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How to grow on Instagram as an introvert ⎯ From 0 to 4K followers in a few weeks

November 12, 2023

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Hello bootiful family!

This is the second part of my Instagram Growth Experiment.

Missed Part 1? You can watch it below.

In Part 1, I spilled the tea on how I would go about growing on Instagram in 2024 (as an introvert) by posting daily, studying the Explore page like a mad woman, and trying out all of the things (#InstagramGuruAdvice) in order to grow ⎯ so I can of course let you in on what’s working and how can grow on Instagram as well.

Because after all, the reason I do any of these online experiments is to learn, grow, and help you do the same. ❤️

Without further ado…

Let’s dive into the unexpectedness of this Insta journey and why I ⎯ plot twist ⎯ stopped posting. 😱

I honestly did not expect to get these results nor did I expect to share what I’m about to share.

*Cue the video version for mah visual learners*


Growing on Instagram in 2024 (as an introvert)

I set out to discover the secrets of Instagram growth.

  • Could I go viral ⎯ even as an introvert?
  • Could I get 100 new followers on Instagram per day?

After all, I saw other people doing it and I just felt like my account had been at a standstill for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I was getting some engagement, and new followers here and there but I just wasn’t growing on Instagram at the speed I’d like.

“There must be a better way,” ⎯ I thought.

So I posted consistently (pretty much 1-2 times per day for the first 2 months), studied the Explore page meticulously, and experimented with carousels, reels, hooks, and repurposed content with trending audio.

I did it all.


I started a brand new instagram account from zero

As I was posting 1-2 Reels per day to my @miabrox Instagram account ⎯ I found myself posting a lot of niche Instagram advice content tips.

Thus, I started an experiment within the experiment.

I started a brand new Instagram account ⎯ from scratch and from zero. 😳

how to grow on instagram as an introvert

I wanted to see what was possible if I started all over again and got über specific about who I was trying to help.

Would that help me grow? Who knows! But I gave it away and devoted my shedreamsallday account to helping introverts grow their Instagram and create non-boring content.

It’s not like I was starting a brand new business ⎯ content creation (for Instagram) is very much aligned with my main umbrella niche which is online business for introverts.

It made sense and so I began posting (again, like a mad woman, to this new account).

I posted 1-3 times per day, brainstormed content ideas, and studied what other people were doing and what was working for them.

NOTE: There is never a reason to reinvent the (content) wheel. If something is working, there’s a reason for it. But you of course want to use your own voice and put your awesome-sauce spin on the information.


I went viral, grew from 0 to 4K followers, and stopped posting

Despite my rapid success from 0 to over 4000 Instagram followers in a matter of weeks, I found myself at a crossroads.

The overwhelming influx of new followers and notifications made me question my authenticity.

The last thing I wanted to become was an Instagram coach sharing generic advice (that everyone else shares *boring*).

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I felt was happening.

I found myself posting trending audio alerts and Instagram hacks because I knew those were the types of posts that were working for other people in the Instagram niche (and exploding their accounts), and so, it must work for me as well. 

This was true.

I was going viral with these posts.

i went viral on instagram - instagram growth

I was bringing in 100+ per day and grew from 0 to over 4000 followers in very little time.

Believe you me ⎯ I checked →  These were legit accounts and no bots, but business owners who wanted to grow their Instagram following.

I did what I set out to achieve.

I grew a brand new Instagram account from 0 to thousands of followers in a matter of weeks.

grow on Instagram as an introvert

But then, I stopped posting.


I realized I was creating content for the algorithm, not my audience ⎯ me no likey. 🥺


Authenticity Over Virality

Although my viral posts were bringing in people, it was overwhelming – so many notifications, so many new people who didn’t know me or my brand.

I know this is what I wanted but I felt a weird stage fright type of emotion creep up.

It was too fast, too soon. 😰

Since I started this secret blog back in 2018, slow growth has been my “strategy” or ” journey” all along ⎯ it was what I was used to.

And frankly, I’m not even that into trending audio alerts and IG hacks.

So I didn’t feel I was being very authentic.

I was creating content for the algorithm.

And not for my audience.


My biggest mistake

I was going viral yes, but the type of content I was going viral with was not what I wanted to base my business around.

Although I love Instagram and teaching you how to use it, I definitely don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a corner ⎯ talking ONLY about Instagram 24/7.

I know the mission I’m on, and it’s teaching you ✨ how to build a dreamy online business ✨  and make passive income in your pajamas so that you can step into the cozy pajama lifestyle.

My mission is also to show the world that quiet people (you and I) can do amazing things.

That’s a lot more than just Instagram.


how to grow on instagram in 2024 go viral


Now what?

The big question now is, now what?

  • What can you take away from this experiment? (Answers below)
  • And will l continue to post to my new niche account (@shedreamsallday)?

Honestly? Right now? No, I most certainly will not.

I plan on doubling tripling down on my miabrox account, on my audience ⎯ on YOU, and helping you move your cutie behind closer to your dream life and the cozy pajama lifestyle.


So, how can you grow on Instagram in 2024 and beyond?

Here’s what this Instagram Growth Experiment taught me:

  1. Create Content for Your Audience: Going viral is exciting, but it’s abso-freaking-lutely crucial that you create content that resonates with your audience rather than just appeasing the algorithm. Focus on making people FEEL something.
  2. Authenticity Over Virality: Virality is momentary; genuine connections last. Prioritize creating content that reflects your brand and mission. And you want to make sure that you’re going viral with the right content and for the right reasons. Continue to pay attention to what performs well, and create your own version of that, but don’t overthink it.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: Posting every day to Instagram isn’t necessary. As an introvert, I can think of nothing worse than the pressure of having to hop on the endless content hamster wheel. Focus on creating content that evokes emotions and connects with your audience Create content that excites you (not drains ya). Quality over quantity, babe!



This Instagram growth experiment taught me valuable lessons about the balance between virality and authenticity.

While the thrill of going viral is undeniable (but undeniably short as well), it’s so important that you stay true to your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

So, as I continue this journey, make sure you’re following along over on miabrox for those cozy business vibes. 

And hey…

People over algorithms ⎯ always. 💖 


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