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Manifest your dreams and wave buh-bye to limiting beliefs

March 9, 2022

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Join me on today’s podcast with my first ever interview guest, Jaimee Lee White, where we talk all things mindset and manifestation.

We delve into how we, as introverts, can apply her teachings to bust limiting beliefs that hold us back from chasing our dreams of starting something of our own. 


Listen To The Episode:



Jaimee Lee White is an Australian mindset guru who looks at busting our limiting beliefs by manifestation and accessing our superconscious mind.

If you’re finding these words a bit intimidating (like me), the wonderful Jaimee breaks down their meanings into smaller parts.

This means they’ll feel less overwhelming, and easier for you to implement in your life and business. 

So you can spread your amazingness and build your dream audience online.

(Oh, and if you need a laugh, check out my podcast bloopers at the end of this post!)


Who is Jaimee Lee White?

Jaimee Lee White is a self-confessed introvert, mum, and pharmacist-turned-mindset-coach.

She strives to teach about the blend of science and spirituality in manifestation, and how it can benefit your business in its early stages.

In other words, she wants you to channel your main character energy (but more on that later).



How did Jamiee get into manifestation?

Jaimee discussed how she felt unsure of herself when she first began her business.

She hid behind a logo, some ugly stock photos, and never really showed up for her audience.

As she continued with her online business journey in health (as she already worked as a pharmacist), she realised her learning always led back to the same thing; the mind.

“I realized, for the longest time, I had been manifesting. It started when I was a pharmacist, and I wanted to be a manager. With hard work and manifestation, within 6 months of starting, I was promoted to a managerial role. ”

Jaimee realized just how cool it was to manifest with intention.

To work on the underlying limiting beliefs, manifesting more and faster. 


manifest your dreams


Jaimee stated how manifestation isn’t like what you see on most Instagram pages and websites. 

The unrealistic expectation that when you manifest your dreams, you can just think about something happening, and then it happens.

When you’ve done nothing to achieve it.

Everything Jaimee had manifested, had become a reality because of hard work and dedication.

The literal definition of manifestation is bringing something into your reality. If you think about it, you probably do it every day and unintentionally.

If you want something, and work hard enough, you are manifesting.




Unfortunately, Jaimee explained, whatever technique we try to use to banish limiting beliefs, will never truly erase them.

Every time you uplevel or reach a new goal, your subconscious mind will try and keep you ‘safe’. 

We all have stories and beliefs, buried in our subconscious minds. These could have been created by family members, friends, our surroundings, and even through our ancestors.

These stories and beliefs can hold us back from going for our goals. They are ingrained limiting beliefs.  

Through owning that you know this, owning the way you feel and these limiting beliefs, is empowering.

CHOOSE not to listen to resistance (aka the inner mean girl) and show up anyway.

Manifest your dreams and go for it. 




Working out just what exactly is stopping us from reaching our goals is something many of us find hard. 

In the podcast, Jaimee explained a unique way to be able to uncover our limiting beliefs, and pinpoint right down to the resistance that’s holding us back. 

Think of your ‘end’ goal.

When you manifest your dreams, what is your end goal?

For example: I want to have $20k months.

Close your eyes and really envision yourself there. What does it look like? Feel into the $20k month. It’s happened, you’re there, how does it feel?

Now, from this $20k month, look back at where you are now. 

This will uncover the things that are holding you back. What’s the obvious next step? What is stopping you? 

Start from the beautiful thing you desire and your subconscious mind won’t see the difference.

That’s why visualization is so powerful. 



What is ‘main character energy’?

Main character energy is being your highest self. 

Think of your main character energy being on the same frequency of your dream goal.

Embodying the energy she has.

Unpack what this looks like by creating a ‘perfect day’ in the life of the dream you.

Visualize and write down your dream day. What are you doing for work? Where are you? How are you waking up? How are you presenting yourself?

This is the recipe for your main character energy. All you need to do is find elements of her to bring into your now.

Manifest your dreams.

Oh, and don’t put your dream self on a pedestal. She is still you, just a different reality of yourself!


A HUGE thanks to Jaimee for joining me on my first ever interview for the podcast, and what a start it was!

You can learn from Jaimee at @jaimeeleewhite, where she’ll be announcing upcoming masterclasses and courses to help you manifest that dream life.

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