omg cue the confetti pop the bubbles! finally here!



Who's there?

Passive income.

Passive income who?

Passive income who’s about to hand you that freedom lifestyle, that’s who!

Oh hiiii!
👋 😍




okay, jokes aside.

let's get serious for a sec...

You’ve come to the right place if what you’re dreaming of is living that freedom lifestyle, making the ka-ching while you’re LITERALLY dreaming so you can have more time, money and energy to do the things that sets your soul on fire and makes your heart all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Let’s be honest, that’s a dream come true for ANY introvert on this planet.

let me ask you this...

What if you created an online course that made you heaps of passive income (*ahem* full time income hello!) and allowed you to help and impact more people?

That'd be pretty cool. But you know what else, that’d be pretty…



have i hit a nerve? 😳

You obvs want to make TONS of money in your business (who doesn’t?) but you’re not sure where to start when it comes making passive income (oh hello overwhelm and confusion!)

The following thoughts are on repeat in your head “What would I even create an online course about? And who’s going to buy or listen to me?!”

The tech stuff gives you a mild panic attack.

You feel like you won’t be able to make money because you don’t have thousands of people in your audience (yet).

And let’s not even talk about the scary launch stuff and the actual selling & marketing of the course *yikes*

hands up if this resonates

hands up if this resonates

I absolutely hear ya, because this was me if we rewind back to 2018.

I’ve gone through the course creation process so many times now, I honestly can’t tell you how many. I’ve made the mistakes, I’ve had the doubts, fears and limiting thoughts swirling around in my head.

It’s just not true, time to kick these false limiting beliefs to the curb.

Buh bye! TTYN! Smell ya never! 

And *cue the dance party*

But I have to be the one to call BS on all of the above.

A signature course experience designed to teach you how to create, launch and sell your own online course (on autopilot) so you can finally live out that dream freedom lifestyle as you make money while you're watching Friends, sleeping or whatever your fave go-to activity happens to be.

Her Pa$sive Income Dream is FINALLY here


And also let's address the elephant in the room… A course about course creation - how meta but also, how cool?!

her pa$sive income dream

her pa$sive income dream

I have been dreaming up this course for the last two years because creating and launching courses is kind of my jam - and the reason I have been able to quit my job, live the laptop lifestyle, work from my safe space and have the #cozyvibes all day err day.

Now I want to show you exactly how I’ve built a six figure business by creating, launching and selling online courses so you can experience the above for yourself. 

And not only that, I’ll be there with every step of the way to avoid, you know, any hiccups on your way to your dreams.


what she thinks

the official vibe


I was looking for a way that allows me to focus on different things in my business, whilst making money passively. I've decided to create some online courses because I want to serve my people in different ways. I am enrolled in Mia's awesome membership as well so I already knew her style of teaching which for me is very entertaining and likable. 

I love the layout and the structure of Her Passive Income Dream as it guides me fluidly through the whole process of creating a course. Actually, I am working on a self-love mentoring program (not an online course) at the moment and the content which the course offers is super helpful for that, as well. 

I like the way Mia presents all the information. I never feel overwhelmed. In contrast, I feel very motivated to take action. I would recommend HPID to everyone who is looking for a valuable and at the same time easy-to-follow, a guide to creating a great and profitable online course. There are a lot of doable action steps which help to stay consistent during the process. To me, it's a lot of fun.

I'm also enrolled in the course Her Quiet Influence, as I am very thankful for the value Her Passive Income Dream provides. So I am convinced Her Quiet Influence will do exactly the same.


- tanya francois

The first thing I have to mention about Her Passive Income Dream is the outstanding value you will receive. Honestly, I cannot believe the amount of detail this course goes into for the price.

The course gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create your course. Mia's teaching style makes the whole course creation process fun and easy to understand. 

I love how the course is broken down into practical steps that you can implement as you develop your course. I enjoy taking this course so much. 

I feel inspired and ready to create the course that I have been dreaming about for so long. Thank you Mia for creating such a valuable and practical course!


I've never offered this before!

1:1 coaching meets self-study

You have the option to enroll in the VIP experience will get 6 weeks worth of 1:1 Voxer coaching with yours truly (think walkie-talking and text-based coaching). You also get a 60 minute strategy call on Zoom.

I'm SO excited about this as it is something I have never before offered for any of my programs.

