20 Simple Tips to Save More Money Today

August 31, 2018

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Here are some of my favorite hacks for saving some extra money each month. I am a sucker for transferring money into my savings account. Who’s with me?! The best feeling in the world to know that you have a buffer, security and saving it up for that one thing you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

Whatever it may be – start SAVING. It’ll make you a lot less worrisome.


1.Stack up on groceries and make your own lunches at home for the entire week


2. Start a savings/buffer account immediately if you don’t already have one. LIFESAVER. Start by saving 100$ monthly if you can. Automate your savings – makes things easier and you don’t have to think twice about it.


3.Can’t afford that birthday gift you have coming up? Look into DIY-ing. Pinterest is a heaven-sent resource for that sort of thing.


4. Don’t buy your to-go coffee at Starbucks. Let’s not go into the equation of how much money you are likely to spend on to-go coffee in a year, so just stop that immediately. Buy your own coffee and pour it in your favorite (and environmental friendly) to-go coffee-mug.

I’m an absolute coffee freak, so I tend to save a lot of money this way, even if I buy my favorite fruity coffee from Kenya, in the long haul you/I will save so much money. I believe this is my favorite tip, y’all.


5. Loose change? Save it! Go old-school and buy a piggy bank.


6. Never ever shop when you are absolutely dying of hunger, and stay away from the temptations at the cashier.


7. Have your friends over for a wine and dine instead of meeting up at the local bar or go clubbing. This will save you A LOT of money on booze, which is so expensive out. Plus – who doesn’t love a board game- or charades night in? Super cozy if you ask me.


8. Thrift shopping to the people! Check out marketplace over at Asos – some amazing finds to be found and CHEAP. Who really needs a fancy schmancy designer purse?


9. Airbnb is your friend when traveling.


10. Speaking of traveling – order your tickets through Expedia to get your hands on the cheapest/best possible route.


11. Use a budgeting app on your phone to keep track of your expenses. Tip: Mint.


12. Do it the Minimalist way and get rid of things you’re not using anymore – and sell them. To either people of thrift shops that accept. Great way to earn a few extra. Have an old Gucci purse at the back of your wardrobe? Maybe it’s time for it to get a new home.


13. Get your money mindset on and stay in the frugal/wanting to save way of thinking. With all the distractions, ads and things telling us to spend, it becomes much easier once you have the right mindset.


14. Pay off your credit card debt on time – we do NOT want that interest to come on board. This one is so so important, guys. It should be the first thing you do when your salary hits the bank (including rent, insurance, and all that jazz).


15. Make your own skincare products and serums with ingredients from iHerb. I do this all the time and at the moment you can pop on over here to get the recipe for my favorite homemade serum using natural ingredients.


16. Don’t sleep with the lights on and save electricity when you can. Take advantage of that fireplace you have – if you have one that is. During the winter months, put on an extra cuddly blanket instead of putting the thermostat to a gazillion degrees (if you live anywhere it is, in fact, cold during the winter times).


17. NO SPEND DAYS are the best days. Try and have at least one no-spend day a week. For this to happen you have to plan ahead and buy in bulks.


18. With all these try 30 days for free memberships around the web, make sure you cancel any that you are NOT using. Tip: add an alert to your calendar so you know when the 30 days free trial is up, so the companies don’t charge you IF you do not wish to continue with the membership.


19. Cut the cable bill. Most TV shows can be accessed through the WWW (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and the list goes on) – so there is really no need to pay for cable unless you really really just can’t get enough of Good Morning America. 🙂


20. Honey – the Google chrome extensions that pop up whenever coupons are available to things you are drooling over on the internet. Sweet deal and totally free.



Hopefully, this list will help you out and make your life a little easier it comes to saving money and living frugally. It’s key to a happy life – knowing that you have a buffer account and have money to spend in case of an emergency is super important.

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