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The biggest mindset blocks holding people back in business 🥹

October 26, 2022


goals vs intentions

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In today’s episode, we’re going to get deep for a minute as I go through the most common mindset blocks that get in the way of aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to create a dreamy life for themselves (aka quit their 9-5, embrace freedom and get everything they’ve ever wanted in life).

Not only that, but I also bust these limiting beliefs one by one, so that you can, in fact, start moving your cute behind closer to YOUR dream life.

There’s no reason why you can’t have it all.

Even as an introvert.

Even as the amazing human that you are.

You can have it all. Let’s talk about it! 💗







Why most people fail

This stuff really needs to be talked about. 

Why people don’t succeed.

Why people give up.

Why some people… don’t even start.

It’s all living up and hanging out in our heads.

Because your heart knows she’s meant for the cozy pajama lifestyle, for freedom, for impact and to create something SO incredible in this world.

It’s our heads that get in our way.

Our mindsets.

Our in-no-way-supportive thoughts.

Or in other words, and as mindset experts will call ‘em, our limiting beliefs.

If you feel called out or seen in any of these statements, I invite you to explore the thought more deeply.

Bring out your magnifying glass and really take a look at your thoughts, questioning them – why do I think this way?


goals vs intentions


Why this inner work is needed

If you don’t actively do your best to work through the shitty thoughts that somehow get through the old system, you’re taking the long route to your dream destination, if you even get there at all.

I don’t mean to sound like a total party pooper here, but I really believe this to be true. 

Building an incredible online business consists of the following:

  • 20% strategy
  • 80% mindset work

Tony Robbins said this once and it has stuck with me ever since because it also birthed so much of the work I work on not only myself but also my clients and students.

Actually, let’s make it 15% strategy and 85% mindset. That is the official equation when it comes to having success online. 

The strategies, the how-tos, the tips, and tricks will not work if you don’t have a mindset that actually supports your growth, your success, and your ability to take action.

Taking action literally won’t happen if you ain’t got your mindset on board. 

When I think back to my early days in business, and why it took me so long to come out of hiding, to show my face, to show up as me… it was all a mindset thing. I did not believe in myself, I had my inner mean girl feeding me lies about what was and wasn’t possible for me. 

And the only mistake I made was that I believed her.

If you don’t believe in yourself and believe that you can build a successful online business as an introvert, you simply won’t.

This is why we need to bring all of this up to the surface.

What lies are your inner mean girl feeding YOU? And how can we find evidence that proves the opposite as true?

The results of NOT doing this work are going to affect:

  • Your confidence to create and show up online
  • Your ability to sell
  • Your ability to promote your content and products
  • Your ability to share your story
  • Your ability to bring your dream vision to life


The most common limiting beliefs out there 👇


1. “What will they think of me?” 

Uh. This one held me back from fully stepping into the person I wanted to be for so long.

3 years to be exact.

The truth is, when you’re worried about other people’s judgments of you, you’re actually, at that very moment, the one who’s judging.

You’re making an assumption that this person or people are judging you. I know, so freaking meta. But we need to stop the judginess all around. 

How often have you spent time on social media and had this thought “who does she think she is?”

I’m going to make a guess and say close to 0. 

Right? People generally don’t think that about other people they see on social media.

People are selfish – in the best way possible. They just don’t care as much as you do about the fact that you said the wrong thing in that blog post or YouTube video, they especially don’t care about the fact that you decided to start a business and create an amazing life for yourself. 

More often than not, they’re probably just thinking “wow, she has the guts to actually pursue her dreams, I wish I could do that!” 

You’re more likely to inspire than to trigger a negative reaction. 

Even if someone decides to leave a mean comment or think a thought about you doing big things in the world, that’s on them, that’s them portraying their insecurities onto you. 

The time we have on this weird planet earth IS so limited, why waste it on thinking what other people may or may NOT be thinking about us? 

I honestly wish I would’ve listened to my own advice sooner, I get it, it’s hard.

It’s hard to put yourself out there, and share with the world that you’re now a person who goes head first for her dreams. 

But you’re going to find that, while it may be a big step for you to take, it’s going to be quite an anti-climax when you discover that people didn’t even notice – they never notice, they never care as much as we think they will.

Keep the focus on YOU, not everybody else.

Because guess what? Everybody else is focusing on themselves too. 



2. “What if it doesn’t work out?” 

Ahhh the old fear of failure.

But I’ve got a spoiler alert for you: Yes, you are going to fail. You are going to fail at the little things on your way to success. 

Failure is a GOOD thing! It means you’re expanding, you’re learning and you’re on your way. 

The only true failure is actually handing in the towel and officially giving up on your dreams. 

Having fear around “what if this doesn’t work out?” is NORMAL.

I have these thoughts at least once a week (I mean if I had a nickel…lol).



3. “What if it works out and people don’t like who I become in the process”

Fear of success.

Fear of what it will do to your relationships and how it will affect people’s perceptions of you.

Fear of realizing all your beautiful dreams.

Fear of losing yourself.

Fear of criticism.

Fear of the spotlight and being seen.

This might sound silly, but having a fear of success is actually more common than you might think.

Though most people are not consciously aware of this type of limiting belief.

