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I don’t set goals anymore, this is what I do instead. 💭

May 27, 2022

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If you’ve been around this space of the internet for a while, you’ll probably know how in love I have been with the concept of goal setting. I mean, I even created an entire course and ebook all about the subject of setting and achieving goals. 

Goal setting.

We’ve all heard of it. 

We’ve all made several attempts at it.

We’ve all probably met one and missed another.






There are lots of ways you can go about setting goals for your life and business.

And I for one, have been obsessed with learning from the personal development gurus, from well-known marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and general people I look up to, the way they set goals.

Because if they do it in a specific way, then that means it must be working because these people have amazing results.

And so I need to set my goals the same way.

Or….So I thought. 

What I have found, during my obsession with goal setting and observing other people’s GO-TO-SIGNATURE-METHOD for goal setting… is that…

What works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

And don’t get me wrong It’s not like I’m opposed to having a vision for my life.

Far from it.



I’ve had it with setting goals

I’ve just had it with setting very specific monthly goals. I needed a way for goal setting or daydreaming, manifesting – whatever you want to call it – to feel GOOD again, to feel exciting, inspiring, motivating, and not like I’m on a constant hamster wheel of setting bigger and better goals. 

On this quest for the “perfect” goal-setting method, my own vision for my life become slightly blurry and kind of started to fade away, because I was so obsessed with setting goals the right way or you know, setting the RIGHT goals in the first place. 

Can you relate? Let me know, in the comments, if this is relatable and I’m not just totally weird and alone over here. 




I don’t want to feel bummed

When I set goals on a monthly basis, and I don’t achieve them, I feel bummed. 🥺

Whenever I set specific goals and I do achieve them, I find myself instantly wanting to set bigger and bolder (bolder? More bold?) goals and I forget to actually celebrate hitting the milestones that I just hit. 

And the result? I feel bummed again. 🥺

Even though I achieved my very specific goal.

And I don’t wanna feel bummed.

I don’t wanna feel sad or have to use sad emojis.

Nah, nuh, no way. Not the vibe we are going for. 



Stop fixating on the journey

This is about not focusing so much on how the journey towards your dream vision is going to unfold and what it “should” look like. 

When we get so uber specific goals about how we want to bring something into our lives, we can get very caught up in the details, if something doesn’t go as planned, or you get the result but the way it happened put you off course with your goals. 

The fact of the matter is, and this is a matter that we can do nothing about. 

Life is unpredictable.

And because of that, it’s beautiful. ✨

You could potentially get everything you ever wanted, but it may come about differently than you originally intended it for or planned for or ya know, set goals for. 



Set simple intentions

I think the best thing we can do in order to release the pressure from traditional hardcore goal setting is to set intentions.

Simple intentions. 

And then of course taking aligned action. 

Setting intentions instead of goals allows for more present living.

And then there’s the added bonus of not feeling completely heartbroken 💔 when you don’t achieve your goals because as long as you have taken intentional action, you’re still moving, growing, and learning, even though you quote on quote aren’t able to check your goal off your list. 



Intentions = Freedom

Intentions give you more freedom, and flexibility baby!

Because you’re not constantly obsessing over the outcome and the future, intention, in a magical way, creates space for you to channel who you want to be, how you want to live your life, and show up to shine online friend!

Intentions are very much connected and interlinked to your core values in life.

If you don’t know what your values are, I highly recommend that you spend some time, with a highlighter and a values list that you can easily just find and print out from your friend who knows it all, Google. 



How to set monthly intentions

So how do I do this? How do I set my intentions for the month? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

Every month, I ask myself the very simple question:

How do I want to feel this month?

That’s what I base my intentions around, my emotions. 

I start there.

Because when we get intentional about how we want to feel and take action from the place of feeling that specific emotion, we are much more likely to achieve what we want anyway. 

I choose a feeling or words that come to mind after doing a little journaling sesh, and I ask myself how can I bring more of this feeling or words into my everyday life? 

It’s not about doing bold and scary things, it’s about doing your best and taking baby steps.

For example, this month, my words were confidence, visibility, and connection



Asking yourself questions

Am I putting myself out there so that I can grow my confidence and exposure for my business?

Do I need to do it more?

Do I need to make the time to connect with other human beings on the WWW? 

I make sure that my weekly and daily actions are aligned with the intentions I have set. 



Stop setting goals out of your control

I’ve also stopped setting gaols in which I cannot control.

For instance, YouTube subscribers. Instagram followers.

Fixating on your goals, especially the ones that are outside your control, it really does take a toll on your mindset. 

I think as introverts, the best we can do four our mindset, and for our energy, is to decide on purpose how we want these next 30 days to feel.

And take the action needed to spark that emotion. 



Your invitation

So I invite you to join me in setting beautiful intentions for your life, and put goal setting on the shelf – for now.

What it all comes down to is dreaming up your vision for you life and bringing it into your reality in a way that feels doable, fun and exciting to YOU, a way that does not drain you, put pressure on you or bum you out. 

Join our FREE Cozy Vibes Community where all the cool kids are hanging out, the fellow introverts, going for their dreams.

Seriously join us, it’s your safe space, and you really get to feel that introvert love. 

This is me signing off. 

Your friend from afar. 

Love you bye! 

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