In addition to the course content you'll get my personalized support on your journey from day-dreamer to pro course creator.

(There's an option for self-study only as well)

this is valued at $3997 alone.

This program is where 1:1 coaching meets self-study.

ready to move your butt closer to that freedom lifestyle?

oh yeah!

I’m a dreamer turned doer, a true introvert and business coach. And founder of and the creator behind the "Quiet people can do amazing things" movement.

Here are 3 other must-know things about moi:

1. I’m obsessed with the TV show FRIENDS

2. Hand me piece of MILK chocolate alongside an oat milk latte and I’m yours forever ❤️

3. I’m super passionate about helping fellow introverts show up for THEIR dreams, pursue that freedom lifestyle by building successful and DREAMY online businesses - with online confidence I may add (no more hiding!!). 

Lastly, I’m also addicted to creating and launching courses because it is the number one monetization strategy that has helped me get to that six figure business mark and I now make 5 figure months consistently and want to help YOU do the same.

Hey I'm Mia!

btw in case we haven't met 👇

btw in case we haven't met 👇

that's my

You'll learn how to nail down a profitable course topic that's make your audience pull out their credit cards for ya.

Become a leader and an expert in your niche.

Mindset strategies to help you overcome limiting beliefs.

Confidently name AND price your course.

Learn how to research and create content for your course making it a no-brainer for your audience.

Choosing a course style that suits your vibe and personality (yes you have many options!)

How to craft a stellar onboarding experience for your new students (goodbye refunds!)

How to effectively plan your course creation journey and launch!

Create a high converting sales page that literally sparks FOMO and customers.

Launch with a heck-yes-I-can-do-this-and-this-is-actually-fun attitude!

Learn my strategy for how to make money with your online course BEFORE it's even created.

Prepare to channel your inner tech queen because with the tech library included in this program, there nothing that can get in your way of heading for the freedom lifestyle.

Copy paste my formula and step-by-step for launching (keywords: planning and organization).

How to create a high-converting launch activity (AKA a webinar). And no, it does not have to be live if that's not your jam. In fact, as a pay-in-full bonus, you get my COMPLETE webinar template with prompts to make this easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for ya! 🍋

How to sell your new dream course without being sales-y and WITH abundance and more fun!

Turn your launch into an evergreen funnel and start making those 💸 while you 💤.

And finally, you'll learn how to achieve your passive income dream using my go-to formula so you can sell your course on autopilot for years to come, with more ease, energy and confidence.

when enrolling in her passive income dream

what to expect

what to expect


Turn your passion into profit (yes I know, how very cliche of me to say, but this is literally what you’re doing when you create and launch your own online course).

You don’t need to do 1:1 work if that’s going to drain your energy (and soul)

now Can we talk about what you DON’T need to worry about?

If doing 1:1 work does not light you up, or it's just not something you believe you were made for... you don't have to do it in order to achieve financial freedom. Just think of how many more people you can impact with your online course! That's how you scale, not by taking on too many clients that your energy can't handle.

You don’t need thousands of followers to sell your course

In Her Passive Income Dream, I teach you how to set realistic income goals for your course and the fact that nope, you don't need 10K+ followers on Instagram for your course to be successful. You don't need ALL the people, you need the RIGHT people. And hey, I've been making $10 000 USD per month with less than 2000 followers on IG.

You don’t need to hustle to live out the freedom lifestyle dream

Why would you quit your 9-5 to hustle your life away? Nah, no, that's just not the vibe we're going for. Her Passive Income Dream is about working LESS and having more bucks in the bank so you can spread your time and social energy however you want.

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to successfully create & launch your course

All you need are easy-to-follow (think step by step) tutorials of someone sharing their screen and showing you exactly what you need to do to create, launch and sell your course. And hey! That person just happens to be me. You'll find all the tech tutorials you'll need inside the Tech Library. Say it with me: "Tech headaches be GONE!" *Poof*

You don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to figure all of this course creation stuff out yourself

There's no need for you to enter the Google jungle and get completely lost. I got you. With my step by step lessons and proven strategies (that I have use in my own biz over and over again), easy to follow video lessons and tutorials. Simplicity is my jam. Google might get you answers, but Her Passive Income Dream will give you RESULTS.

