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Do Instagram RIGHT in 2022 (as an introvert) with Ela Mazur

August 17, 2022

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Welcome back to the SDAD podcast, and this week we have the amazing Ela Mazur – an introverted Instagram expert explaining how to do Instagram RIGHT in 2022. 

Listen to today’s podcast for actionable steps for growing and creating content on Instagram and Tiktok, and how to show up as your authentic self!






I’m currently in my fourth year of business, and it’s been a bumpy ride (like every entrepreneur on the planet!)

At university, I studied public relations and marketing with fashion design, which is what inspired me to start my first business with my best friend.

We set up a swimwear/activewear label called Ela and Jackson, and it’s where I put everything I had learned at uni into practice.

The company did really well for a long time, but as Covid hit, we knew it was time to press pause and slow down. 

I then moved to Adelaide from Perth, and started working for a company helping out with socials and creating content. I loved it until I realised it was quite a toxic workplace and eventually lost my job.

It was then that my friend pushed me in the right direction to start a social media business of my own.



How did you discover that Instagram would be your jam?

I found Instagram so much fun when I started my first business. However, that was 7-8 years ago, and Instagram was very different back then!

Instagram was easy. You posted a photo, got a load of likes, spent hardly any time on the platform, worked with a few influencers and the sales would just roll in.

But having the business and a community online, full of like-minded women who were amazing brand advocates, was just so amazing to watch. 

It was crazy how a free platform like Instagram could help two aspiring fashion designers like us to create a business.



As business owners, what should we be doing right now on social media?

Engagement is low across the board. Don’t let this put you off, and don’t allow yourself to think you’re doing anything wrong.

Instagram has evolved and changed so much, and the way we are using the platform is so different (even compared to 6 months ago).

Now we open the platform and can choose from DMs, stories, reels, feed, and shopping – there are so many options!

Engagement is lower because everyone is using a different part of the app. 

Whereas on Tiktok, it’s just one feed. One option. That’s why engagement can be higher. 

Personally, I have less of a strategy on Tiktok, and just post when I feel like it. But this will differ with who you ask, as some people still like to have a content plan.



What should we be focusing on as business owners?

This is really dependent on each individual business. 

Some clients have reel strategies, and it works, but for some it doesn’t. 

My advice is to stick at something for 4 weeks. Test out new content. Create a mixture of ideas and see what gives you the best results.

The trick is to always treat your content like you’re testing it.

This way, you won’t get upset when you don’t get the result you’re hoping for!

But just remember, even the content that might not have had the best engagement, might get the best conversions for sales. And that’s what matters!

If your views are less, this might be because your content is aimed at a specific person. This will then lead to more conversions. 



Is it about the quantity or quality of posts?

The answer to this question will differ between every social media management, but my advice is the following:

Pick a number of posts that you can be consistent with. 

Make a plan. Then you can always increase that.

For example, start with 3x posts a week. Then if that goes well for 4 weeks, increase it to 4x posts a week.

This is the easiest way to increase your posts without overwhelming yourself. 

Don’t burn out and hate Instagram!

My magic number is 3-5 posts per week. It works for me, and I can stick to that and still get results!



How to think of new content

A good strategy to start with is to think about your goals for the month and work backwards.

For example – do you have a masterclass to sell? Or a new course?

If you know what your offer is, you’re going to be able to note your audience’s pain points and create content from there. 

When doing 3x posts per week, you can mix up your content to promote your offer. 

If you focus on reel content, you can repurpose that into a caption, graphic, story or live. It’s one idea that can be broken up into different types of content.



How do you sell on Instagram? 

Stories are where I sell the most, as they are directed to the people who are already interested in my content. 

But, you can also sell through any post with a CTA (call to action).

In my stories, I tend to talk to the camera (which I struggled with at first). But if I have a good hook, give some tips, then include a call to action, I have the best conversions. 

Or do this on a post. Ask your audience; do you have this problem? Do you want some tips? Here’s 1, 2, 3… then include a poll. Anyone who selects yes they want more, slide into their DMs!

Instagram is all about community and connections. It all happens in the DMs. 

To me, feed posts are for new people and a new audience.

My stories are for the community that is already there.




I also hate hashtags…but they do work! However, they are NOT the be all and end all.

Instagram says to officially use 5 hashtags, but this again varies with every social media manager you talk to. 

Instagram has stated that hashtags work as search engine optimisation, so they’re the best way for your audience to find you if they search for something. 

Do a good ratio of testing over a few weeks. Try with and without hashtags. Try using 5, 10 or 30. See what is the most effective strategy for you and your business.

Think about what your keywords are for your ideal client, and make sure you use them in your post. 

Oh, and make sure your hashtags actually relate to what you are talking about!



What’s your number 1 tip for an introvert to show up on Instagram stores? 

It has never been natural to me, and I first started out with my friend on Snapchat.

When I worked in corporate, I used to cringe at people doing what I do because it was something I thought I could never do. 

So I started small. And when I moved to a new city, I started sharing small things about my life to keep up my connections back home. This is what spurred me on to do more talking stories (plus the fact I didn’t know anyone in Adelaide!)

There will be people that get in your head.

Ones you don’t want looking at your stories or judging you. Mute them! Don’t allow them to see your stories. 

If you’re just starting out, you could even just post to close friends and a small group of people.



Do we need to dance and point on reels?

No! Just by creating reels, you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Start small by talking to the camera.

Use a trending song and do a voice-over. 

At the moment, it’s all about original audio. This means original content is doing better than trending sounds, making your reels more authentic to you. 



Thank you so much for joining me today Ela! A podcast full of value with actionable steps to implement on your biz’s Instagram today.

Ela has kindly gifted our listeners 50% off her Instagram to Business course, so be sure to check her out over on @elamazurcreative!





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