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Showing up on social media as an introvert with Hayleigh Watson ✨

June 15, 2022

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Hey friend! 😍

I’m so happy that you’re here and listening (or reading) the She Dreams All day podcast again, and today, you have two awkward introverts, sitting down, to get to know each other over zoom. 

I think it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a podcast.

Today I sat down with Hayleigh, aka Hali Helper, who has a virtual assistance business, helping women with their admin, social media and graphic design needs. 

She is awesome.

In this episode, we talk all about why being an introvert is so amazing, especially in the online space. 

Hayleigh shares some actionable tips for how you can show up on social media as an introvert with more energy and in a way that feels good to you. 

I just know that you’re going to love this episode!

Note: this is a summary of the things Hayleigh and I spoke about. For her exact words, listen to the podcast audio!




Social media for introverts


Who is Hayleigh?

Hi, I’m Hayleigh!

I’m a virtual assistant and business owner, podcast host, content creator, and most importantly, a major introvert!

I run a virtual assistant agency that specializes in helping overwhelmed women-led businesses to lighten their load so they can flourish in life and business. 



Why is being an introvert in business a good thing? 

If you ask me, I think introverts are amazing in business.

On a whole, we are deeper thinkers and analyze a bit more than extroverts. We’re intuitive. We think a lot, and that makes us great listeners.

As introverts in business, we listen to our clients and get ahead of their needs. 

All the things in business that can be seen as ‘weaknesses’ are associated with being an introvert. But if you channel yourself correctly, it’s your superpower.

Put simply, there are more introverts than extroverts in the world, and we need to embrace that we are the best!

For anyone who has not started their business, do it now.

Even if you’re an introvert or you’re afraid of showing up on social media as an introvert. There are ways we can get around this!



Why it’s important to show up on social media as an introvert

I recently released an ebook all about showing up online and on social media as an introvert. 

The truth is, a lot of people think I’m an extrovert (which is just laughable, and so far from the truth!) and this prompted me to write this ebook.

When I started my business, I realized I had to show up as myself in order for people to trust me. 

Without that trust, people aren’t going to want to work with you. 

Without showing my face or personality, how will anyone trust me? How can I build trust with these businesses I want to work with?

Working with entrepreneurs, their business is their baby. They’re not going to let just anyone into their business world.

I also resonate with businesses that show up. People buy from people, and it humanizes your brand. 

Sharing small details about yourself is important!



If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to show up on social media, start small.

Share a little quirk or fun fact about yourself.

Humanize your brand and build trust (as no one will buy from someone they don’t trust). 

Start SMALL.

For example, there’s a lady I’ve followed on Tiktok for a while who makes cakes. She shows the process of her making the cakes, with a voiceover rather than showing her face.

Hearing her voice alone allowed me to get to know her. After a while, I knew her Tiktoks straight away because of her catchphrase. 

Now I want to buy her cakes!

Start small and figure out what is comfortable for you. 

In the past, showing up on stories for me has been stressful. I would stress about showing my face and end up not even posting it. I know how hard it can be.

Start posting just once a week, or even once a month.

Take a photo and just type and write something on top of it. 

If you don’t want to put your name, have a business name and a persona.

Test the waters, get comfortable. 

All the little, small steps do matter and accumulate over time. It will gradually build your confidence.

Take things at your own pace and do what’s good for you.  



How do you stay consistent on social media as an introvert?

When I first started talking on Instagram stories, I walked my dog and had a cap on. 

All things that made me not want to show up, I thought of something to make it a bit easier. 

For example, use a filter!

Wear a cap or sunglasses.

Whatever you need, do it to make yourself feel comfortable. 

As an introvert, you need to figure out your energy. If you haven’t already done this, start there. 

For me, interviews and talking to people will drain me. So if I want to channel my energy well, I will book admin for the rest of the day to reset and recharge. 

Plan where your energy is at its highest, and create content. Then record your content in batches. 

Think of yourself as the only person in the room (as even 100 followers can be scary to an introvert).

When I first started using Tiktok, I did a lot of lip-synching and didn’t use my own voice. This allowed me to grow in confidence and practice in front of the camera.

Spread your energy across the week.

Some week’s, I don’t want to show up. But sometimes, I feel like talking! For those days when you don’t feel up to it, take a picture of your cup of tea, or RuPaul. 

There are other ways to show up on social media as an introvert other than showing your face.

But don’t forget, your followers are there for a reason. They want to see you or hear from you!



Learn about yourself and your energy

In my ebook, I write about the importance of learning about your introversion and why it’s important. 

When I was growing up, I’d see so many extroverts doing amazing things. Back in the day, a lot of businesses were structured around being extroverted, loud and masculine. 

I’d get so overwhelmed because I wasn’t like them. I couldn’t channel my energy or work it out. 

But once I started to learn about myself, and my introversion and personality type, it made me thrive. I was finally able to step into my power.

It’s important to know that even as introverts, we can be successful. 

I also discuss how it’s important to know hacks to make sure you feel good about your day, and don’t have your energy drained because of things like clutter or mess. 

Sorting small things like this in your personal and home life will allow you to show up more in your business.

If you’re feeling confused or think you have to be a specific way to be successful, take the time to find out a bit more about who you really are, and learn more about yourself. 

If you’re constantly trying to be something you’re not, you may succeed, but you’ll never be fulfilled. 

Showing up as someone else drains a lot of energy!

Start small, learn about yourself and build your confidence.



Thank you so much to the amazing Hayleigh for joining us today, and giving us actionable steps for showing up on social media as an introvert!


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