You don’t have to have a degree to create your dream online course

You don’t need to be an expert. No matter your niche, there’s something you can create an online course on. Did you know that an actual course teaching you how to drink more water exists?! Yep, if someone can create a course about water, you can create a course about ANYTHING. Plus, I'll teach you to channel your inner #BossBabe and become a sought-after leader in your niche in Module 1.

you know what you do need?

*cue sigh of relief*

A laptop, an internet connection, a good dose of passion and a few teaspoons of motivation.

(Btw this is the actual recipe for that dreamy passive income lifestyle).

And hey, by creating your OWN course, you control the price, the content and the marketing of it. Goodbye relying on ads, 1:1 work and affiliate marketing!

an online course can literally change your life. let's talk more about this...

☀️ A highly likely possibility #1: Safe space

There’s no cap on the amount of money you can make, and no cap on the amount of people you’re able to help.

The sky's the limit. 

You’re one course away from getting to that dream destination.

How does working in your PJs (or in any piece of clothing you desire) sound? Or working from that cute local café? Or from your bed, the beach, the couch, the plane - wherever’s your considered safe space, you will be able to work from it. 

And hey no judgement when it comes to the PJs thing. No more working in tight jeans, I’ll take PJs anyday.

☀️ A highly likely possibility #2: TRAVEL THE WORLD

Just think of the sights you’ll be able to see, the places you will be able to go and experience, because you’re not tied down to a corporate 9-5.

☀️ A highly likely possibility #3: goodbye 9-5!

Make unlimited passive income for years to come!

Some (very annoying) people say that…“Oh you’re starting your own business? Prepare to work 24/7” 

Umm.. no, that’s not how we do it around here. Her Passive Income Dream is all about earning MORE and working LESS. Hustling? No thank you.

☀️ A highly likely possibility #4: FREEDOM

Whatever freedom is to you, you can have it.

  • Financial freedom.
  • Freedom to just be.
  • Freedom to create for a living.
  • Freedom to (insert what your heart desires)
  • Freedom.


Here’s what’s going down

The deets!




module 1 -
Introductory module

It's time to bust limiting beliefs, crank up your confidence and get clear on your dream lifestyle and channel your inner productivity queen. 

Welcome to the course!

module 2 -
ideation + planning

Choose your profitable course topic, name your course, choose your course style (yes there are many options), and plan your butt off for success. Also, get clear on your course topic and course creation timeline so you can stay hella organized.




Put your product creation mode hat on and create your stellar online course. Build out your offer & brand it baby. This is also when you'll create your high converting sales page. Why? I'll let you know inside the course ;-)

module 4 -
launch baby!

Learn how to launch your online course with confidence, steal my exact launch formula and decide on your launching style and activity (again, you've got options). Sell with confidence and ease and learn how to position yourself in the market.


module 5 - 
evergreen forever

Post-launching, you'll learn how to put your course on evergreen so you can make endless passive sales in your business, while you're sleeping, dreaming or busy living your amazing life.


module 6 - 
cue the confetti

We bring it all together so you can get clear on your next steps and how you can make the most out of your new passive income dream. How to troubleshoot, track your data and progress so you're forever scaling and increasing your passive income.

By the end of this experience, you will have created your course and have a solid plan and strategy for launching and selling it on autopilot once launched.

tech library

goodbye panic attacks!

but that ain't all!


I know that tech is usually something that tends to stand between you thinking about creating a course and actually doing it. No more! 

You’ll find everything you need inside the tech library to create, launch and sell your course on autopilot. Think easy-to-follow tutorials with me sharing my screen as I am telling what to do step-by-step.

Tech-issues be gone! *wave emoji*

$2500 value

1:1 voxer support

*introvert friendly coaching

Think walkie talkie and texting - a coaching method MADE for introverts.

I’ll be right there with you on your course creation journey. I know what it’s like to enter product creation mode, and you’re probably going to have questions along the way, that’s why I, for the first time ever, am offering private 1:1 coaching support through Voxer for 6 whole weeks, including a 60 minute strategy call on Zoom.

Due to the exclusivity of this program, there’s only 1 spot available for the VIP experience.

$10 000 value

resource library

the all-you-need resource hub

Useful links and resources for your course creation journey.

These are my own personal fave go-to resources for course creation success.

No more getting lost in the Google jungle wondering which software or tool to use. 

I've got you covered friend!

$500 value

lifetime access

to the course content

Who would I be if I didn’t offer you lifetime access to the course content? A silly person, that’s who.

