’re ready to show up on instagram stories to spread your message and then all of the sudden...

Here’s the kicker: 

You’ve created your first digital product (YAY) and you’re ready to launch.

truth incoming:

This hot shot marketing guru once told you to be in all the *social* places and you’re like “How can I? I mean? How? What? Huh?”

🚨*Overwhelm* *Social battery drained*🚨 


A course designed to teach you how to successfully build a *profitable* dream audience with confidence (introvert hangover is of course sold separately) so you can make an impact, make money, and make your dreams come true.

 (Bold I know, but we do amazing things in this corner of the internet.)

Because you know what?


her quiet influence 💭

her quiet influence


This program ain’t about the 10K followers in 10 days baloney.

This program ain’t about the babelicious and filtered up influencer with the *perfect* life (no offense, and also perfect is so 2012).

Eh, no.

This is a program that will show you exactly how to grow a loving and loyal community of like minded dreamers who love what you do, because you’re…well, YOU. 

Gone are the days of follow for follow and fake personas.

YOU are back in fashion, my friend. 

The real you.

The wonderfully weird you.

The imperfect you.

You: What will people think?

Also you: But I have nothing unique to share?

You again: Who’s going to listen?

You: There’s no room for me.

You: Me, an influencer? I think not! I’m way too shy.

Me: Hm, what’s that? 💭

Ah, don’t go breakin’ my heart. 

💔 💔 💔

Catch this reference and i'll love you forever.

Here's a hint:

The honest truth is that people don’t care as much as we think they do. I know this is true because this is something that held me back for so long - 3 years in fact.

People are just too busy living their own lives, chasing their own dreams.

Shouldn't we spend it on our own dreams instead of on what our high school friends and Facebook acquaintances may or may not think about us doing big things in the world?

You: Nods
Me: I’m glad we cleared that up.

Don’t worry lovely,
here’s why you’re wrong.

The time we have on this weird planet earth is limited. 🌍

you do have something Unique to share.

Think about it. All the information is already out there, you can find pretty much anything by doing a simple Google search.

But whatever you want to base your business around, that information has never been said by YOU - in your way, with your experiences and story attached to it.

We’re all just putting our own spin on the same information. And your spin is a version dying to be heard - by your people. 

Why you're wrong cont.

Why you're wrong cont.

Don’t let the word influencer put you off.

There’s a way for you to make an impact and an influence without having to be someone you’re not, without having to sell your soul to the Instagram Gods (aka the algorithm).

You can build a loyal following on the socials, without being a very social person. 

Totally meta, I know, but it’s possible.

I mean, I’ve done it. 🤷‍♀️

Show up now.
Be extraordinary now.
Be YOU now.

And watch the fans come rolling in (because they will, if you do what I tell you to in this program).

You can grow an audience and still be shy.
You can make money online and still be quiet.

The bottom line is...

What if...

What if you made the decision to show up, to shine online and to truly resonate with the people who need you the most (your audience)? What could be possible then?

Here are a few of the magical things you can expect from building an online audience, or as I like to call ‘em, the 4 C’s:



Expect to gain some major clarity around what you stand for in business, your dream vision and the steps you need to take to get there. 

Knowing WHO your audience is will be a major eureka moment when it comes to coming up with content ideas.

You just might find yourself having TOO many ideas and that’s definitely a luxury problem I’ll help you deal with.



Connection, trust, online friendships are now on the table and for good reason. The cold hard truth is that you cannot possibly expect to make the ka-ching you want if you don’t have a genuine connection with your people.

Think about it, would you ever buy something from someone you didn’t trust? 

So my friend, you are now in a loving relationship with… your audience. 

Now put that as your new Facebook status. 😅

Let’s not sugarcoat things, we all want to make a lot of money in our online business.

Preferably in our sleep or while we focus on other things that light us up.

The wonderful byproduct of building an incredible online community is the moolah, the cash, the deniro, the dough - and all of those other slang words for MONEY.

Your audience is EVERYTHING.

Without having people to sell to, you’re not in business. 

Your audience is the foundation of your business.

Your audience is the reason your business exists.

No audience? No money, no growth, no dream lifestyle. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re into any of the above (cash, connection, content, clarity), then you know it’s time to make a change, to go out there and grow your tribe of amazing human beings. 💘

Building an audience is the FIRST step when starting any type of business.


