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Entering the spiritual world with Sarah Aufdenblatten 💫

May 11, 2022

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Welcome back to the SDAD podcast and today we have the wonderful Sarah Aufdenblatten, talking to us about all things spiritual. 

Sarah is a spiritual mindset coach (and fellow introvert, yay!) who helps women to build deeper relationships with themselves, through manifestation and goal setting.

In today’s podcast, we delve into the world of spirituality and discuss how it could be the best thing for your mind and business.





enter the spiritual world


Like many of us,  before Sarah entered the spiritual world, she believed it was a bit ‘woo woo’ and was sceptical about her beliefs. 

But through her own personal development, struggles and realisations, a light was shone onto this whole new world, and it’s now a big part of who she is and her business.

Sarah and I are in the same mastermind, so I’m super excited to have her here today to talk to!

Note: this is a summary of the things Sarah spoke about. For her exact words, listen to the podcast audio above!


Sarah’s Story

My journey began when I decided I wanted to become a holistic health coach.

I’d struggled with emotional eating in the past, and I found myself constantly trying to fit in and change how I looked.

I was bullied at a young age and it left me feeling disconnected from myself for a long time.

Around five years ago, I moved to Bali to start my business and work on my mindset. This led me to take a more spiritual and self-love journey. 

I learnt how self-love is the foundation for everything. And how I wasn’t going to be able to show up for my business and dreams without it. 

When I first arrived in Bali, it took me over 2 years to sign up for my first course. I lacked so much self-belief and had too many limiting beliefs about myself to do anything.

But when I finally did, I found my passion. I started as an emotional eating coach, then moved into the spiritual world and learned how to find a deeper connection with myself. 

My journey into the spiritual world wasn’t a sudden awakening, and it took me a while to be fully invested.

But now I am, it’s where my passion lies, and it’s a wonderful place to be!



You focus on spirituality. How did that journey begin and what does it look like?

As I said, I was sceptical before I started my journey as I’m quite a rational thinker.

If I was going to believe or invest in anything, it needed to have some substance behind it.

When I got my coach certification, it taught me about chakras and I learnt more about my spiritual self.

Meditation for me was a gateway into this journey and allowed me to separate my ego from my thoughts. It was how I took a step back from myself, and began to acknowledge and observe my thoughts.

I also got into manifestation, which is something I do now to help others with their goals.

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception about manifestation in today’s world. The belief that we only need to think and wish to make something happen. Which really, is simply untrue.

It’s all about intentional living and being connected.

Manifestation is taking action as well as thinking and visualising.


How do you incorporate journaling into your everyday life?

Journaling is a huge part of my journey because it is so powerful.

The act of writing your thoughts down allows you to become aware of yourself.

Every day, you will have thousands of thoughts that come and go through your mind. Journaling allows us to separate those thoughts, bring them to paper and be able to streamline them. 

Ultimately, your confidence, business and relationship with yourself come from self-awareness.

Journaling helps us to overcome our personal roadblocks and work out what is stopping us from reaching our goals or dreams.

At first, I did find it difficult. But I kept going, and now it’s one of my most powerful tools to allow me to dig deep into my thoughts. 

My advice is to use journal prompts (you can Google them, there are hundreds), and the more you do it, the easier it will get.

If you have a limiting belief, write it down. Then list the reasons to why this isn’t true. You can then come back and revisit that limiting belief. Process the thought and separate it out.

Scribe in the mornings. Get intentional about your day. Shift the mood and help your mind to resist your limiting beliefs.



Do you have any meditation tips for someone who is just starting out?

In order to build a habit, you have to ensure it aligns with you and who you are.

There are no set rules to meditating, and whether you decide to lay down or sit up is down to you.

Start with an intention of doing just five minutes, and let go of any pressure on yourself. 

I also recommend starting breathwork, as it will allow you to be able to connect deeper with yourself.


What is breathwork?

Breathwork is about breathing using specific techniques and patterns. It can help to reduce stress and increase energy levels. 

With good breathwork, it is much easier to stay on track and be in a meditative state.

You can Google breathwork exercises or use the Open breathwork app. This is something I use as it has so many different breathing and meditating exercises!

You set your own duration and outcome, and it’s perfect if you’re just starting out.



How do you deal with limiting beliefs using shadow work?

Shadow work is the act of working with your unconscious mind to uncover feelings or emotions that you may repress.

As a child, if you were feeling an emotion, for instance anger, you may have been told to suppress it. That it’s not right to feel anger.

So we suppressed our emotions (whether it was anger or something else), and buried them.

Shadow work is all about learning how to deal with those emotions, and bring them to our attention.

If we don’t deal with these thoughts or emotions, they can come up in self-sabotaging situations. You may become overly angry and upset over something as small as your coffee order being wrong. 

Shadow work is about becoming aware of what triggers us. 

Sarah does have a free shadow work course, which will be linked in the show notes!


What are your best tips for someone looking to enter the spiritual world?

If you can, start small with meditating for a short time or journaling.

But if this doesn’t align with who you are and you dread doing it, don’t do it!

What really helped me was reading. I read books about the science behind spirituality, like ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ by Joe Dispenza, which actually delves into quantum physics and other scientific explanations.

Another great book is ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael Singer. It’s a short book where the author explores the question of who we are and our connection with ourselves. There’s a lot in this book that links with the spiritual world, and exactly what we have been talking about today.

Like I said, it’s down to you and what works well, but I like to read about the science to really invest in something. 


Thank you again to Sarah for joining the podcast today, I am sure her words have helped and resonated with so many of you!


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