A new podcast for introverts and dreamers (MY PODCAST!)

December 1, 2021

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OMG! I have a podcast.

Here it is. Finally.

The She Dreams All Day podcast.

she dreams all day podcast for introverts entrerpreneurs and dreamers

*Cue celebration*

I have been dreaming up this podcast in my head and in my heart for the last I think two years and now I finally got out of my way and did it.

As Penny Lane in the iconic movie, Almost Famous, so elegantly puts it… 👇

It’s ALL happening.

In this first episode, I’m sharing exactly what you can expect from the She Dreams All Day podcast and my own story because I wanted to take a few minutes (or 15 lol) to introduce myself and my own journey as an introverted entrepreneur. 

But essentially…

My intention for this podcast is for it to be a safe space for you to realize your dreams of shining online with confidence so they can build a DREAMY online business, make an impact, and that ka-ching while being 100% themselves and having FUN in the process. 

Around here, the introvert hangover is of course sold separately. 🤓

I’m all about empowering YOU to step into your superpower and become quietly confident online.

Because no matter how quiet you feel that you are, you have a voice and that voice deserves to be heard – by so many people.

Quiet people can do AMAZING things, and let’s just say that’s not the last time you’re going to hear me say it. Lols. 

I want to be that friend in your ear whenever you want to be alone but not alone you know, or you just want to hear someone else talk about what you’re going through in life or in business, or maybe on other days you just want the business and social media strategies. 

Jump into the first episode EVER of the She Dreams All Day podcast, the perfect place to be for quiet and introverted entrepreneurs and let’s make those amazing things happen, shall we?

I appreciate you so very much. ❤️


You can also listen on Spotify here >>

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