Self Growth For Audience Growth

This is what's going down.

You get immediate access to ALL of the course content, including a welcome module with fun exercises :-)

We kick things off by focusing on YOU (no not the Netflix show, but Y-O-U).
To cut through the online noise, get noticed by your dream peeps and be able to influence the world in the best way possible, we need to bring the attention back to you and do some of that inner work.

It’s not woo-woo. It’s necessary.

How to step into you and own your amazingness (quirks and all)

Channel your inner #bossbabe so you can build authority and show up as a leader online with confidence

How to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb as we turn your “I can’t” into “I most definitely can” and your “what will people think” into “screw that! I’m showing up for my dreams!”

Prepare to get very comfortable in your new online skin.

Total value: $13,000


You’ll learn:

Your Dream Audience

Once you’ve got your mindset in check, you need to get crystal clear (as GLASS) on who your audience actually is.
If you don’t know who your audience is, it’s going to be that much harder for you to create content, show up online - and making those dollar dollar bills will be out of the question.

If you’re confused, your audience will be confused and they certainly won’t click “follow”, comment on your new post or buy from you.

Exactly who your audience is, the problems and struggles they have and how to help them. 

Fun exercises to guide you through the finding-your-audience-jungle. 🌴


You’ll learn:

 I just love your vibe! (Your brand)

The goal is to resonate and to evoke the following thoughts in your audiences’ mind:

“You’re in my head!”

“Well, this is creepy, that’s exactly what I was thinking”

“She just gets me”
*hits subscribe/follow/like*

And how do you do that? By identifying your unique brand.

This is exactly what you’ll learn in this module. And I’m not just talking about colors and fonts, there’s so much more to a brand than the aesthetics. Trust me.

Get ready to have a magnetic, lovable and standout brand that feels true to you and makes you 100% worth following.


hello socials!

In the busy online space that’s constantly added to, platform-wise, how do you know which social platform is the best for you and your business?

And where in the world is your audience hanging out?!

Clarity and understanding of all current social media platforms and its accompanying buzzwords.

Become a know-at-all when it comes to ALL the different ways you can find your crowd.

Identity your dream platform to attract your dream audience

Get clear on your marketing strategy


You’ll learn:


When you’re clear on where you’re going to hang out and put your focus, it’s time for some content-o-rama!

Because the best (and dare I say “only”) way to capture your soon-to-be audiences’ attention is by creating captivating content. That’s how you're going to hook people in - into your wonderful world.

How to create stellar content - the introvert way

The type of content you can create vs should create

Coming up with a content strategy that works for YOU

This is when we also dig into how you can get visible for your ideal person.

In other words, marketing and visibility in a way that feels good for YOU and doesn’t drain your social media batteries, or batteries in general - who am I kidding.

We want easy, fun and the opposite word for overwhelm when it comes to showing up online and spreading your awesomeness.  


You’ll learn:

engagement is queen

It’s one thing to get people’s eyeballs (ew 👀) to your website, your Instagram profile or YouTube channel, but then how do you actually keep those eyes staring for a long long time (ideally forever)? 

How to grab and keep your audience's attention is on the menu in this module.

How to attract and retain your dream audience (what it all comes down to)

Engagement secrets (and, no I’m not talking hashtags or f4f, but REAL strategies that actually work if you do them right)

Managing your energy while engaging on the socials

Building trust and converting your audience into customers


You’ll learn:

Your amazingness simply won’t get noticed if you don’t focus on building your audience, so it’s time we do something about that, no?

I think YES 😍


What she thinks about HQI :-)


Living Koselig


I LOVED Her Quiet Influence.

It was really helpful that the course was broken down into easily digestible pieces and that there was an action plan for each module so I knew exactly what I needed to do.

Before Her Quiet Influence, I didn't really have any direction and I wasn't sure who my brand was serving. I was kinda all over the place with my vibe and I was trying to speak to everyone, which wasn't working.

This course gave me the tools to create an action plan and finally have a clear vision of who I want my community to be and where I want Living Koselig to go!


I have referred back to this course again and again because Mia provide SO MUCH valuable content.

I started Her Quiet Influence a little unsure of which direction I wanted to go in with my business, I was little unsure in myself too to be honest.

The course gave me clarity on exactly what my dream business looks like, who my dream audience are, how to reach them, and how to show up confidently.

