9 Hints You’re Ready To Start A Blog Today

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hints you're ready to start your blog today

On the fence about starting a blog?

I’ve got you, dreamer.

If you resonate with any of the statements below, I personally welcome you to join my FREE Start Your Dream Blog Challenge for introverts. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or not – everyone has a chance at blogging if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. 

And if you’re willing to do that, it can be the best job ever. ✨



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9 Hints You’re Ready To Start A Blog Today:

Let’s get into the 9 different hints you might be ready to start a blog – today. 



1. You Want To Grow

Blogging can and will be one of the most valuable and pivotal personal development journeys you can go on.

There is a reason why I write about personal growth and blogging. 

I know this is true for me and for many of my blogger friends.

I’ve learned so much about myself in the process of running my blogging business. 

After all, I’m still a one-woman show and do it all myself: I’m both the technician, visionary and the entrepreneur behind She Dreams All Day.

There’s so much that goes into blogging:

  • You’ll need to get tech-savvy and learn all the technical aspects of running a business online.
  • You’ll learn a bunch in your research when creating content (your niche).
  • Your creativity will blossom and your writing skills will improve. 
  • You’ll turn into an online marketing guru and learn all there is about email marketing and promoting your blog.
  • And. so. much. more.

As a result of all this new knowledge, you cannot help but to grow and evolve so as a person.

Since I started my journey with blogging, I’ve learned so much – I mean it’s even overwhelming for me to put it into words.

So, I’ll just say that it’s pretty amazing.



2. You Want Freedom

With running a blogging business comes freedom. 

  • Freedom from having to clock in the daily hours for your boss.
  • Freedom to spend your time how you want.
  • Freedom to be location-independent.
  • Freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Freedom to create.


This is probably what most (if not all) bloggers aim for with their businesses.

I certainly know the idea of freedom sparked something in me when I first started my blog.

Blogging can give you the opportunity to create this freedom if you stay consistent and keep on keeping on with your blog.

The key is to never quit. 



3. You Want To Leave Your 9-5

Turning your blog into your full-time job is a dream for many, including myself. 

If you’re ready for a new chapter, become your own boss and run the show your way?

Start a blog and take the leap (when you’re ready of course).



4. You Want To Create Something Extraordinary For Yourself

This is the very reason I started my blog.

It’s a sentence that I continue to reference and even did so in my very first blog post (I think) and on my about page

Creating something just for yourself that has the potential to turn into an online empire is exciting.

If you’re like me and you want to make a dent in this crazy world that we live in – start your dream blog.

I promise you, I’m no unicorn.

If I can do it, so can you. 



5. You Want To Make A Difference & Help Others

You’re a server.

You intuitive, you know and can read people. 

You have an urge to help and serve everyone around you. 

You want to make a difference in other people’s lives.

The thing about blogging is…

It’s not about you, at all.

Yes, you’ll be making money and living a pretty sweet life, but the true business of blogging all comes down to the community, serving your audience and solving their problems. 

You have the opportunity to make such an amazing impact as an online business owner and the potential reach you have with your content is limitless.

You’ve got the whole world to serve and that’s pretty wonderful to think about. 



hints you're ready to start your blog today

Busy bee? Pin this article for later.



6. You Crave Connection

Blogging is great because it lets you connect with people who are into the same topics as you.

With your content, you’ll attract people with the same interests.

You can also connect with like-minded bloggers who get and understand what you’re going through as a blogger and an entrepreneur. 

Blogging can be a lonely business to be in, so having people in your life who “get it” – like other bloggers, is so valuable. 

If connection and community are important to you, starting a blog will provide that for you. 

I’ve met so many amazing people online and offline through blogging (mostly online though which the introvert in me is totally cool with).

However, I’m hoping to be able to go to a couple of business and blogging conferences later this year.

And my dreamer community continues to grow every single day, which I am thrilled about and thankful for.

In fact, why don’t you join us? ✨



7. You’re Curious

Are you curious about the future?

Curiosity is something that continues to drive me and my blogging business forward.

I’m curious about all the possibilities in this online space, curious about what’s next and the opportunities that will unfold if I just keep going. 

As a blogger and an online business owner, my curiously is never-ending and it will never fade away.

Ask yourself:

Well, what if I start a blog? What could be possible for me then? 

Stay curious and then go for it. 



8. You Have A Lot On Your Mind

Is your mind constantly flooded with creative ideas, thoughts, and daydreams?

Well, welcome to the club. ✨

Blogging is the ultimate creative outlet.

If you’re a creative person like myself, I can think of no better way to express my creativity to the world than through blogging. 

As an added bonus, you’re creating something meaningful and helping other dreamers in the process. 



9. You’ Know You’re Meant For More

Lastly, you do know that you’re meant for more than the cubicle life, right?

You’re meant for so. much. more.

We all are. 

Start your new dream blog today and join the FREE challenge below.

Have you started your blog yet?

Let me know where you’re at in your blogging journey in the comments below. 👇

P.s. Join my FREE blogging course for introverts!

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  1. Hi Mia!

    Thank you for sharing so much great insight into blogging, purpose and how we can help people and develop meaningful connections and friendships.

    No 5 resonates with me so much, especially, “You’ve got the whole world to serve and that’s pretty wonderful to think about. ”

    Interesting posts and looking forward to learn more from you.

    1. Mia

      THank you so much Emilia! Appreciate you <3!

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