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Why I’ve spent over $70 000+ in business (so far) and why investing in your business is a thing 🤑

November 9, 2022

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Ouch. Yowza!

I know what you’re thinking.

$70 000 is a lot of money.

But the truth? I was happy to spend it.

Why? Let’s talk about it and why investing in your business might be thing you’ll want to consider if you plan on leaving your 9-5, entering freedom and creating that dream life that’s currently on your Pinterest vision board.

Let’s get into it!








I’ve been invested since day 1

I knew I was all in.

I wanted to make this dream of mine my full-time job so that I could quit my 9-5 and become totally free.

To do that I knew that I had to invest – not only in my business but in my own personal growth.

I mean I was serious about taking the leap from my 9-5 and creating my dream life.

When I spent money, things got even MORE serious.

It’s that whole saying “you gotta spend money to make money.”

Now I don’t 100% agree with this. I think you can make money without investing a whole lot, but I wanted to grow quickly, and to do that, I think investing is necessary. 

Money speeds up the process.

If you can invest time + money you’re going to grow faster than someone who is not willing to invest anything at all.



I treated my business as if it were the vehicle to my dreams

Some people tell you to treat your business like your baby.

Me? Not so much.

But you will want to treat your business like the most precious thing that’s going to open the secret Narnia gates to your dream life.

  • The life where you don’t have 9-5.
  • The life where you’re your own boss.
  • The life where you own your time, money, and energy.
  • The life where you create for a living.
  • The life where you get to cozy it up on a Thursday afternoon and watch Grey’s Anatomy in the middle of the day, because why not?
  • The life where you are FREE.

That’s how I treated my business from the get-go.

It was about trusting myself, believing in my dreams, and my own commitment to them. 

And the way I had my own back and showed up for my dreams was to go all in and invest in the tools, resources, and programs I needed to get to the wonderful land of Narnia more quickly.

It’s about making your business and your DREAMS your priority. 


investing in your business


When I started my secret blog here’s what I invested in:

Since then I have just increased my investments and I’m happy to pay.


I realized that at every new “level” that I have gotten to in business, there’s another level and energy of investing.

When you’re met with new challenges and problems to solve, and new skill sets you want to develop,  it’ll require a different type of investment.



Investing in your business is magic ✨

I’ve also worked a lot on my money mindset in these last 4 years of business.

As I made more money and became more abundant in spending my money, I was happy to do so.

My relationship with money had changed for the better. I saw the effects that spending money had on my personal AND business growth.

There’s a direct correlation between how much money I spend and how much money I made. The more I spent, the more money I made. Weird huh?

There’s a little bit of magic that happens when you invest.

When you invest, you really invest. Because you are quite literally INVESTED.



When we pay we move

This is why premium prices for both courses and coaching get people results.

People have invested with their hearts, their souls, and their pockets.

They are more likely to take action and get results and NOT give up because of it.

They have actual SKIN in the game. 

And they want to make sure their money is well spent and worth it.

So naturally, people will get results. 

This is why I don’t just go to Google for information.

Because let’s face it, all the information is already out there.

But people (myself included) still invest in courses, memberships, and coaching because we want to learn this information from a specific person with specific results – results we dream of ourselves. 

Every time I invest in my business, I’ve reaped the rewards tenfold. 

Isn’t it funny how little we value FREE things when we REALLY think about it?

Just think of all the freebies you’ve downloaded over the years and how many you actually read and took action on.

I’ve collected my fair share of freebies over the years, and I can honestly say, with a little bit of embarrassment that I haven’t gone through and implemented ANY of them. 


The transformation is in the transaction. 

When we pay, we move. 

The energy of investing is MAGIC. I can’t explain it. I don’t have the science.

  • You show up differently.
  • You take massive action.
  • You get results.
  • It’s magic. ✨



To me investing in my business is a non-negotioable

Are you making moves? Are you expanding? Are you investing in your dreams? 🥰

I’m totally NOT saying you have to spend money to make money, just want to share my own experience with investing, and to me, it’s pure magic but also a necessity for major growth.

