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How to create and launch an offer (that actually sells) 🤔

November 16, 2022

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How do you create an irresistible offer that ACTUALLY sells? In fact, what is an offer?

In this episode, I’m breaking down how to create a new offer, how to sell an offer, and what you need to think about when it comes to pricing and launching your amazing new offer to the world.

We are going through it all! ⚡️💸








What is a signature offer?

It’s all about the transformation.

It’s not about the product itself.

It’s really ALL about getting your customers results.

Your offer is the roadmap TO that transformation. 

People don’t buy the offer, they’re buying the TRANSFORMATION. 

That’s what they are investing in and that’s what you’re selling.

More on this in a bit!


how to create and sell an offer


The ingredients of an amazing offer

In order to create and launch an amazing offer that people are going to absolutely love to invest in, the focus of your marketing should be on the transformation itself. 

Not the amount of modules.

Not the amount of bonuses or calls.

The features don’t matter as much as the transformation.

The end goal is the result your audience is willing to pay for.

It needs to be VALUABLE. 

Value means that it saves people time, energy, and effort.

The value of your offer (the transformation they can expect to experience) far exceeds the money and effort it requires from your customer.

Your audience needs to see the value in your offer.

That’s why they buy, not because they get access to 100 hours of bonus material, but because they so deeply see the value in the transformation.

This is why the price is irrelevant. 



When you’re pricing your offer, you want to consider a couple of things:

  • How valuable is the outcome/transformation? What is this transformation worth?
  • Your audience. Are they college students or are they in a 9-5? Do they have money to invest?
  • The cost of not investing in your offer
  • Don’t price according to the length of the offer
  • Consider your own position in the market. Do you want to be more high-end or accessible?
  • You can always go up when it comes to pricing it’s way harder to go down.



Solve ONE specific problem

The main ingredient of your signature offer should be VALUE, the next ingredient is that it should ideally solve ONE very specific problem.

This is where I still believe in niching – when it comes to creating and launching products.

The more specific you are about the result your offer provides, the better and easier it will be to communicate the value.

And you won’t be all wishy-washy in the marketing of your offer.

The more specific your offer is, the better you’ll be able to communicate the transformation, and the benefits and connect to the pain points your audience is currently dealing with.

A confused buyer never buys, so we want to be crystal clear (aka not vague or broad) on the problem you will be solving and the value your offer provides (the transformation).

Think about the problem your DREAM audience is experiencing. 

  • Poll your audience.
  • Talk to them.
  • Research.
  • See what else is out there.

If someone else has created an offer similar to what you want to create…BINGO!

No need to compare yourself because you just validated your offer idea.

It means there’s demand for the offer you want to create (the transformation + people want that problem solved).

Everyone has something to teach, and a problem they can solve for their audience.

And you’re going to do it in your own unique way. 

The more specific the better.

If you add a timeframe that you can get behind, even better! A big reason why people spend money is to save time, so if you can communicate that in the title or headline of your offer – bingo! Again! 😍

Your offer is the link between how they currently feel and how they want to feel, between point A and point B, and between problem and desire.



What type of offer to create

There are so many options out there for offers you can create. ✨

It ultimately comes down to what feels the most exciting for you to create but also the package that you think would help get your audience the best results from your offer.

Because remember, that’s the goal – getting your students and clients results.

You can create:

  • Ebooks
  • Online course
  • Group coaching program
  • Membership
  • Physical product
  • Done-for-you service
  • 1:1 mentorship
  • Masterclasses

The list goes on.

When choosing a type of offer, consider your own financial goals, your personality, your dream lifestyle, and the dream vision you have for your business (in addition to your own excitement + audience).

  • Is passive income more your thing and does the idea of coaching people 1:1 drains you? Online courses or ebooks are the way to go.
  • Do you love coaching people, having conversations, and do you thrive in groups? Group coaching.
  • Is your goal to bring people together? Membership.
  • Do you prefer a one-to-one experience? 1:1 mentorship.



Launching your offer

Simply put launching is just going out there and talking about your amazing offer! ⚡️

Launching is all about communicating the value of your offer, the problem it solves, and the benefits.

There are lots of different ways you can go about launching.

There’s not one way to go about launching the right way.

Launching doesn’t have to be this overwhelming and complicated thing.

Ways to launch your offer:

  • Live launch – host a webinar, challenge, or video series
  • Social media launch – Instagram stories, Instagram lives, and good old content marketing
  • Email marketing launch – send a series of promo emails to your list
  • Subtle launch – making it available on your website with a simple call to action (and reminding people it’s available)



Focus on one offer in the beginning

Give your offer time to work and develop.

I see so many people give up before they’ve even officially launched their first offer because they get in their heads and think that people won’t buy.

Or, they give up because no one bought it during the first day of their launch.

The truth is, your first launch and offer might totally flop. And that’s completely okay! And dare I say… normal? 

You want to give your offer time to literally BLOOM, and you also want to give your audience time to learn about the benefits of enrolling or buying your thing. 

Don’t hand in the towel right away my love! Keep the fate! 😎

You can of course create as many products as you want, but stick with your first offer long enough to gain the proper experience and learn the lessons that came with it.

Especially if your first offer is on a topic or solves a problem that you’re really passionate about and you KNOW your audience needs.

Speak to your audience about why they potentially did not decide to invest, so you can learn and tweak your offer accordingly.



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Love and appreciate you.

Until next time! Tata! 🥰




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