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My BEST business tips for success (for my fellow introverts) 🥰

March 16, 2022

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What better way to celebrate the 10th episode of the SDAD podcast than with 10 business tips for my fellow dreamy introverts?

Today’s episode focuses on actionable business tips and tricks you can immediately implement into your business.

All tried and tested by yours truly, someone who is just a few steps ahead of you!


business tips for success



1. Mindset and self-care

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you.

When creating a business or starting out on your goal, mindset is everything. And I mean, everything. 

If you are not programming your mind for success, or you’re not in the right headspace, it’s not going to happen.

Tony Robbins states that success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset. And I totally agree. 

If I went into my business with limiting beliefs and a whole load of ‘I can’t’ beliefs, what do you think my results would be?

Those beliefs would hold me back from taking action, from making the progress towards my goals.

Gain awareness of what those limiting beliefs are.

Reframe them.

Question them.

Oh, and trust me, whatever they are, they’re BS.

This is something even I still work on. As entrepreneurs, it’s something we will always have to work through and practice. 

When I first started, I gave every minute and hour I could to my online business. Working alongside a 9-5, I left no time to look after myself, resulting in feeling close to burnout.

I sacrificed friendships, relationships, social events, with me eventually coming to a realization that if I kept doing this, I wouldn’t be able to make anything possible at all.

If only I had been practicing the art of self-care. 

Ultimately, if we don’t do this, our business is going to suffer.

I’ve now created a self-care tool kit in my Clickup, which I regularly use to ensure I’m checking in with myself, my mind, body, and soul. 

By doing this, I have more energy and time for my business. 

YOU are the most important asset in your business. Look after yourself!



2. Decide on your dream vision

Ask yourself: why are you starting this business?

What is your dream vision?

What is the goal lifestyle, and what does it look like?

Why do you want those things?

Pin these dreamy images onto a Pinterest board, making sure you represent your long-term results. Envision where you are in 10 years. 

Give yourself a REASON for everything you are doing.

Online entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. It goes up, down, sideways – it’s emotional. 

If you don’t have a why, you’ll find yourself stopping at the first hurdle, struggle or challenge.

Decide on your dream vision, and give yourself that why.



3. Have radical self-belief

Believing in yourself is key to making your dreams a reality. 

Think about it.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? 

It’s not going to happen.

Get into a different headspace.

Tell yourself that your dreams will happen. That it’s a no-brainer that they’re going to come true.

That way, when it happens, it won’t even come as a shock to you. Yes, you’ll be proud of yourself and of your achievements, but it was a no-brainer anyway. You knew you’d get there. 

Believe in yourself, girl.



4. Have a website and blog for your business

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a big advocate for blogging.

I’ve been teaching blogging strategies and running my own for the past few years, and it’s one of the main reasons for where I am today.

If you rely on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok for your business, you don’t own anything.

(I.e. RIP to your business if anything goes wrong.)

Whereas if you purchase a domain, you OWN your content. You own that corner of the internet. No one can take that away from you!

Your website is a place where your audience can learn about you.

You can host a sales page or show important information about your online course. 

Oh, and dedicate a whole page to telling your audience all about you.

(I read somewhere that about pages are the most viewed page on a website globally – people are nosy! Create that valuable relationship with them!)

Running your own website and blog is one of my best business tips for success, and puts you in the right direction straight away.



5. Learn and educate yourself EVERY day

My next business tip for success: become a student in your niche!

Open your mind to learning again.

I make it a habit to learn something new every day.

This way, I always have something new to share with my audience. 

I’ll learn, put my own spin and perspective on it, then share it!

This means every day, I grow as a content creator, realize more valuable information I can share, and more ways I can help my audience. 

Learn every day and educate yourself. 



6. Have an evergreen content strategy

So, what is a content strategy?

With your online business, you need a way for your people to find and build a relationship with you.

Whether this is a podcast, Youtube, Instagram, or Tiktok, you have to start that relationship and build a schedule around new and valuable content. 

I use my Instagram and Tiktok to nurture my relationship with my audience.

Showing my life, my freedom lifestyle, my personality, and making them laugh. 

What is your strategy to attract your audience?

So what is evergreen content?

Content that is always going to be relevant. 

Not content that is only searched for around Christmas time, or tied to current trends. 

Think of evergreen content. Content that will always be searched for. 

Like, how to be more productive. This is always going to bring in traffic. 

Think of your content strategy, and make it evergreen!

best business tips for introverts

Busy bee? Pin this for later.

7. Focus on community

Focus on your people, and the rest will follow.

Don’t rush into monetizing too soon.

Yes, passive income and making money is great. But what needs to come first?


If you don’t have the people, who will be buying your product?

Build your audience. Get to know your audience. Know them better than they know themselves.

Think of their problems, their worries, their fears. Their day-to-day life and struggles.

If you know this, you can make an impact.



8. Set up a passive income stream

Whatever your passive income stream may be (an ebook, download, online course or digital product), it’s an amazing tool to making passive income and monetizing your business. 

It sells on autopilot.

You quite literally make money as you sleep.

It also means you can impact more people, than if you were doing 1:1 work. 

You’ll have more energy and time to show up for your business.

FYI: I’ve gone into the pros of setting up an online course in my podcast episode 8!



9. Be YOU.

(Not the Netflix show You, but y-o-u). 

People follow people. 

If your content isn’t humanized, it’s going to be a slow growth. 

If you show up and connect with your audience, tell the truth, be awkward, be weird, and be wonderfully you, sparks will fly.

People want people!

They don’t want a brand (I mean, how many brands do you avidly follow?)

They want a friend.

Someone to look up to and be inspired by. Whatever you do to connect to your audience, do it. 

And don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Or if you make a mistake talking on camera. They don’t want perfect! They want real, raw, and authentic.

Channel your wonderful self. Set yourself apart. 

You are you, and that’s why people will follow you.



10. Stay curious


My final business tip for success.

Stay curious. More curious than Curious George.

Stay in motion. Keep going, Think about the possibilities.

What would happen if I just kept going? Even for 10 minutes a day?

Successful people hang on when everyone else has let go.

If you keep going, what is possible then? I’ll tell you – anything.

Anything is possible.

Be you, stay curious, and you’re already setting yourself up for success. 

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