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she does
Amazing things

she does
Amazing things

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But you know... you can have everything you’ve ever dreamt of right despite your quietness?

Isn't it high time you followed your spark and went for your dreams 100%?

Because you can be one of those people... making a sweet living online, an impact in the world - all from the safe space of your own home.

You can become someone known for something.

Yes fellow, introvert, I know you were meant for more - more than the ordinary 9-5 cubicle bubble.

*Real talk*

✨ I know you’re quiet, I’m quiet too.

A life full of freedom, purpose, creativity and JOY!

(Introvert hangover sold separately of course)

I know you agree ❤️ Right? I knew we were vibin'. 😍

It’s time we turn that modest idea of yours that’s hanging out in the back of your brilliant mind into an incredibly successful business. 

And I’m just going to come out and say it...

In fact, you were meant for that extraordinary life. 

quiet people can do amazing things

quiet people can do amazing things


When I first started my business, I wouldn't even share my name or face. I was paralyzed by what the outside world (*ahem* my Facebook friends) would think of me and it took me a while to gain online confidence.

But it was when I got out of my own way (aka my comfort zone) and got confident in my new online skin that I started to see amazing results in my business.

I started my biz in COMPLETE secret.

This is what happened...

I've been able to grow my email list by thousands and I've had millions of page views to my "little" blog.


I make over $10 000 per month in passive income and literally while I'm sleeping and doing other things.


I make new connections with fellow introverts and dreamers every day by showing up on my IG stories - without re-recording them a gazillion times.


If I can go on this crazy and amazing online business adventure, so can you.

I am in no way a unicorn (though if I am, so are you my friend.)

I'm not saying the above to brag.

I’m saying this to show you what’s possible for YOU.

I should know. 

I was where you are right now just 3 short years ago. 

But in these 3 years, I’ve been able to turn my little secret blog into a bloomin’ business that gives me freedom over my time, energy and finances all the while growing an amazing community of dreamers. 🥰

There is a way for you to be absolutely free from all of the above.

she does amazing things

she does amazing things


Now I want to support YOU on YOUR journey of successfully chasing your dreams of building and growing your own online business with true confidence. 

Build the business of your dreams 💭

How does this sound?

Grow a community of amazing human beings who love what you do and stand for ❤️



I want to show you just how simple, fun and amazing it can be (and feel) to show up quietly confident online as you...

Get to live out your dream of living that freedom lifestyle that every single introvert on this planet earth is drooling after and make that ka-ching while you’re sleeping 💸


Truly shine (and sparkle) confidently online as you step into your unique SUPERPOWER! ✨


It’s time to say our goodbyes to that awkward chitter-chatter by the coffee machines at the office and say hello to that sweet life of working from anywhere in any piece of clothing you desire!

Yes you can even work in your underwear *no judgement*.

You’re the boss!

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No more feeling stuck, no more feeling like you don’t have a direction or purpose. Prepare to get crystal clear on your business idea.

We're going to be planning and plotting your dreamy business strategy - from idea to reality, from big vision to tomorrow’s to-dos. 

Typing this up is literally giving me butterflies.

Planning is my jam btw (if ya hadn’t noticed). #productivitynut



Here’s what to expect from our time together:

The Deets

The Deets

Have the confidence to show up online in a way that feels good to you all the while building your dream business on the backend - a business model perfect for YOU and your personality.

It doesn’t matter how awkward, weird or quirky you are, there’s a biz model that’ll go hand in glove with YOU - quirks and all.

And honestly though, quirks are seriously the best.
I promise, hopping on Instagram Stories will no longer come alongside fear of judgement, self doubt and deletion.

True self confidence to show up & shine online


WARNING: You might just find yourself NOT re-recording every single IG story 500 times. Once is going to do the trick. 

Becoming your own boss is a dream for many (especially introverts and people who *ahem* can’t deal with authority). 

By building your dreamy online business, you immediately get to put on that CEO hat on and channel your inner #GIRLBOSS (she’s in there, I promise).

During our time together, we’ll create a solid make-the-leap plan so you can finally, well, MAKE THAT LEAP (*read in “move that bus” voice*).

Goodbye awkward small talk in the office with people you don’t even like! 👋

A leave-your-draining-
9-5 plan in place 


Who says you have to be stressed around the clock in order to create content?

Who says you have to be an outgoing extrovert in order to create captivating content? Who says content creation has to completely drain your soul?

No one 🤓

There is a way to create content which feels fun, easy, honest and not stressful at all.

I’m ALL about content strategy that oh-so-perfectly aligns with energy management.

I’ll teach you how to create engaging and loveable content - the introvert way (aka hustle free edition).

content creation


2022 is on the horizon and the words “influencer” and “personal branding” have never been hotter. 🔥

And I’m not just talking about color and fonts, there’s so much more to a brand. 


I’ll help you create a unique, lovable and standout brand that your audience will absolutely love. I’m talking instant sparks here, because community and connection is truly everything these days.