It’s like it’s hiding and it’s totally messing with us leading us to self-sabotage amazing opportunities.

If this resonates and it’s a belief that you’re currently holding onto… it’s time to let it go. 



4. “Who am I to do this? I’m not interesting or good enough to pursue my dreams” 

Imposter syndrome is also a good thing!

It just means that you’re doing something that’s new to your brain, you’re challenging yourself, and you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. 

It doesn’t mean that you’re a fraud or not cut out for this, it just means it’s new and you haven’t done it before.

Meet imposter syndrome with curiosity instead of fear.

Huh, I haven’t done this before, but I’m sure I can figure it out. Everyone starts somewhere right?!

That is the vibe!! ✨

And here’s the thing that I want you to remember, forever and always. 👇

The idea of starting an online business wouldn’t have been planted in you if you didn’t on some level believe you could do it.

You’re reading this for a reason and you’re Googling “how to start a business and make money online” for a reason. 

That is a valid enough reason to KEEP going.



5. “It’s all been done before, what’s the point?”

Yes, the information is out there.

Yes, there is an actual pool of content creators and entrepreneurs.

Yes, it’s probably been done before.

But it hasn’t been done by you.

There’s no one out there like you – with your unique perspective, story, opinions, and life experiences – no one. 

You are going to resonate with people who see themselves in your story.

There’s room for you and there’s enough money, enough potential followers, and audiences for everyone to go around. 

And hey, if you see someone creating content about the same things you want to be creating content on, BINGO! It means your business idea is validated.

Competition is a good thing.

Embrace it.

Your people are out there waiting for you to speak up and share your amazingness with the world. 



6. “Selling is scary and sleazy and people won’t buy”

This belief is most likely going to be rooted in your own limiting beliefs when it comes to money.

Maybe you view money as evil?

Maybe you, yourself, have been in situations before where you had a very negative sales experience.

I want you to remember that selling is just an invitation.

It is just an invitation from you to your audience, inviting them to join the party and get an IMMENSE value for their money.

People understand that you have to sell. You are a business. You’re not just doing this as a hobby. Selling can be fun! It can also be done in a non-sleazy way, and I don’t think you and car salesman have anything in common, whatsoever.

That is just my personal belief. 😂

You have to believe that what you have to offer is valuable.

That is why people buy.

Because they so deeply see the value in what you have created, and for that reason, they are going to buy. 

Like with confidence, selling does get easier the more you do it. 

To make money online, we gotta sell, there’s really no way around it, but there are ways you can sell that actually make people throw their money after you (yes seriously).



7. “This is TOO hard and the tech stuff is TOO overwhelming – I am out!” 

It’s not too hard.

It’s your mindset that’s off.

Business is simple.

 We overcomplicate everything WITH our thoughts.

Starting a business is a circumstance.

The tech aspect of starting a business is just a fact.

It’s your thoughts about that circumstance or fact that determines how hard starting a business will be for you. 🤯

The tech issue is… Well, a Google or a support ticket away.



Self-sabotaging behaviors

All of these silly thoughts are self-sabotaging behaviors.

You’re holding yourself back from taking the action you need to get the results you’re dreaming of, from making progress on your goals and your dream vision.  

This fear (aka the silliness) that you’re holding on to isn’t doing you any favors, whatsoever.

Remember the strategies are simple, you are the one who’s making it hard on yourself.

I know I know, this might sound a bit harsh but the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can do something about it. 

I’m hoping that, after having gone through all of these reasons why you’re not taking action, you’re perhaps gaining a little bit of clarity around what your personal blocks are when it comes to starting your DREAMY af business. ✨

Knowing what your personal blocks are will set you free (and gaining this awareness is the start of change).

When you know what it is that you have to work through, it’s a lot easier to actually do this inner work because you have a starting point.



Before you go

Just because you feel this way, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Just because you have a BS thought about yourself, doesn’t mean that it’s true.

It’s just your inner Mean Girl, your inner Regina George, trying to convince you that you can’t do something (*ahem* start a wildly successful business).

But she’s lying straight to your face. 

Promise me, that from here on out, when these thoughts bubble up for you, pause, question, and know that just because you are thinking it, does not make it true, it does not mean anything about you or your capability of having success in business.

It’s just a thought.

You have the power to give this thought meaning or not.

And why would you give this killjoy of a thought meaning? That’d be a silly move! 😅

I think it’s also important to note that you’re not just having these silly thoughts because you’re NEW to business, you’re having these thoughts because you are HUMAN. 

There is no one out there, it doesn’t matter HOW successful they may be, that has it all figured out and has never had an inkling of a limiting belief swirling around in their head.

New level, new devil. 👿

There’s always going to be something to work through and navigate.

It’s completely NORMAL behavior to question yourself, no matter how weird that sounds.

It’s our safety mechanism, created by and for us to survive. Our brains like it when we play it safe, when we don’t take big risks – like starting something spectacular online, our brains DIG when we hang out in our comfort zones 24/7.

But what fun is THAT?! Hanging out in our comfort zones all day err day is bound to get super boring and you actually run the risk of NOT getting everything you ever wanted.

And who wants that eh? 🥰



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