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Meditation ain’t woo woo… it’s MAGIC ✨ with Shule Ozek

April 6, 2022

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Join us on the podcast today for an amazing interview with Shule Ozek, who discusses the power of meditation and aligning yourself to live the most fulfilled and dreamy life. 

I’m guessing this will be a whole new world for most of you!

BUT I had a soul reading with Shule late last year and it was such an eye-opening experience. So this podcast aims to delve into the spirituality basics so you can see just how powerful it is!



Listen here:






Who is Shule Ozek?

I was so excited to record this podcast with Shule. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she’s had such a big impact on me and my business.

Shule’s goal is to align the metaphysical and physical world in order to let people live their most fulfilled life. 

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a major ‘woo woo’ person, but when I had my spiritual reading with Shule late last year, a lot of things changed for me.

She’s literally the reason I changed my social media handle from SDAD to Mia Brox. The reason I can now show up online.



How did Shule get into the spiritual world?

Shule grew up in Australia as a Muslim but went to a Christian school.

Up until a couple of years ago, she decided against the route of religion and became an atheist. 

Being rebellious growing up, Shule didn’t want to conform to any kind of religion or be told what to do. 

After stepping away from being a Muslim, and not conforming to Christianity from her school upbringing, she became an atheist – until Covid hit.

Coming from a place of depression and anxiety in 2019, Shule knew she had to do something to change.

She had the house, the university degree, and all the ‘things’ most of us think we should have. But, like many of us, was left thinking ‘is this all there is?’

And that’s when she began meditating!

But it didn’t come easy. Shule explained in the podcast just how much she hated meditating at first, and how she continued to force herself through it.

In the end, Shule was meditating up to five times a day to find the inner peace that she craved. 



Feeling a resistance to meditating

People talk about meditation, and I know it’s something I need to do more of.

But I just feel so much resistance. 

Or an itchy arm, you know? 😂

But it’s a practice, and it’s the same for anyone starting out. 

Just like our business, we need to show up for meditation on a daily basis. There isn’t a magic formula and it really is working through the discomfort and resistance. 

Learning to train our body and even when it’s uncomfortable in the moment, Shule reminds us how it’s so worth it in the long run. 

So, let’s force ourselves to stay there!



How do you start meditating?

Shule has an amazing free meditation guide, which could help you (and myself!) to get to a place of being able to meditate.

It includes breathwork practices, music to listen to, and how Shule got to the place where she is today.

It’s a journey and it’s a practice. It’s not going to happen overnight, but when it does, as Shule states, it’s magic.



Limiting beliefs and meditation

We all face limiting beliefs, and if you’ve listened to any other podcasts or read any other blog posts by me, you’ll know this is something I talk about a lot.

We put ourselves down. Tell ourselves our dreams are too big. We tell ourselves that dream life cannot be ours.

Shule felt the same. And that’s where meditation stepped in and helped her align with where she is meant to be in life.

She was able to reconnect through meditation.

Meditation helped her to see that there was no other way to live her life than to dive headfirst into her dreams. 



The inner child

Way back when Shule gave me my reading, she said something to me that stuck. 

“By not living out your dreams, you’re betraying your inner child. You’re betraying your younger self.”

And it just clicked. If I didn’t allow myself to at least try living my dreams, I was betraying myself.

When you’re 0-7 years old, you’re easily programmed. You’re soaking up everything from the world around you, adopting parent behaviors, picking up on vibrations around you.

Our childhood directly affects who we become as adults.

For example, Shule talks about her mom being quite negative. Even a few years ago, she found herself responding with negative comments about the day at work, just because she had been programmed to have negative thoughts about her working day.

It just takes a bit of self-awareness to realize this is your inner child and ego. 

To use meditation to distinguish between the inner voices.

To quieten that voice.



Best meditation tips for beginners

Busy bee? Save this article for the later.



When Shule quit her job and began spiritual readings, she was making a full day’s wage within an hour of work.

But her inner child and programmed beliefs made her doubt herself.

She explains how her ego was desperate to go back to familiarity, with less abundance.

This led to her not showing up online or for her clients. The self-sabotage kicked in.

Coming from a single-parent household, it had always been that we should work hard for our money in an uncomfortable environment. Or that you shouldn’t be happy working. It should be a struggle.

Just how could making money be this ‘easy’, doing something that’s actually enjoyable?



How to deal with your ego

(Stay with me here, as you might not like the answer!)


For Shule, that is what helped her the most.

As hard as it may sound, meditating gives you the chance to listen to the two different voices in your head. To quieten the mind.

Try meditating for 3-5 minutes at a time.

Allow your brain to process. 

(A common misconception is that you need to control your thoughts. You don’t! Let your brain overprocess and just go with it.)

Set a timer. 

Then when you get used to it, you’ll realise just how magical it is. 



How does Shule meditate?

Something I struggle with is just knowing how to meditate. I hate certain poses (they just don’t sit right with me), so I asked Shule to explain how she found a comfortable way to meditate.

Shule explained how she lays down on her back, hands by her side (which is a game-changer for me. I’m definitely trying this one out!)

But there AREN’T any set rules to meditating.

Apart from the fact you probably shouldn’t do it in bed. For obvious falling asleep reasons. 

Just be comfortable in a way that pays attention to your mind.



Create a self-care toolkit

As a business owner and introvert, it is so important to look after yourself and your mind in the process.

I actually had the idea of a self-care toolkit given to me by Shule, and I use it every day.

Create your own self-care toolkit. 

Look after yourself and your business goals will follow.

Mindset always comes first.

And in Shule’s words,

“These practices are, in my case, more important than the action part of starting a business.”

Meditation ain’t woo woo, it’s magic. ✨


Mind blown? Yep, mine too!

Make sure that you follow Shule on Instagram, and grab that free meditation guide to start your meditation journey.

Push through the resistance and let’s do it (I got a feeling it’s about to get magicaaaaal ✨ )


Ooh, and if you can, leave a review and let me know what you think of this podcast! Share it with a friend, DM me on IG…I’d really appreciate it! You can help me spread my message I just want to get out there.

Quiet people can do amazing things.  

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