We’re going to get into it!

A dreamy personal brand that people are obsessed with


Who exactly is my 1:1 private coaching program for?

It’s for the full-time dreamer who wants to build and grow her dream business to unimaginable heights so she can have everything she’s ever dreamed of.
For the dreamer who’s ready for major change and to take action.

Got a question?
 I’ve got answers.

Who is this program NOT for?

I don’t think we’ll be a great fit if you’re not looking to change your life in any way. 

This program does require you to do the work and step into the next version of you, and so if you’re not ready to do big and amazing things, you might want to find that little x at the top right corner of the screen.

But if this not-taking-action situation is coming from lack of confidence or is a mindset issue, this is exactly what we can work on together - that’s a WHOLE other story.

Is this for me if I have already started my online business (or blogging) journey?

Absolutely! Then what we can work on is getting your biz to that next level and create a massive action plan so you can reach whatever goals you currently have.

What if I have no idea what to build a business around? 

That’s perfectly okay and one of the things we can look at together. I’ve got your back here and I love to ideate and bounce ideas off.

How exciting! Let’s make sure we set you up for success from the very beginning.

How will I know if I have time for this program?

I will say that you need to set aside time to pursue your dreams.

Our calls are 30 minutes per week and you will be given clear action steps post calls so you can experience the growth and goal slayin’ you desire.

Here’s the thing about investing in yourself. 

With investing comes action and motivation. When you invest, you are more likely to show up, and do the work.

I’ve seen this happen to me, when I invested in my own business coach, which was over $10 000. 
What it comes down to is making the time and prioritizing the time you do have.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Why, yes of course. 

"I have more questions!"

DM me on Instagram (@miabrox) or reach out to mia@shedreamsallday.com and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy with answers.

You wake up in the morning, having time for a proper morning routine (I’m talking journaling, meditation, slow coffee sipping by the window, a walk in nature listening to your favorite poddie, reading a book, breakfast - the works!)

You sit down in your own office (in your own home) in which you have decorated to perfectly suit your style and vibe. You feel safe, you feel at home (duh), you’re happy.

You have the option to work from that local café too, but most days, you work from home because you can work in your cozy slippers and PJs.

The first thing you do is check your Stripe and Paypal account. Sales have come through while you were sleeping. You have countless messages from people who love what you do and what you stand for.

✨You’re making an impact in the world and you can feel it.
✨You feel fulfilled.
✨You’re doing the work that fills you up with nothing but joy.
✨You have time for your hobbies, friends and family.
✨You stop working whenever you want.
✨You take breaks whenever you want.
✨You’re the boss of your time, energy - everything.

Let's visualize for a sec

I want you to imagine the following…

You're free!

The decision is yours, lovely.

I truly believe that you made your way to this little corner of the internet on purpose.  You know you’re meant for the life I just painted *quite* the vivid picture of.

You also know that something needs to change in order for you to get there.

Because you mind friend, are here for true freedom and to be an example of what's possible for introverts.

Now imagine where you will be in one year if you don’t take any action at all and basically just hit the repeat button on 2021.

your mindset

your confidence

your dream biz

your visibility

The key areas we’ll focus on during our time together:

The key areas we’ll focus on during our time together:


WARNING: You might just find yourself NOT re-recording every single IG story 500 times. Once is going to do the trick. 

Psst...I know what you’re thinking, “Oh gosh”, but visibility doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds, we’ll do marketing in a way that feels easy and fun, and does not drain your batteries.

Together we’ll create a massive action plan for the dream vision for your business over the next 3-5 years. I may be a productivity nut, but I sure am a goal setting nut as well) #MajorNerdAlert 🤓

And finally...


I know you have what it takes to get out of your own way and start a business that’s going to have the potential to make you location and financially independent. 

Because you're the kind of butt-kicking introvert who goes for her dreams 100%. 

With the right framework and support from yours truly, you'll be WELL on your way to a successful online business.

(Do you have goosebumps? I sure do).

Be the introvert who went for it.

Client Love

I started working with Mia because I felt a huge pull that there was something online I was meant to be doing, but I wasn't able to figure it out by myself. I needed someone to help me! Through my weekly meetings with Mia, I was able to find clarity in what I had to offer and what I wanted to create for people.

I used to struggle with getting ideas for myself, but once I understood what I wanted to create, ideas kept coming to me! I'm excited to continue working on what I started with Mia. I seriously could not have done it all without her! Thank you so much for helping me.

I truly feel like you helped me with the foundation I needed to keep this going like I've dreamed. THANK YOU!!!!

- Kelsey Cichoski

what past clients say about working with moi

Working with Mia has been an absolute DREAM! I've been thinking of starting my own business and blog for some time and came across her amazing website that promised to help me, an introvert, finally start my business.

But it wasn't just the website that got me hooked, it was Mia being her true genuine self just shining through that I find myself instantly connected with.

