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Why finding your dream audience is KEY to online business success 🔑

May 4, 2022

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Yay, it’s time for another weekly podcast! 

Join us as we talk about how important it is to know your audience, build a connection and ignite a spark with your peeps in order to have a successful online business.


Why finding your dream audience is KEY to online business success





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Your dream audience

So, why is it important to know your audience when you’re creating your dream business?

If you’re enrolled in Her Quiet Influence, you’ll have seen how much detail I go into about this in that course.


Because it is key to having a successful online business.

The first thing you need to do when starting your journey is to focus on your audience. Get to know them. 

People before profits.

Money always comes after!



What is an audience?

Your people. The ones you are talking to every single day.

Whether it’s through your content, your blog, or your Instagram… they’re the people whose problems you solve.

Whose dreams you fulfil.

That’s your audience.

Think about: what do you want to be known for?

Who are you directly speaking to?

The thing is, you have to get to know your audience on a DEEP level. (Yep, caps are needed!)

Without sounding like a complete stalker, you need to work out what is going on in their mind.

What will stop the scroll for them?

If you go out of your way to know them, emotionally and psychographically, and work out how to fix their problems, you have your business. You have your niche.

Knowing your audience also helps with finding clarity and knowing exactly who you are serving. 

The foundational work of finding out your audience is going to be a regular, evolving thing. It’s an evolution that happens over time, all of the time.

My niche has evolved so much over the past few years. I went from serving pretty much everyone and anyone with personal development, to bloggers, and now the online business world.

I went from trying to help everyone, to finding my niche in women who resonate with being an introvert and want to start their business with confidence. 



Your audience is the hero

Always remember, your business exists for your audience. Without your audience, your business does not exist. 

We’re here to solve our dream audience’s problems. And essentially, that’s all businesses do. They solve problems.

That’s why the more you understand your audience, the more you connect and resonate with them. 



Why is having an audience so important?

Unless you have an audience to sell to, you’re not in business.

Your audience is the true foundation of your business.

Having no audience means no money and no dreamy, cozy lifestyle we’re all working towards.

If you focus on finding your dream audience, everything will fall into place. From branding and business values, to your overall marketing strategy. All of your decisions will become easier. 

A goal of any business is to build an audience and sell them something. Without them, you’re doing the whole thing and it’s just…*crickets*. 



Are demographics important?

You hear a lot about demographics. What gender, age, language etc your dream audience would speak. But really, focus on their psychographics. 

This is way more important. 

Think about their fears, desires, values, dreams, and whatever it is that’s holding them back. 

What do they need to reach their goals?

How can I help them to do this?

Try your best to answer this, and that’s where you’ll find the data that matters. Your content and ideas will just start flowing.



Spark a connection between you and your audience

Be in a loving relationship with your audience.

Think about it. Would you buy a product from somebody you didn’t trust? 

Your audience needs to trust you. Without that spark, that trust, you’re not going to be able to build sales or make your business work. 

Your dream audience should see themselves in you. See themselves in your story and connect to your values. 

Essentially, you are your audience. You’re just a few steps ahead!

Just because we’re introverts, it doesn’t mean we can’t connect with people and build beautiful relationships. If anything, we’re pretty good at forming those one-on-one connections. Treat your Insta stories like you’re talking to your best friend.

Show up for them.

Build a relationship with them.

Ignite that spark.

Find your dream audience. 

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