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How to quit your 9-5 and start your DREAM business 😍

November 2, 2022

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Welcome back to the SDAD podcast slash YouTube show.

My gosh, we have an exciting topic on the agenda for today’s episode… all about what it really takes to be able to take that leap and quit your sucky and socially draining 9-5.

That’s right we are going to get into it. 

I’m going to be sharing some mindset tips and strategies that you can implement into your life pronto so that you can start the oh-so-very exciting process of handing in your two weeks’ notice.








The first step you need to take to quit your 9-5

The first step you need to take when it comes to quitting your j-o-b is actually a mindset shift that I’d like for you to explore before you make ANY sudden movements. 

And I have one question for you…

Can you love on your 9-5 for the time being? Just for a few more months? Can you appreciate it, love it and be grateful for it?

I know you’re like, “Mia, what the heck, teach me how to quit my job, not to love on it! I hate it.”

I know. It sucks. You’re working for someone else’s dreams to come true (aka your boss, or whoever owns the company you work for). You’re ready to pursue your dreams. 

I hear you, loud and clear. But the reason I want you to appreciate your 9-5, FOR THE TIME being, is because it’s ultimately what’s allowing you to go head first for the cozy pajama lifestyle in the first place, allowing you to invest in your dream business – signing up for hosting, buying your domain, enrolling in courses, hiring a coach so on and so forth.

I know it’s not super fun or super easy to appreciate and love on your 9-5 when you desperately want to walk into your boss’ office and be like… “well I’m out of here!”

But if you can find it within you to be grateful for what your 9-5 is allowing you to pursue, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to show up, create and sell from abundance.

Because walking around filled with so much resentment that you feel you’re going to literally explode does nothing for you, and it especially won’t serve you when it comes to showing up online and creating content for your audience aka growing your business SO that you can eventually leave.

  • Because you ARE going to leave.
  • That’s the plan.
  • That’s the goal.
  • That’s what’s happening. 

You want to be in the right headspace while you chase your beautiful dreams and for your energy to reflect what you want to create, not what you’re currently battling.

Energetics is everything in business. It’s why people follow, why people buy, and why businesses built around a personal brand succeed (or not succeed). 

So you want to do what you can to take action from a good place, not from the “oh man I just want to get out of here so I can do this full-time” place. Because that place is filled with negative juju. 

  • Scarcity.
  • Fear.
  • Lack.
  • Ew. 

And that my lovely friend, ain’t a vibe.



how to quit your 9-5



The second step to quitting your 9-5

You now need to learn how to manage your time while juggling your dream business and a 9-5.

Now that you’ve made your peace with the fact that your 9-5 is sort of the catalyst to your 5K months, you need to learn to juggle the two and make time for your dream life to be realized (your dream business).

The more time and money you are able to invest, the faster you will grow. It’s the truth.

So now that you have money to invest (your sweet 9-5), how can you make more time?

Here’s a list of things I did in order to have more time to work on my dream business:

  1. Became a queen-ish at productivity and planning
  2. I pursued imbalance for a period of time
  3. Woke up 2 hours earlier than usual & cozied it up (worked on my dream business)
  4. Embraced little pockets of time



Here’s your next exercise and official action step that I want you to take:

I’d like you to audit how you spend your time in a week.

How DO you spend the 24 hours you’re given in a day?

You don’t need to spend hours on your business to see progress.

If you can give your dream 20 minutes per day (and that’s all you have), that’s enough.

You just want to be very intentional about how you DO spend that time.

20 minutes is enough time…

  • To sign up for Instagram
  • To draft your podcast show idea
  • To write one caption
  • To decide on your brand colors (I’m serious lol)
  • To brainstorm your course topic
  • To research your niche and come up with at least 5 content ideas

The list goes on, there’s a lot you can do in 20 minutes.

When you audit how you spend your time, also make a note of your energy levels at specific times of the day. 

Maybe you’re more creative and energized in the morning? Evening? Middle of the day? This is especially helpful to know as introverts. 

Our energy is everything and to make the absolute most out of the time you DO set aside for your dream business, actually having the energy to show up and create is really key.



Finally, create your official 9-5 escape plan.

Your escape plan will consist of the following (this is something I dive much deeper into in my group coaching program, you can sign up for the waitlist here).

  • Your driving force (dream vision, why, your goals)
  • Business foundations (your audience, niche and message)
  • Your financial runway (have 3 months of expenses saved up)
  • It’s GO time!

Until next time! Tata! 😍



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