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7 Inspiring People You Should Follow Online

March 3, 2019

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Did you know there are over 1 billion websites out there?

And this is only one of them.

With so many websites, influencers, and people on the web, and it can be quite hard to find the right people to follow, and to navigate through this messy jungle we call the World Wide Web.

When I decided to do something extraordinary for myself and start this blog, I have a couple of people to thank for that.

People who have continuously inspired me to follow my dreams, whose income reports are beyond motivating, and who I think will inspire you too by just being who they are and doing what they’re doing.

This list isn’t exclusive for personal development and #GIRLBOSS gurus, I’ve also included creators and entrepreneurs whose courses kicked me in the right direction with my blog.



Natalie Bacon

Topics: personal development, money, and blogging

Natalie Bacon is an online entrepreneur who turned her $200K student loan into a six (soon to be seven) figure business.

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Natalie and her website, but I am so glad I did. She was the one who inspired me to start a blog (or a business if you will – because blogs are businesses she states) and I soon enrolled in her Blog With A Full-Time Job course.

Not only does she know what she’s talking about when it comes to blogging, but she is also a wizard when it comes to money and the money mindset, being a certified financial planner. In addition to this, she is now a certified success and life coach (she was taught by the best, Brooke Castillo whom I admire as well) and therefore knows what she is talking about when it comes to personal development as well.

Soon after I set up my blog thanks to her blogging course, I decided to enroll in her Design Your Dream Life Academy to get my mindset on the right track and learn how to manage my time better (now being a business owner and having a full-time gig, you can imagine the overwhelm). I can’t do anything but highly recommend her courses if you are thinking of starting a blog or are in desperate need to change and improve your life.

In addition to all this, Natalie also has her own podcast which airs every Wednesday and definitely worth a listen.

Natalie showed me it was all possible and I am so thankful I stumbled upon her on the world wide web. I’m not sure She Dreams All Day would exist had I not found her.

Thank you, Natalie!



Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus

Topics: blogging, how to start a blog and make six figures

Alex and Lauren are the couple behind both Create & Go but also run a very successful health and fitness blog called Avocadu.

Their story is super inspiring for an aspiring blogger like me (and you, I assume). They share their knowledge, mistakes, lessons in a very honest and useful way in both their articles and courses. I’ve taken ALL of their courses, and I mean all of them.

Alex and Lauren earned $100K in their first year of blogging and if I was going to do this thing, I had to learn from the very best. 

Here’s a quick recap of the courses I took before and while launching my blog.

Today they earn over $150K a month (!) from both their blogs and are full-time travelers. Hello, inspiration!

I dream of being location independent… Anyone else with me?

If you want to read the (very) long version of their story, you can click here to learn more.



Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Topics: personal finance, blogging

Michelle is the bomb and the QUEEN of affiliate marketing. She runs a personal finance blog since 2011 and is a self-made millionaire. She earns on average between $150K and $200K which is INSANE to me. Did I say “insane”? I, of course, meant “inspiring”.

Her monthly income- and business reports are such an inspiration and motivate the rest of us to think and feel that it’s all possible if we put in the work and effort.

She used to live in an RV with her boyfriend and tour America, but now she lives on a sailboat and travels full time.

Oh, the life we could have lived. Fear not, Michelle shows that it’s POSSIBLE and I continue to be inspired by her every day.

I check in with Michelle every now and then and I always enjoy reading about her success as a full-time blogger.

It was through her course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, that I learned to apply the best strategies for my blog and how I make money online.

Tip: While you are at it, you should follow Alexis, her sister, as well. She runs a health and finance blog called Fitnancials.



Amy Landino

Topics: personal development, productivity, time management

Amy Landino is one of my favorite YouTubers. She puts out a new video every Wednesday and Sunday, and when I need the motivation or kick in the butt to get started and STOP procrastinating, she’s there for me.

Amy is a self-made lady and in addition to her awesome YouTube channel with 305K subscribers, she’s also an author and a motivational speaker.

She wrote the book Vlog Like A Boss, aimed at aspiring YouTubers.

Her videos are short, sweet and motivating to the BONE.

If you’re struggling with getting things done, waking up early and managing your time, then Amy is the gal for you.



Jenna Kutcher

Topics: marking, grow your biz, photography, and design

Jenna Kutcher, a marketing entrepreneur and a lover of mac n cheese. Jenna is a self-made #GIRLBOSS and a millionaire.

Her brand and design are truly inspiring. Just look how pretty?!

Jenna has her own podcasts aimed to help out her fellow girlbosses and female entrepreneurs, called The Goal Digger Podcast. I listen to it weekly and find so much inspiration, insider info, tips and tricks to help me in my business.

Jenna started out as a wedding photographer (I think she still is) and the story starts with her buying a $300 camera off of Craigslist and with this little investment she created a 7 figure empire (!)

She’s honest, real and down to earth and I love her. She just had a baby too and she’s the cutest. Follow her on Instagram too, she’s very active on that platform.



Amanda Boleyn

Topics: podcasting, grow your biz, leave your 9 to 5 and pursue your dream

Amanda is the creator behind She Did It Her Way, a community for soon-to-be and current full-time dreamers.

Like, Jenna Kutcher, Amanda also has a badass podcast you absolutely need to listen to. She interviews inspiring female entrepreneurs and they share their story and secrets to help out the aspiring listener.

You guessed it, I also subscribe and listen to this podcast as often as I can.

Amanda also runs a membership program called Her Way Society where I also am a member.

It’s a monthly program where you get to participate in live sessions with Amanda and her guests, join trainings and make new and awesome entrepreneurial friends.

The purpose of this society is to get the support and road map for you to leave your 9 to 5 and pursue what lights you up. Click here to learn more.

Tip: Amanda interviews Natalie Bacon on this episode of the podcast



Rachel Hollis

Topics: personal growth, coaching, motivation

I first heard about Rachel when I stumbled across her book, Girl Wash Your Face, when searching for “The Best Personal Development Book” ever. I read it and I was sold.

She also has a podcast with her husband, Dave, which you can check out here.

Rachel has been named the Tony Robbins for women, and I can definitely agree with that.




It was honestly hard to just name-drop 7 people, so I figured I would keep a running bonus list of even more people you should follow.

Who do you follow online and are constantly inspired by? I’d love to know so I can add them to my list.

    with your name on it!



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