10 Minimalist Living Tips for a Stress-Free Life

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Minimalist living tips for a stress-free and decluttered life

Ah, who here doesn’t love the minimalist way of living.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite minimalist living tips for a stress-free and decluttered life.

Tip: if you haven’t already, watch The Minimalist documentary ASAPIt really opened up my eyes and quite literally cleared both my mind and my life.

I am only just getting started, guys.

Not familiar with minimalism yet, are we? I’ll give you a quick re-cap.

My personal belief is that minimalism leads to freedom. Freedom from struggles, anxiety and your inner mean girl. By having fewer material items – you are quite literally decluttering your mind, your thoughts and in turn your LIFE.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to get rid of everything you love or things that have nostalgic meaning.


Just ask yourself one question…

“Does this thing add value to my life? Will this thing make me happier?”


Tip: This will also help when you’re out shopping and you just can’t decide whether to buy or not.

If the answer is no – throw it out (or just don’t buy it).

More on what minimalism is here.

Let’s get decluttering and into those minimalist living tips!


1. eBay is your friend. Sell ANYTHING you are not using and does not add nostalgic value to your life.

For example – if you’re going through your wardrobe, anything you have not worn in a year has got to go.


2. Live below your means and don’t buy things you can’t afford (i.e don’t max out credit cards)


3. Minimize your goals and declutter your thoughts, and focus on that one ONE big goal/dream you have for your life.


4. Say goodbye to toxic relationships. Surround yourself with people who bring you love and adds value to your life. Your time is precious, so do not was it on people you don’t care for.


5. Say no and don’t fear the FOMO.

Saying no to things you don’t want to do is so important. Spend your time wisely and make sure to do things that actually make you happy 🙂  

I’ve struggled with this my whole life – a chronic people-pleaser. As I’ve gotten older, about to tick the next age box, this has gotten much easier.


6. Declutter your home. That’s right – go through the attic AND the basement. Donate, sell (whatever rocks your boat) everything you can (and again), that does not add value to your life – can’t stress this enough.


7. Now if you’re going to spend money, spend them on experience rather than items.


8. Travel light – easier said than done, right? Why do we always pack 20 different outfits when we end up only wearing two or three of them? Think about it. Spend some time looking at all the things you have just packed for your upcoming trip and reconsider EVERYTHING.


9. Coconut oil. The biggest life hack about to rock your world. Coconut oil is your friend and can be used for cooking, skin- and hair care.

You can also use it as a makeup remover. Genius. This way you avoid buying different products for different purposes.


10. Clear your desk – at work and at home. By having a clear and organized working space will not only improve your work and productivity, but it will also help to keep the mind focused and clear of any unnecessary thoughts (i.e What is for dinner? Oh, that’s right, I need to do that (referencing to that post-it on your screen).

Distractions (in any form – social media and post-its/papers) on your desk is not in any way ideal. Keep it clear and simple and you’ll get more things done.


Before You Go

Voila, friends. Get started on these 10 (may I say) simple steps for a more minimalist-looking lifestyle and a little more stress-free life. Let me know how you get on in the comments below. 🙂

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