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Why I’ve spent over $70 000+ in business (so far) and why investing in your business is a thing 🤑

Ouch. Yowza! I know what you’re thinking. $70 000 is a lot of money. But the truth? I was happy to spend it. Why? Let’s talk about it and why investing in your business might be thing you’ll want to consider if you plan on leaving your 9-5, entering freedom and creating that dream life […]

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Welcome to the blog dreamer!

On the blog you'll find content designed to uplevel your dream business, mindset so you can shine online and chase your dreams. I believe running an online biz (especially as an introvert) goes hand in hand with mindset and working on your personal development. 

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hints you're ready to start your blog today

On the fence about starting a blog? I’ve got you, dreamer. If you resonate with any of the statements below, I personally welcome you to join my FREE Start Your Dream Blog Challenge for introverts.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or not – everyone has a chance at blogging if you’re willing to put […]

9 Hints You’re Ready To Start A Blog Today

Start Your Blog

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How to start a blog for beginners

Welcome to my complete guide on how to start a blog for beginners – the easiest way possible. This post may be long but it will literally take you under one hour to do this.  We’ll cover all the basics and I’ll guide you through every step you need to take in order to successfully […]

How To Start A Blog For Beginners, A Step By Step Guide

Start Your Blog

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