To me, investing in myself and my biz growth is non-negotiable. 💰

I’m always expanding, upleveling, learning, and moving. I need to. It’s my responsibility as a coach. 

If I’m not consistently growing and investing in myself, how can I expect people to invest in me?

I hired my first business coach in 2021. This had been to this date my biggest investment in my business. 

Her coaching package cost me $12 500.

Although I hesitated (due to the price) I knew that it was time, I knew I wanted to work with this person because she HAD the results I wanted for my own business.

Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve had the results I had this year if I had not taken the plunge and invested so much into making my dreams a reality. 

When you invest, you truly invest.

What I mean is, you’re going to be more inspired to show up more, have more creative ideas, and be motivated to take action on your dreams.

From the motivation and action-taking that came from me spending all of this money, I was able to make that money back in 1 and a half months!



Consider Y-O-U

Now I’m of course not saying spend money that you don’t have, that would be an oh-so-silly move.

When it comes to investing in your business, you of course want to do your research and ask yourself do I need this? Will it save me time? Save me stress? And move me closer to my goals? Does it make sense for my business and the dreams I have for it? 

If yes, and you have the money to do so, then invest. In whatever it may be, a course, coach, tool, program, membership etc.

But you of course want to consider where you are at with your business and what you actually need at this point in time. 

You always want to consider your personal business dreams, and what you most need support with right NOW.

What’s going to help you get to that next level in business? A course? A tool? A mentor? What skill are you looking to adopt and get awesome at? Copywriting? Graphic design? Email marketing? Selling?

And who are you as a person?

Are you an intuitive buyer who goes all in or do you prefer to take baby steps, particularly when it comes to spending money?

I definitely don’t want you to go all in on all the things, just because I did it that way.

Really acknowledge who you are at your core and what you need. Maybe you don’t need all the things right now and you just need the bare minimum to get started.

That’s fine! 

This is how I’ve approached investing from the get-go. I didn’t just invest to invest (because then maybe I’ll make my investment back) but I did the research, I made sure it was something that was going to move the needle forward for my business and it was worth it.

There’s not a single investment I regret, now of course there might have been courses here and there that didn’t deliver or I wasn’t super happy about, but there’s always something I take with me and learn from all of my investment experiences.



Investing both internally and externally

Investing in your own personal growth is the greatest you can make, whether this means working with a mindset coach, taking a new dance class or stacking up on personal development books. 

Spending money and time on yourself has the greatest return on investment.

I’d say this is way more imoprant than only investing externally (tools, programs and other business expenses).

It doesn’t even have to be money-related, it could be taking half an hour for yourself in the morning, evening, or the middle of the day.

When you’re in the right headspace and feel good, the business stuff, creating content, selling, and showing up becomes easier.

And you’ll be able to navigate through any bumpiness (aka challenges, obstacles that may come your way) with more ease and peace of mind.

After all, YOU are the most important asset in your business, so you gotta take care of that sweet baby.

Become the example of what you’re wanting to create.

If you don’t invest in yourself, how can you expect your clients to invest in you as a coach or in your courses and what you have to offer?

Eeek. I know. But by you becoming the example, you’re also proving to yourself that investing is safe.

By enrolling in courses, joining memberships, and hiring coaches you’re also narrowing your online sphere and putting yourself into “online rooms” with like-minded people – and who knows what that can lead to?

Most of my relationships have come through my own investments (membership communities, mastermind groups, and private mentoring).



You have to believe in yourself

So the question is, are you ready to invest? Are you ready to finally go all in on your dreams so you can move your butt closer to the freedom lifestyle?

The freedom lifestyle awaits and guess what? It begins with you believing you can do it.

You have to believe in YOU, and your ability to make your investment back tenfold

Until next time! Tata! 😍




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