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How To Create Content As An Introvert

February 1, 2023

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Learn exactly what you need in place to create quiet influence online, BINGE-ABLE content and a cozy community of amazing human beings who can't wait to buy from you!

In this episode, I’m sharing how to create binge-able content for your audience without feeling overwhelmed and like you need to nap for the next 5 business days.


how to create content as an introvert


I dive into:

  • Creating content for the right people
  • The 3 main pillars of content 
  • Don’t worry about giving it all away for free
  • Creating content that energizes you
  • Mastering a content platform
  • Tips for avoiding the introvert hangover 

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Why you need to create content

Creating content goes hand in hand with building an audience. As entrepreneurs, we really can’t escape it.

Creating content is how you build an audience.

In this day and age, it’s hard to build a successful online business without creating content.



The goal of content

To attract the right people into your world.

To build a community.

To build a relationship with that community.

To make sparks fly.

To build on the know-like-trust factor.

To provide value.

To give your audience results ahead of time.



How do you create wow-ing and binge-able content?

Wow-ing and scroll-stopping content is content that resonates, connects, and provides value for your ideal and dream audience.


Let’s break these different content pillars down:

  • Educational content (tips, how-tos, tutorial, saveable, authority building, helpful)
  • Resonating content (relatability, memes, entertaining, sharable, story, connection building, aspiring, inspirational)
  • Sales-centered content (social proof, testimonials, success stories – your own or clients)

You can apply these content pillars to all content platforms – podcast, youtube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn – ya name it.

Creating wow-ing and binge-able content is not about connecting and resonating with everybody, it’s about making sparks fly between you and your specific person.

You are solving a problem for your audience – providing them with results ahead of time.

You want to make sure that you are creating with your person in mind.

Your content is not for you, it’s for you person.

What’s going to stand out for your person? What’s going to stop the scroll? 

Your content is the best content when it comes FROM you TO your person – delivered, communicated, and created in a way that deeply resonates. 



Creating with purpose

Before you hit publish on any piece of content you want to ask yourself…

What is the intention and purpose of this piece of content?

  • Is it to educate?
  • Inspire?
  • Build authority?
  • Sell?

Ask yourself a control question before posting.

Will this be valuable for my person?


how to create content as an introvert online


Don’t be afraid to give it away for free

Your audiences’ buying decision is ONLY based on the free value that you put out there – your content – so make it amazing eh?

“What do I share in my content vs paid courses and offers?

Don’t even worry about this.

All the information is already out there.

Value is everywhere and accessible to all.

Anyone can talk about anything online and find anything they are looking for and interested in.

What’s going to set your content apart is your individuality. 

It’s not just about the information, it’s about the person (you) who delivers it.

It’s about differentiating yourself and your brand – through your values, perspectives, story, and personality.



Learn to love it and find your way

We need to create content, we have established that – but that doesn’t mean that you have to create in a way that completely drains your soul and your introvert batteries.

Take some time and experiment with different formats, types of content, and platforms to see what you actually enjoy.

Give it some time, because you might be surprised.

The bottom line is that it has be enjoyable for you for it to resonate with your audience.

The energy you’ll radiate on your side of the content will shine through for your audience, so you have to make sure that you are creating content that you enjoy!

Would you follow you?

A question worth asking every now and then. 



How to avoid the introvert hangover when creating content online

  • Setting boundaries
  • Integrating content creation as a habit and a part of your routine
  • Batch create
  • Plan ahead and get organized
  • Repurposing is queen

Tune into the episode where I break each point down.

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