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Why Blogging Is The Perfect Job For Introverts

February 2, 2020

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I see you.

You’re a true dreamer and naturally dream big.

Though you’re not a social butterfly, you’d rather spend your evenings by yourself and a cup of tea, you’re all about quality over quantity when it comes to people in your life and you recharge your batteries with peace, quiet and alone time.

Sound familiar?

Hey, I’m the exact same way. 

But the truth is, many successful online bloggers were and still are introverts.

Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post for example.

Amy Porterfield is also an introvert and one of the true queens when it comes to online marketing. 

Both introverts, both online creators, both millionaires. 

Quiet people are capable of doing amazing things.

We tend to be more creative, intuitive and best of all, we have the wisdom to share and know what we want to create in this world. 

In my opinion, having an introverted personality is a true gift, especially when it comes to starting an online blogging business. 



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For all my visual learners, here’s the YouTube video for ya. 



Blogging As An Introvert

Gaining online confidence is not just a job for the extroverts.

In fact, it’s the perfect job for introverts and dreamers like you and me. 

  • No colleagues – unless you decide to hire a virtual assistant at some point down the line.
  • No boss – when you turn it into a full-time gig and become your own boss. 

You can work from home and make sure your social energy is spread nicely throughout your day because everything is ultimately all up to you. 

You have the time and space to write and impact people, all the while earning good money online. 

The true dream, right? 

While you might experience slight anxiety symptoms from the thought of speaking at a stage, sharing your ideas and voice online is a whole other spectrum (and not as scary).

With blogging, you get to make a difference in the world and for other people, and you’ll do all of this from your designated safe space – whether that’s at your local coffee shop, your kitchen table or your bed.

As an introverted blogger, you can speak your mind and express yourself in a unique way. With this, comes confidence. 

By starting a blog, you’ll get to practice your authoritative presence online and give yourself a true confidence boost.

Although it might not be there in the beginning, your confidence will certainly grow with your blog. 

You’re able to channel your inner girl boss without having to speak on stage, get on video or attend social events with the obligatory small talk. 



There’s No Social Pressure

With blogging, there is no social pressure.

Without this pressure, you’ll have time to create and make things happen with your new dream blog. 

Your blog becomes an outlet for you to share, teach and to learn. 

You get to make a difference in the world and on the internet.

The size of the potential audience you can reach with your message is limitless. 



Build Valuable Friendships Online

With a blog, you’ll also have the opportunity to build valuable online friendships with other bloggers who are just as reserved and introverted as yourself.

There’s strength in friendships like these.

By sharing your uniqueness with the world, you’ll attract like-minded individuals who see you and connect with your message. 

Some of my most valuable friendships are with like-minded bloggers, and many of them I’ve yet to meet in person.

We email, skype and keep in touch.

There is never any social pressure.

No pressure to be a certain way because we connect through our content and unique messaging.

Powerful stuff and such a gift.

You can safely network and connect with others through your blog, which is pretty darn cool.



Why blogging is the perfect job for introverts. Blogging as an introvert is possible. Learn how to gain online confidence and start a blog today.

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You Get To Be 100% You

The online space is amazing and can spark so many opportunities. 

It’s a place where you’re completely free to be you. 

Be your wonderfully weird you.

The internet lets you shine as you do on your inside as well as your outside. 



Putting Yourself Out There

I get it.

The internet might seem like a scary place, in the beginning, filled with trolls and meanies.

Remember that you cannot change other people and their opinion of you.

It’s simply impossible.

You’re not going to be for everyone, and that’s okay.

You might as well go for it.

Other people are going to continue to have their opinions and are free to think what they want no matter if you start a blog or not.

You do you, girl. ✨

Part of starting a blog is learning to get comfortable with your online visibility.  

It’s going to be uncomfortable in the beginning – and it is for everyone

The good news is, you don’t have to expose yourself just yet, that is – if you don’t want to. 



Start A Secret Blog

She Dreams All Day started out as a secret blog.

I wanted to be anonymous.

I didn’t know if I was cut out for this blogging thing – at least not in the beginning.

I was scared of what other people would say and think, and I just wasn’t ready to put my name or face on my blog.

When I look back I can see that starting a secret blog out of fear is never the right decision.

However, starting a secret blog as a way to ease into your online visibility is another thing. 

I got over 1 million pageviews my first year blogging, which was at a time when my blog was still partly secret.

It’s all possible folks. 

I do want to say that if you want your blog to become wildly successful, you do eventually have to show up as you and put at least your first name and a photo on the blog.

For your business to exist, you have to exist in it too.

Your audience need to have something and someone to connect with.

While I think it’s perfectly fine to start out anonymous, I do think it’s important to ease your way into online visibility as your blog continues to grow and evolve.

Let it evolve with you. 



Before You Go

You have what it takes. 

I was just like you when I started my blog and still am an introvert at heart.  

If I can start a successful online business, anyone can.

I believe in you.

The only thing that will ever stop you is your own mindset.

Don’t let it. 

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    1. Letitia says:

      I’m the same way! I have tried other business ideas – lash business and online personal training… but I always felt drained because of how much communication there needed to be with clients. I started blogging just over a month ago, and I absolutely love it!!! I feel like introverts have so much to say/offer and it just takes some time to find where you belong 🙂

      Hopefully, one day it’ll be my full-time job too 🙂

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