8 Ways to a More Productive Morning

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tips for a more productive morning.

Follow these 8 easy steps to make your mornings more productive, a little more relaxed and less hectic – and you shall be ready to take on the day.

Who here wants to get more things done in a day? Am I right?

I personally love the mornings. It’s my favorite time of the day, and certainly when I am at my most creative.

It’s the whole foundation behind my ebook, Dream Morning

If you’re into productivity, goal setting, and morning routines – I encourage you to check it out here





This is a bit of an obvious one. Now I really can’t say this enough. How else are you going to magically find more time in an already jam-packed day?

Start by setting your alarm to 15 minutes earlier than usual. F.ex push it back from 07:30 to 07:15, and then from 07:00 and so forth.

It takes the body a bit to adjust to a new timeframe, but I promise you once you start to get used to getting up earlier, you’ll feel more alert and great, ready to take on the day and spend the extra 1-2 hours on yourself or get a head start on your work.






Go to bed earlier, duh.

If you’re going to be up by 06:00-06:30 (or maybe even 5 am for some of you champs) – you are going to have to go to bed earlier. Your body still needs its beauty sleep, so please, be in bed by 10 pm, read a book or listen to an inspiring podcast to get your eyes ready for closing and hit those dreams.

Hot tip: in the evening prior to this spectacular morning, if you are watching Netflix in bed, surfing the web or whatever in bed (which you shouldn’t, but we all do it), set your screen to “night mode”.

Goodbye, hideous blue screen!

If you cannot manually do it in settings on your computer, you can download flux.






This one is so important, especially for you freelancers.

You need to fill up that calendar of yours down to the minute.

Set goals for the day arising, write up your to-do lists and plan plan plan. Even if you don’t manage to check all the to-do’s, you’ll already have visualized in your mind and in some ways, this is even better.

I personally use the Productivity Planner to plan my days, weeks and prioritize my to-do’s.

Bringing me to my next point: WRITE! Write it all down and sort through the million creative ideas, to-do’s and thoughts swarming in your mind after a night’s dreamy sleep.

I’m telling you, this is meditation for the soul (or mind). You might even come up with a brilliant creative idea.

So get out the pen, paper or your GoogleDoc on your computer.







Please don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning. No good can come of that.

Even if you are expecting an important e-mail or your boss want a hold of you. That just doesn’t matter before 8 am in the morning.

Put it away, just put it down – turn it on flight mode if you have to. (I usually have mine on flight mode until 9:30 am. Or I try to)

I know it’s hard, but you really don’t need to skim through your IG feed and see what you may or may not have missed out on last night.

If you manage to stay away, you’ll remain more focused on the task at hand and your creative flow won’t be disturbed.





I am a complete coffee nerd.

Enjoying a cup of really good coffee beans (preferably from Kenya with a hint of fruityness) for hours and hours in the morning is so relaxing, my little treat.

I may or may NOT have a little piece of chocolate to go with it. Have some me-time and enjoy those moments before everyone else wakes up and starts.






Get those endorphins pumping and start your day by moving your bod.

I struggle with this. I like my mornings to be peaceful and chill but it really helps to do some simple stretching as well or just get 10 minutes of cardio in.

Exercising literally makes you happy and you can get on with your day without the constant “work out after work” reminder in your calendar (as you plan everything, you, of course, have this in your gCal).

That voice saying you should really work out today is so annoying.

This way you will save your precious me-time in the afternoon by getting it done in the morning.





And plenty of it. I usually make sure I get about 40 oz of nice and cold water in the morning.

It helps your body wake up and after 7-8 hours without you are going to be dehydrated.


Hot tip: add a dash of lemon juice (from the fruit, not concentrated lemon juice) to your water. Lemon is so good for you and it really helps to get the digestion going before eating breakfast, it detoxes if you will.






I am in love with podcasts. I listen to them all the chance I get.

It’s super addicting and a great way to start your day and switching up the old radio FM.

The ones I listen to are educational and cover topics such as health, wellness, self-development and the life of the femtrepeneur.

It’s just a great way to begin your day on an inspirational and goal-oriented note. Plus, it’s basically free education!




Before You Go


That’s it, guys. I hope you found this helpful and that your mornings from now on will be nothing but productive, creative and peaceful.

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I love mornings, so more related content is for sure coming to a blog near you soon.

As always, comment, get in touch, send me a nudge if you have any questions or you can subscribe to the dreamer community. I would love to have you on board. ๐Ÿ™‚

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