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Building a business does not have to be intimidating or overwhelming – quite the opposite 🥰

October 12, 2022

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Welcome back to the SDAD show. ✨🫶

Today I want to have an honest chat about how cool building a business really is, and it can in fact be the opposite of intimating, overwhelming and OVERcomplicated…as some marketers out there seem to propose.

I can be quite fun, simple, and the coolest thing in the world. 😍

Especially for introverts, but in fact, for all people. 








Man, I love the internet

How freaking cool is it that we can start businesses from literally our phones?

Ya don’t have to spend millions of dollars on renting a location, on inventory, and posting and packaging products (as long as your biz is strictly digital that is).

There are actually really low start-up costs when it comes to building an online business and a personal brand these days.

Man, I love the internet, don’t you?

In fact, I honestly feel like we, the introverts of the world and the internet have had a thing going (and kind of been an item no matter how weird that sounds) since like day 1.

Since the Myspace era, since the online diaries.. OMG does anyone remember opendiary.com?

Please say yes and don’t make me feel old. 👵

Expressing our amazing personalities online is a way more comfy way to do it than, let’s say, at an enormous and daunting party where you don’t know anyone.



building a business is simple


The online space is the perfect place for introverts to shine

Online, we are free to shine and be ourselves and it’s the perfect way for us to connect with the world in a way that feels good and aligned for us.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of sparking connections and conversations with like-minded people (read: introverts).

There’s no social pressure, no rush to cough up the perfect come-back to that person you don’t really know who just gave you a snarky comment. It’s heaven on earth for introverted souls.

We love the internet and the internet loves us.

The online space and the introverts… total match made in heaven in my very honest and subjective opinion. 

In fact, if this was Tinder you would totally be swiping right. 😂

So yeah, I can only assume that building an online business is definitely a drool-worthy scenario for many introverts.

Because you can, in fact, influence the World Wide Web with your quietness, and quirks, and move your behind closer to that freedom, cozy vibes, and pajama lifestyle that most introverts are currently drooling after.

A lifestyle consisting of making an impact from your bed, working from your safe space in any piece of clothing you desire (hey, no judgment!), helping others, making massive passive income.


I think starting an entrepreneurial adventure might be the only j-o-b that doesn’t come alongside that gruesome introvert hangover. 



Quiet is the new loud

In case you haven’t heard, quiet is the new loud. I mean, have you ever been in a room with a bunch of people whispering?

Because, man that is loud!

So now that we’ve established just how amazing the entrepreneurial journey and the introverts are… let’s talk about how you can actually start creating, entreprenuring (that’s not a word, but we will go for it) and begin your online business journey in the most fun and the least draining way possible. 🧡



Business is simple

Because business is simple.

What is a business? Well, a business is a problem solver.

That is all.

So all you have to do is solve a problem and you’re good to go and become a millionaire. 🤩

No, but in all seriousness, all businesses do is build an audience and sell them stuff.

In that order.

The audience always comes first, because if you’ve got no one to sell to? Then what? there are those 10K months going to come from?

My point exactly. ✨

So the first thing you want to do is always focus on building your audience, this is something I teach in my course, Her Quiet Influence, but essentially growing your audience should be the first to-do item on your to-do list when you start a business. 

And I know what you might be thinking… but how do I know what problem I want to solve? And how do I get started?



How do you know what problem you want to solve?

The problem your business will solve can be cooked down to what you do and help people with (in other words, your niche). 

To figure out what YOU want to help people with (the problem you want to solve), consider this:

  • Your journey from struggle to transformation (think: your story)
  • Check your search history (these will be clues as to what you’re genuinely interested in and start creating content around that)
  • What do people come to you for advice on? Ask someone you trust and love what they think. Sometimes it might be hard for us to see and notice our own strengths.

The bottom line is you have to be interested in, have passion for, and be borderline obsessed with what you’re going to create content on, aka the problem you will help solve for your audience.

You are in business to solve this problem so ya better enjoy talking about it, researching, reading articles, and getting your freaking nerd on when it comes to this topic.



It’s always okay to pivot

Remember it’s okay to pivot.

So don’t worry that you don’t have the perfect niche figured out from day 1.

I sure as heck didn’t.

I started blogging about all things morning routines and personal development because I was so passionate about it. 

Start with your passion, and let the evolution of your business unfold.

I promise you, it will work out, but you have to start somewhere. 

Start with what you dig and already love to consume from other creators.



Stop questioning your amazing self

Before you start questioning your ability to even start an online business journey online, I want you to remember that your quietness will forever be your superpower.

Oh yes it will!

Remember all those people whispering, so loud it hurts your ears? 

Quiet is the new loud.

I know it can feel a little bit overwhelming and intimidating when there’s an actual sea of content creators and influencers already out there, and they all seem to be confidently extroverted. 

Yes, there is competition, and yes there are other people out there who are already speaking about the things that you want to be speaking about. 

Incoming cheesiness: There’s only one you.

There are people out there waiting for you to share your story in the only way that you can.

In this day and age of personal branding, creating content, and building a business, the human being behind the content is more important than ever.

Because ultimately, people want to follow people and people connect with people.

Enter your new online endeavors.

There’s room for you too, even though it might feel like a crowded space, it’s a space that was perfectly designed for you to thrive in.



Create From Your Heart

It’s simple, you create from your heart, and you help other people get results – that’s all a business does.

Focus on creating to help and you my friend have got this! 🥰

This is where you start. 

Create. From. Your. Heart.

Or to quote Joey Tribbiani, from your full-sized aortic pump. 😅

As I always say and will continue to say for eternity and beyond….

Quiet people can do amazing things. 

The freedom lifestyle awaits.

The cozy lifestyle awaits.

Better yet, the pajama lifestyle awaits.

I’m right here, cheering you on, forever and always – just like Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.




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