That's what I thought. It's time for you to chase your dreams of living a freedom filled an extraordinary life - a life where you have the ability to work from home in your own safe space while doing something that actually lights you up and gets your butt outta bed at an almost unreasonable hour in the morning because you're THAT excited about your life.

dreamer, i've got one q for you:

Ready to have more confidence & start your dream biz?

Ready to have more confidence & start your dream biz?

Never again let the techy stuff get in your way of starting a blog. I've broken things down into actionable steps and teach you all the things you MUST know (hint: you don't need to know all the things).

How to start your blogging biz.

How to shine online.

Your mindset plays a huge part in starting your DREAM online business. Prepare to uplevel your confidence a notch or two and get ready to shine online like a true introvert. 

what you'll learn around here:

How to chase your dreams.

You want to work from home, have more freedom in your life, be financially free, travel the world, retire early. All clichés but probably all true, right? I'm right, right? Starting your dream business will give you the opportunity for all of the above. 

teach me plz

Dreamer To Blogger

Join my self-paced online program that will teach you how to successfully start and launch your new dream blog – WITH confidence. An introvert’s proven step by step method for starting and growing a profitable blog.



My signature course that teaches you exactly how to build a DREAMY audience so you can influence the WWW confidently and quietly.

No people? No money, no growth, no freedom lifestyle. Join Her Quiet Influence pronto and let's start building your community of amazing human beings.

this is for me!

The Membership

If you really want support, accountability on your blogging journey, you miiiight want to check out the She Dreams All Day Membership Experience - a safe space for introverted bloggers to come together. 



A course designed to teach you how to effectively streamline your business, your dream vision, and uplevel your productivity MASSIVELY using my (and soon-to-be your) new found love, ClickUp.

with ClickUp




"Then I found Mia and She Dreams All Day, and it was a totally different experience."

Mia really takes her time and walks you through each step of the blogging journey. She breaks things down and explains things in a way that actually makes it all feel doable. And she doesn’t just tell you what to do. She shows you how to do it. You will literally feel like you have someone holding your hand each step of the way. Which is so comforting, because starting a blog can feel incredibly overwhelming at times.


dreamer to blogger

"The Dreamer to Doer Academy has been a life-changing course that has truly transformed my mindset for the better. "

For almost 20 years, I've always struggled with waking up early, waiting until the last minute to complete tasks/projects, and, of course, procrastination. Now, after going through the modules and completing the workbooks, I wake up during the 5 o'clock hour, get ish done, and don't wait till the last minute. I'm almost two months in and my productivity has skyrocketed. 


dreamer to doer academy

"Between accountability buddies, monthly masterclasses, Q & A’s, and goal-setting workshops, you really do get it all!"

I adore the She Dreams All Day Membership! As a personal growth blogger, one of the things I love most about Mia is her focus on mindset and personal development. The membership isn’t just about improving your blog, it’s about improving yourself as well!The SDAD membership has truly helped me feel confident about blogging, and given me the skills I need to be successful!


the membership

What she thinks.

What she thinks.

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Need an A to your Q? I'm always here for you. I want you to have all the deets, info and feel GOOD about your decision to enroll in my courses or join my membership. Click below and ask away, lovely!

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