make money blogging for beginners

Make Money Blogging For Beginners: How To Make Your First $100

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. No fluff, no painting another picture than it really is. And truth is… Making money blogging is awesome. Making money online is pretty awesome.  Earning your first bucks online is so exciting! I still remember the day when I sold my first ebook, I even remember the name of […]

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Welcome to the blog dreamer!

On the blog you'll find content designed to uplevel your blog, mindset so you can shine online and chase your dreams. I believe blogging successfully (especially as an introvert) goes hand in hand with mindset and working on your personal development. 

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blog, shine and chase your dreams.

Welcome to the blog dreamer!

deep work for introverts

Today, I have an amazing guest blog post from fellow introverted blogger, Gina Lucia, from Limit Breaker. I’m so excited for you to dig into her wise words when it comes to why deep work is so important for us introverted bloggers.   Get to know Gina: Hey, I’m Gina and I believe in the […]

Why Deep Work Will Help You Get More Done as an Introverted Blogger


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how to create an ebook in canva

I created my first ebook two years ago.  It was called Dream Morning, and it was about how to create the perfect morning routine so you can finally have time to successfully chase all of your *dreamy* dreams.  This ebook changed my blogging business and it gave me the opportunity to earn a decent amount […]

How To Create An Ebook In Canva That Your Audience Will Love


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How to start a blog anonymously

It might surprise you (or it might not), but I started my blog in complete secret. I wanted to be anonymous. I sure as heck didn’t want people in my *real* life to find out I was blogging and going for that extraordinary life. There’s still part of me (the introvert in me) that can […]

How To Start A Blog Anonymously & In Secret

Start Your Blog

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what is an introvert

I don’t know about you, but I’ve since a very young age known that I was a bit different. My parents would refer to me as the shy one compared to my outgoing sister and I would always much rather prefer to stay in my room with my thoughts than having to go downstairs to […]

What Is An Introvert? Your Guide To Introversion


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advantages of being an introvert

Introverts are awesome. Introverts are thinkers, dreamers, creatives, and doers. Don’t be fooled by all the common misconceptions about introverts (they’re shy, antisocial, lonely and aloof). I’ve always known I was an introvert. However, all through my 20s, I have for some reason, strived to be an extrovert because that is what I believed to […]

The 10 Advantages Of Being An Introvert


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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of journaling.  Since starting my personal development journey a little over two years ago, journaling has been like a BFF that never leaves my side.  Journaling helps with creativity, inspiration, and motivation when you’re just feeling a little blah. Now over the years, I’ve experimented with many […]

The Five Minute Journal: Review Of My Favorite Journal


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reasons why your blog isn't growing and what to do about it

You did it! You started your dream blog. You’re excited to make money online, grow an audience of raving fans, and write content that people love. But then.. Crickets. No one is reading your content, your Google Analytics is constantly flashing the number 0 active visitors in your face and you start to feel disheartened […]

12 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing & What To Do About It

Grow Your Blog

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The Best Personal Development Books For introverts

I’m a true introvert and I love to read.  Well, consume any kind of content – whether it’s a blog post, a book, or the audio version of one. Introverts love to snuggle up with a cup of tea, a blanket and dive into another world through books.  Reading and consuming great content is partly […]

The Best Personal Development Books For Introverts


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