You OF COURSE get lifetime access to the course. This means whenever it is updated or if price increases (which it will), you’ll still have access to all the good stuff.

Once the modules have been delivered, you can go through everything as many times as you wish - even 50 years from now, when robots are a thing and you are a cool and hip grandma. I would never take away access (as long as the internet is still a thing lol).

$2000 value

Bonus alert!

you know i never launch anything without juicy and value-packed bonuses.

Fast track your course creation & freedom lifestyle with:

MY Complete launch ClickUp template

$197 value

Get my ClickUp launch template and get yourself seriously organized for putting your online course out there. Planning is key to reduce any type of overwhelm and stress (this may even be scientifically proven).

steal the emails i use to sell my courses

$297 value

Grab the exact emails I use to sell to my audience - use them as inspiration for your own launch emails and see exactly how I tell stories and convert my audience to customers. This bonus is designed to make you $$$. These exact emails have made me over $20 000.

With the core program, 1:1 support, bonuses, resources, tech library and all of the above you will have everything you need to create, launch and then sell your DREAMY course on autopilot for years to come.


*with 1:1 support included worth $10K


12 payments of $197 USD

1 payment of $1997 USD

Best Value!

you have a few options lovely.

Your investment


🚨 ONLY spot 1 available ⚡️


6 payments of $109 USD

1 payment of $697 USD

Best Value!

self-study only

Enroll today, not tomorrow. 
YOUR freedom lifestyle awaits.

no 1:1 support

Pay once and get 1:1 Voxer coaching for 6 weeks, a 60 minute strategy call on Zoom, all bonuses and the core program. Due to the exclusivity there is only 1 spot available. 

Pay once and get 1:1 Voxer coaching for 6 weeks, a 60 minute strategy call on Zoom, all bonuses and the core program. Due to the exclusivity there is only 1 spot available. 

Pay once and get access to ALL bonuses and the core program.

Get started today for just $109 and join the self study payment plan.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  I feel like my audience size is way too small to launch a course....

A: You don't need 10K followers to have success with your online course. You don't need ALL the people, you need the RIGHT people. I was making $10 000 per month with less than 2000 followers on Instagram. If you have an engaged audience of 100 people, that's 100 people that could potentially pull out their credit cards and buy your course.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  Don't I need credentials or to be an expert in the field I want to create my online course in?

A: You don't need to have a degree or credentials to be able to teach in your online course, you do however, need to be passionate, willing to learn and go the extra mile when it comes to your topic. Ideally, you will be a few steps ahead of your ideal customer and have gotten results for YOURSELF. That's it. A few steps. Not a million steps. This makes you more relatable and the results attainable for your students, hence they are more likely to enroll.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  How long will we have access to the course once the live experience ends after the 12 weeks?

A: Lifetime. This means you can go through the course content as many times as you want, when you want and you'll keep your access even when he price goes up or I add any new bonuses or updates to the course.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  How will I know if my course topic is profitable?

A: I teach you how to validate your course idea inside Her Passive Income Dream. But let me just say that, if there's a course out there, teaching you "how to drink more water," you can create a course on literally anything. Where there's a problem to be solved or a desire to be fulfilled - there's also an opportunity to create an online course.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  When does the course start?

A: Module 1 drops on April 4th. If you enroll at the VIP level, you immediately get access to me via Voxer and we begin building out your course idea and get to work.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A:  Due to the digital nature of the course, no refunds will be issued. Please make sure that the course feels like a good fit for you, before enrolling. I'm here to answer any questions you might have, so please reach out to or DM me on Instagram @miabrox and we can chat. It's important to me that you feel like purchasing is the right decision for you before joining.

I have answers, lovely.

Got a question?


Q:  I have more questions!

A:  I'm here to answer any questions you might have, so please reach out to or DM me on Instagram @miabrox and we can chat. It's important to me that you feel like purchasing is the right decision for you before joining.

your freedom lifestyle begins in 3-2-1 (aka with an online course)

My intuition is strong and it’s telling me that this is the year you’re going to go head first for your dreams of living that freedom lifestyle and creating your first online course. 

In all seriousness, isn’t it high time you go for it?

I cannot wait to help you realise your dreams.

I’ll forever be cheering you on, like Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On (if you’re too old or too young to remember that movie, I’ll still cheer you on).