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Why creating an online course is the perfect thang for introverted entrepreneurs

March 2, 2022

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Want a way to make passive income and help your dream audience? 

Creating an online course is one of the best ways introverted entrepreneurs can make an income online.  

(And that’s why I’ve dedicated a whole podcast episode to talk about it!)

In today’s episode, we delve into the world of creating an online course, and why it’s an amazing way to reach your financial goals. 


Listen to the episode:


mia brox podcast episode 9

Welcome back to the She Dreams All Day podcast!

In today’s episode, we discuss the benefits for introverts with creating amazing, informative, and dreamy online courses. 

But before we begin, I just wanted to check in with my amazing podcast listeners (or readers) and see how you’re finding the episodes.

It’s a strange thing recording a podcast. I’m talking to all of you ‘out there, but really, I’m sitting alone not really knowing what anyone is thinking! 

So, I’d love to know – are you enjoying the podcast? Let me know! Leave a review, send me a DM, or tag me in your Insta story. It would be great to know that we’re ‘alone’ together!



A mini life announcement

People, I have an update. 

(And it may sound like a weird one).

But I went shopping online!

I know, I know. I can just hear you thinking ‘but you’re an introvert, how do you shop in-store with the needy cashiers, awkward changing rooms, and the possibility of bumping into someone you kinda know all the time?’

But the truth is, I just don’t online shop. And my wardrobe NEEDED a makeover. Seriously, my last one looked like it was from the 2013/14 era. 

So I dived into the online shopping world and shopped away, finally free of small talk. Go me!

Now, let’s get to today’s topic. 

The sweet, sweet concept of digital courses.

Let’s discuss what this can do for your business and life.

(Especially as an introvert). 



My online course story

Let’s go way back and find out what inspired me to create my own online courses. 

Since implementing this income strategy, I have quite literally changed my business and my life. 

My first experience with online courses was way back in 2013. I had a dream of running a profitable blog, and I knew I needed to learn a thing or two about making it work. 

It wasn’t long before I found the world of online courses, and I couldn’t help but wonder why online courses were doing so well. 

Couldn’t I just find all of this information on Google, for free?

Then I took a closer look.

I shortly realized the course creators were putting ALL of their expertise into a step-by-step framework, proven to be successful.

They were showing me the direct path to becoming successful in the one thing I really wanted to do. 

And if I’m honest, I don’t think I would have been able to grow my business or blog to the scale it is today without investing in myself and an online course.



The Google Jungle

Technically, I could have attempted to learn everything about blogging in the ‘Google jungle’. 

I could have gone bananas searching for every bit of information I could find. 

But at what cost?

How much time would it take to hunt through this giant search engine?

Learning tiny bits from everyone and anyone I came across?

This was my first clue.

Online courses are magic.

They are totally worth investing in.

You’re learning proven strategies from ONE creator at a time, rather than the Google jungle presenting you with thousands of ideas and methods (which I mean, talk about overwhelming).

I did my research, and I found a creator I really resonated with. 

Someone who had the exact results I dreamed of making one day. Building a profitable blog.

I was then able to implement the exact strategies into my blog, rather than being presented with thousands that made me feel overwhelmed.

In other words, I avoided the ‘shiny object syndrome’.



Hooked on creating online courses from the get-go

Ever since enrolling in my first course, I was hooked.

Not just on how much value I was gaining from the course, but on how powerful online courses can be.

How this digital concept had so many possibilities. 

I was inspired to create my own.

I could just see the potential. 

Not long after I started my own learning online, I was convinced it was something I wanted to implement into my own business. 

So I created ‘The Dreamer To Doer Academy’, which, RIP, is no longer with us. 

Born in 2019, I was really proud of my first online course. It was my first truly passive income online.

Shortly after, I created the ‘Dreamer to Blogger’ course, followed by ‘Her Quiet Influence’ and now the ‘Dream, Plan, Do’ course with Clickup. 

(It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with online courses). 

But I’m ok with being obsessed!

I mean, it has literally changed my business. And my life.



Why is creating an online course so amazing for introverts as entrepreneurs?

First and foremost, creating an online course allows you to experience the evergreen life.

You create the course, sell the course, and put it on autopilot. 

Yes, it may be a lot of work to create, but once it’s selling, you’ll reap the long-term monetizing benefits.

You’ll be creating that dreamy passive income. 

Consistent income (without trading hours for dollars).

You’ll be able to work from home. Have more energy, time, and freedom. 



Create the course, sell it, and sell it again

Once you’ve set up your course, you can link it up with your email marketing system and schedule the emails ahead of time.

That means when people enter your world/blog/site and sign up for a freebie or opt-in option, they’re automatically added to the series or sequence advertising and selling your course.

Meaning you’re able to make money in your sleep.

(Icky to say, but true!)

I love waking up in the morning, checking my PayPal or Swipe, and realizing an amazing human being (or several) have decided to invest in their dreams and signed up for one of my courses.



A shift in energy

Think about it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to work 1:1 with clients.

But think of all the energy you could save.

I know for me (#introvert), I can only deal with a few clients at a time. 

This is because I need to manage my energy. But this is tough because I really want to be able to help and impact more people. 

So how can I do this?

By creating an online self-study course!

Then there is no cap on how many people you can impact.

The sky is the limit!

Zero time or energy is used once it’s out there.

Your masterpiece has been created, now let it do its thing.

As introverts, our energy is like a rollercoaster. Creating an online course is life-changing.

You’ll have more control over your time, control over your energy.

Whether it’s for Instagram or your podcast, you have the time, freedom, and energy to not worry about 1:1 work, scheduling calls, and worrying about where the next client is coming from. 

Creating an online course is the fastest way to get to that freedom lifestyle, without burning out in the process. 

They’re the reason I’ve been able to make $12k months. 


online course for introverted entrepreneurs

Busy bee? Pin this for later.

Share your expertise and boost your credibility

Creating an online course not only helps your audience and boosts your income, but it allows you to level up your credibility and expertise in your niche. 

You may not be an expert right away. You just spend the time learning, growing, and becoming an expert in your field.

Anyone can create an online course. You just have to have the passion and patience to create one!

Whatever your niche is, there’s an online course to be created.

You like knitting? Create an online course. How about teaching someone how to drink more water? (This is a real course, I did the research!)

Online courses can be on anything. Think of a ‘how to’, and fill in the blanks.

E-learning and the online course world is on the rise and exploding.

It was recorded that online learning had a total value of $46 billion dollars in 2016, and according to current trends, will be up to $243 billion in 2022. 

You can believe this with the pandemic (bleugh) and how more people are discovering the wonders of the e-learning space. 

If I can create a course on positivity energy and mindset whilst just being little old me, you can too. You just have to be ready to learn, have passion, and have the determination to make it work. 

So get excited.

Get excited that this is possible.

Think about your niche.

Decide on what you want to teach your audience.

Brainstorm ideas.

And watch your online course teach, influence, and help others.

All whilst making a dreamy passive income. 



It is possible!

I hope I’ve convinced you to dive headfirst into the world of online courses, and as always, if you have any questions or queries about creating an online course, my DMs are always open!



Free masterclass on creating an online course

Want to turn your passive income dreams into a reality? Yay!

Sign up to my FREE masterclass to have the process broken down into smaller chunks and explained in an in-depth, informative way.

It’s going to be fun!

That’s all from me today, and THANK YOU for tuning in.

Share the info with your friends, family, or anyone that you think needs to hear it.

Creating an online course is life-changing. 

So seriously, get brainstorming!

    with your name on it!



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