How To Do A Weekly Review To Boost Productivity

January 26, 2020

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If there’s one thing I don’t miss every week, it’s doing my weekly review.

This is when I carve out an hour of my day to review the ups, downs, small wins, and challenges I meet along the way to reaching my goals.

I highly recommend that you get into the habit of doing a weekly review ASAP.

I can guarantee that it will boost your productivity for the week ahead.

Reflect on and evaluate how you’re currently spending your time. 

By getting intentional and reviewing the past week, you’ll save yourself so. much. time.

From now, take charge of your Sundays so you can make your next week the best week, ever.



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Why Do A Weekly Review

There are so many perks to sitting down and reflecting on how you spent your time in the last 7 days.

Just a heads up…

Doing a proper weekly review is going to make every Sunday feel like January 1st – full of possibilities. 

In other words, you’ll get 52 opportunities to start fresh.

I can’t think of anything better than that.

Your weekly review gives your mind and life a reset. 

It builds momentum for what’s coming, boosts awareness, and is an amazing tool for up-leveling your productivity game. 

You’re the building space you need to notice the patterns that aren’t currently serving you, so you can make the change.

Every time you do your weekly review, you’re essentially hitting the reset button on your life.

This new habit is going to help you stay on track with your goals too.

You’ll hold yourself accountable by making time to check in with yourself and goals. 

  • Are you on track?
  • Do you need to make some sort of change?
  • Is what you’re doing working?

Doing a weekly review will give you clarity and an objective view of your past week, so you can set the right intention for next week and clean out any mental trash and thoughts that aren’t serving you or your dreams.

Convinced to hop on the weekly review train?

Let’s do this. 



When To Do A Weekly Review

I suggest you sit down and do your weekly review whenever it works for your schedule – preferably Sunday or Monday.

I personally love to do my weekly review every Sunday afternoon.

By doing it on a Sunday, you won’t have to deal with the stress of your 9-5 or other obligations, and you’ll most likely have an hour to yourself (hopefully).

Set aside time to do the review and schedule it on your calendar.

Aim to make your weekly review a habit and be consistent with it.

Set aside one full hour for the first few reviews that you do.

It’s probably going to take some time to get into the process and get the hang of your new awesome habit. 



Step 1. Journal It Out

The first thing I do as part of my weekly review is to journal freely for about 15-20 minutes on a blank piece of paper (or in my GoogleDoc for when I  don’t have my journal at-hand).

I write it all out.

All those to-dos that are slowing you down or lurking in the back of your mind. 

By the end of the week, your mind is likely boggling with thoughts and to-dos.

You definitely don’t want to go into the next week with an overwhelmed mind.

Fresh and clean is what we’re aiming for here.  

Don’t put on a filter and let your thoughts run freely onto the page.

Declutter your brain. 

Start the next week with a fresh and newly organized mind. 

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?



Step 2. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a powerful way to get clarity on how the last week unfolded. 

Below are some of my favorite questions that I myself ask every Sunday evening. 

  • What requires my attention next week?
  • What did I spend too much time on this week?
  • Did I take action that aligned with my dreams?
  • What needs to be scheduled?
  • Any unresolved issues? 
  • What needs to be more clear next week?
  • Any obstacles insight for the coming week? 
  • What were my obstacles last week?
  • What went well last week?
  • Any weekly wins?
  • What isn’t working and needs fixing?
  • What have I been procrastinating over?
  • How can I set up the next week for success?

Take some time to go through these questions and really reflect on your answers.

Your answers will act as a guide for when you plan out the next week.  



Step 3. Do The 2-5 Minute Tasks

Are there any minor tasks that will literally take you less than 5 minutes to complete?

Just do them now.

Get them out of the way before the next week begins. 

Include this process in your weekly review and you’re going feel so much more productive.

Because most of the time, we tend to make them up to take longer than they really will. 

As Nike would say…

Just do it.



how to do a weekly review and boost productivity

Pin this article for later.



Step 4. Review Your Calendar

Time to get that calendar out, girl.

Take a good look at it and ask yourself:

Are there any appointments in the next week that need rescheduling?

Check-in with your social activities and confirm they’re still on.

Make sure you’re spending your time effectively and exactly how you want and need to.  



Step 5. Celebrate Your Wins

Time to pop the bubbly or grab your go-to beverage. ✨

Always pay attention to the progress you’re making and never lose sight of what’s going well, whether those wins are big or small.

Never dismiss the little wins along the way.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things we have going on and especially as we’re always so focused on the grand finale, the big picture, and end-destination. 

This is why taking some time to reflect every Sunday is key and very important. 

So, what went well this week, dreamer? 

Celebrate all your little wins on your dream-chasing journey.



Step 6. Check-In With Your Goals

Check-in with your dreams and goals when you do your weekly review. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been living a life in line with your dreams this week?
  • Have your core values been represented in the past week? If so, how? 
  • How have you been chasing your dreams this week?

The things you do daily should reflect your core values and your big picture.

Chase a mini-dream, one day at a time. 

This is so important and I cannot stress this enough.

Be sure that you are always in forward-motion and heading in the right direction.

If not, change course and make adjustments. 



Step 7. Prep & Plan For The Next Week

When you do your weekly review, it’s also a good time to prep for the coming week and scribble down what will be your main focus for the next week. 

Make a note of your top 3 most important tasks for the coming week.

Bring awareness to where you want your attention and focus to be for the next 7 days. 

This is how you properly set the intention and prep your mind for what’s ahead. 

Go into the next week with a dedicated purpose. 

This will make it so much easier to steer your mind in the direction of your goals.



Before You Go

Implement a weekly review to inspire and motivate you to move forward with your goals and increase your awareness of how you’re spending your time. 

This is that it will keep you on track with your goals and dreams in life – and it will help boost your productivity as a whole.

Plus, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you start the new week fresh, with a clear mind and excitement.

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    1. Tanisha Sethi says:

      you are truly amazing ! these tips are so practical and fruitful <3

    2. Tanisha says:

      you are truly amazinggg ! these tips are so practical and fruitful <3

    3. Alexis says:

      I lovvve the idea of a weekly review. I haven’t seen this before! It’s usually quarterly, half or yearly! This is much more powerful! Can’t wait to do it tomorrow!’n

      • Mia says:

        Yay Alexis! I’m so happy you enjoyed the post! I love doing weekly reviews, it’s how I stay on track with my goals!

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