Every session we had was like chatting with your best friend where she is listening to your ideas and rooting for you to take that leap forward.

I highly recommend using your time wisely with her programs because she is an ABSOLUTE goldmine of information and resources! I felt that she has not only helped me prepare the foundation of my business but also realigned my mindset for success.

- Mariati Messinger

- Melissa Blakey

A PSA from your fellow introvert with a complimentary fruit bowl of trust issues.

If you’re anything like me and are looking for someone to entrust your dream business with, Mia is your dream coach!

I was so glad I took her coaching despite having a history of the internet failing me. There was something about her genuine, authentic vibe that pulled me in.

Mia is so kind, attentive, patient, and understanding. She listened and made sure to lead me in the right direction, where I could safely discover and be challenged with new knowledge.

She let me shine in my own way and walked me through moments of self-doubt.

After working with Mia, I’ve moved from a place of fear to excitement for my dream blog. Mia was able to ground my worry and confusion with actionable, manageable plans.

I’m building my blog, and I’m thankful every day looking at its growth because of what Mia and I’ve worked on together.

- Annie Phan

I'm Mia, your new online bestie and personal cheerleader.

I’m a dreamer turned doer, a true introvert and business coach. And founder of SheDreamsAllDay.com and the creator behind the "Quiet people can do amazing things" movement.

Hey fellow introvert!

Here are 3 other must-know things about moi:

1. I’m obsessed with the TV show FRIENDS

2. Hand me piece of MILK chocolate alongside an oat milk latte and I’m yours forever ❤️

3. I’m super passionate about helping fellow introverts show up for THEIR dreams, pursue that freedom lifestyle by building successful and DREAMY online businesses - with online confidence I may add (no more hiding!!). 

We may be quiet, but we can move mountains (as they say) with our creative ideas and general amazingness. 

Because you know...

We gotta show the world what introverts are capable of. 

So are you ready to be an example of what’s possible?

Because you too can make a huge impact and that ka-ching by being 100% yourself.

Now, I’m so happy you found your way here.

*Digital high five*



Apply by filling out the short questionnaire


I’ll reach out with all the details

and then!

We’ll schedule our first call and get to work! 😍



1:1 coaching calls (45 min BI-weekly)

"More deets please!"

I hear ya, loud and clear. More details incoming.

Bi-weekly private calls with me, your new online bestie and personal cheerleader, where we’ll talk all things strategies, mindset, energy and create a master plan in order for you to realize your dream business. 

I’m going to hold you accountable, give you support, guidance in the right direction, help you set up systems, review your work, work through any mindset issues that bubble to the surface. I’ve got your back on ALL THE THINGS - every step of the way.

We’re in this together because MY passion is seeing YOU succeed by bringing your dream vision to life.

Immediate and full access to ALL MY EXISTING PROGRAMS

Yup, you read that right. You get access to ALL my programs when you sign on as a private client. This includes Her Passive Income Dream, Dreamer To Blogger, Her Quiet Influence and Dream Plan Do. Phew! This is priceless.

PLUS access to any NEW courses/programs I launch during coaching

You will of course get FREE access to any new programs and courses I launch during our time together. And you get lifetime access to the content.

VOXER message access MON-FRI

I’m there for you if you need me in between calls. We can chat about anything that pops up during the week (coaching, support, feedback, next steps) - whatever you need to feel inspired, motivated, and empowered to keep moving forward in the direction of the goals we’ve set for you.

Heck, even if you just want to send me all your favorite gifs - I am here for it. 

Total value: $30,000

2 months

3 months


you have a few options my love.

6 months

Your Investment

Payment plans available.



apply now

To get out of your own way and finally step into your superpower?

To shine online with TRUE confidence while being 100% YOU?

To create an extraordinary life for yourself while helping others in the process?

To make those dollar dollar bills?

To own your time and design your days however you want?

To grow a dreamy community and loveable personal brand?

Are you ready?

To live out the life you KNOW you were meant to?

To go from day-dreamer to full time dream biz owner?

Are you nodding your head right now?

If you are, it's high time you invest in your growth and click the button below. ❤️The future version of you will thank and love you for going for your dreams TODAY.

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To get out of your own way and finally step into your superpower?

A little heart to heart.

Despite your quiet nature and voice, you can make a huge impact in the world and have everything you want.

What it comes down to is gaining that clarity, starting before you FEEL ready and having a crystal clear plan in place for you to reach that dream destination. 
I’ll of course come along for the ride if you’ll let me. 🚗

The time to start your online business journey is now.

The timing has never been better.

THIS is YOUR year, lovely.

You, my friend, can do amazing things and I cannot wait to support and guide you on this journey.

No more putting your dreams on the back burner.

It’s time to begin living that extraordinary life.

Your dreams (and I) are waiting.

When you’re ready, lovely. 👇

I’m getting ready to cheer you on like Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.