It’s a springboard to going after your dreams!


The Autie Kitchen


Growing an audience as an introvert is nerve-wracking. I felt completely lost and overwhelmed until I found Mia.

Since completing Her Quiet Influence, I've busted through my limiting beliefs, I've gained clarity in my marketing message, and most importantly, Mia helped me realise that I don't have to do ALL the things to attract my ideal audience.

I've given myself permission to focus on just a couple of platforms and this has not only increased my daily motivation but helped prevent overwhelm and burnout from trying to be everywhere all of the time. 

My mailing list is now starting to grow, I'm FINALLY attracting my target audience, and I've started working with my ideal clients!  

A few cool things that happened as I focused on my peeps.

$10 000 months

Less than 3000 followers on Instagram

Less than 6000 YouTube friends

Less than 10 000 email subs


daily messages

of this nature

Here's the thing.

I always thought you needed 10K followers on Instagram or 100 000 monthly website visitors in order to have success online. To my wonderful surprise this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that you need the right people to find and follow you - not ALL the people.

It’s never going to be about the size of your audience, it will forever be about getting the right people in the door, to step into your world and resonate with what you’re doing. 

I repeat: You don’t need 10K followers on Instagram to be successful. 

If we haven’t met before, let’s do a proper intro:

My name is Mia Brox and I have less than 4000 followers on Instagram and I make over $10 000 in my business per month. 

I’m a dreamer turned doer, a true introvert and business coach. And founder of SheDreamsAllDay.com and the creator behind the "Quiet people can do amazing things" movement.

Here are 3 other must-know things about moi:

1. I’m obsessed with the TV show FRIENDS

2. Hand me piece of MILK chocolate alongside a creamy coffee and I’m yours forever ❤️

3. I’m super passionate about helping fellow introverts show up for THEIR dreams, pursue that freedom lifestyle by building successful and DREAMY online businesses - with online confidence I may add (no more hiding!!). 

Hi amazing human!

immediate access to the 6 module framework

what you get when you enroll:

The details.

You can immediate access to ALL six modules of this course so you can begin your course-binge as soon as you join. This means, bring out the popcorn and your fave go-to drink!

When you enroll you also get immediate access to the bonus vault which includes the following goodies:

access forever

Yup, you get lifetime access to the content of this course, meaning you can go through the modules as many times as you want, how often you want - even 50 years from now when you're a hip grandma.


A special welcome module is waiting for you once you join Her Quiet Influence, where I've created a bonus "Dream Big" workbook for ya, plus a FREE visualization to get you excited and dreaming big about the amazing things you want to create in this world. 

Everything you need to build your profitable DREAM audience with confidence.



over $6000

($200 value)



($200 value)


($200 value)

($297 value)

an in-depth instagram masterclass

Get FREE access to my in-depth Instagram training for 2022.  Instagram is my favorite platform to grow and build a connection with my audience and in this masterclass, I'm sharing ALL my secrets with ya. 

Don't know what to post on the ol' IG? I've got you covered for the next 30 days so you can show up for your audience every single day without fail.

Creating content is THE way to grow your audience and we all know we gotta put content out there in order to attract those beautiful human beings into our world. I also know that it's easy to fall into a dry spell where inspiration is non-existent. To cure this dry spell, I'm handing over to you, 100 amazing content ideas that will work for ANY niche.

Prepare for inspiration to hit in 3-2-1...

($297 value)

Grab my Instagram Story templates and customize them (or keep as is) to fit your own branding. Made with Canva so you can edit, change the image, fonts and download immediately to your phone and pop them onto your stories.

($3000 value)

($1997 value)



Your investment

OF $497

OF $187

OF $97



Best value!

*Click here to make magic happen*

You made it to the last section of this page which means you are now hyper aware of what you need to do next in your business in order to have the success you’re drooling after.

It’s high time you show up, be your weird and awesome self, and shine online, because your people are out there, waiting to see you sparkle. And they can’t wait to hear from you and, honestly, neither can I.

You can make an impact, you can influence - quietly and confidently - without the introvert hangover.

You just need a proven roadmap - the GPS that will get you to that dream destination.

And as for me? Well, I’ve got that GPS for you, babe.

You're here for a reason.

here's a hint:

You can and you will - trust me.