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Moving your butt closer to time and financial freedom with Taryn Wrezounik 🍑

April 27, 2022

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Join me on today’s podcast where I interview the wonderful Taryn Wrezounik, an expert in all things biz related

We discuss building a business as an introvert, her journey, and how you can create time and financial freedom, just like she has. 

Listen now! 

Taryn and I have only known each other for a few weeks, and we met in our Hype Crew business mastermind program, led by Erin May Henry. 

She is doing amazing things at the moment with two kids under 2, all whilst running a growing and successful business.

As I said, our Hype Crew community has allowed us to form some new biz besties, and led me to meet the wonderful Taryn. So a huge welcome and thanks to her for chatting to me today!



time and financial freedom with Taryn Wrezounik






Who is Taryn?

Taryn’s all about creating time and financial freedom for female business owners.

Being in the business industry for over 10 years, she is the perfect person to teach others how to run a successful business and have that dream life we all want!

As she has two young children, she has to make time a priority, and has sussed out her business to work under 10 hours a week. 

So, let’s get down to the questions and see how Taryn’s experience can help you and your online business!

Note: this is a summary of the things Taryn spoke about. For her exact words, listen to the podcast audio above!



As a self-confessed introvert, how do you motivate yourself to show up online?

I need to understand my own energy. Where I get my energy from, and ultimately, I draw my energy from being on camera. Sharing my message and alignment online makes showing up easy. 

Do what you love and you never work a day in your life!

Standing in front of a 1000-person crowd, I can do it, no problem. One-on-one conversations, like coaching calls or our small intimate masterminds, are fine, but if you ask me to sit at a dinner table with a few people I don’t know, I get overwhelmed. I become a shell in myself and find it difficult.

Yet sharing my message and alignment on camera is something I love to do. It gives me energy, and although I’m introverted in other ways, this is something I feel comfortable doing.

So showing up online has become something that just comes naturally to me.



Be unapologetically you.

I teach people to become the go-to person in their business. How to position themselves well. And how important it is to realize you’re not going to be the go-to person for everyone.

Think about it – we all relate to different people. The perfect coach for you, might not be the perfect coach for me. 

So I teach you how to be the go-to for your ideal client. 

If you’re a leader in your industry and show up as your authentic self, people will take you more seriously. And ultimately, this leads more people to your doorstep!

You can raise your prices if you resonate with the right people. That imposter syndrome can be left at the door as you step into your authority and step out of your comfort zone. 

Being a leader isn’t about stepping on stage in front of a thousand people.

It’s about showing up authentically. Being unapologetically you. 

When you realize no one else is you, you’ll be able to truly embrace who you really are. Then the need to compare will naturally fall away!

Being someone else or trying to be someone else is hard. 

Just be you!



Stop caring about what other people think

It is not my responsibility to worry about how other people are going to feel or respond to what I do.

As far as my husband’s concerned, I help other people to grow their businesses.

If someone asks me how my ‘thing’ is going (meaning my business), rather than justifying myself and stressing about an answer, I’ll simply say it’s going fine. Doing great. Thanks for asking!

You do not need to justify your business to anyone. They’re not your ideal client, and if they want to know more, they’ll ask!

I personally don’t talk about my biz on my personal profile, as that lingering worry about what others think is still there. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever go away.

But most of my friends don’t even know what I do. I’ve never shared my business on my personal profile. 

And that’s ok!



How did you achieve financial freedom?

I knew I needed something that would create a maximum amount of impact on my clients, but only have a small investment of my time.

You can do this in so many ways, like creating an evergreen course, group coaching, an ebook, or video series – anything that doesn’t require you to work 1:1. 

My first paid product was an ebook at $17. I then did a five-video training course which sold for around $47, and although it wasn’t super profitable, it was a starting point. It got the ball rolling, and the funnel of downloading a freebie to a paid product began.

My eyes were opened to the possibility of evergreen content. 

My first business was in reiki and massage whilst I was studying aromatherapy. I did this from home and it allowed me to fund my studies. Off the back of this, I was able to start an eCommerce business with aromatherapy-based products.

I did this for five years, and it was successful. I was able to scale it to six figures, but ultimately, it didn’t align with who I was anymore.

Three years into that journey, I went into business coaching. I did a course in marketing and did so well that the coach of the course hired me to support her students. 

That’s when my ongoing love affair for business coaching began!



How can clients find you and work with you?

My core offering is the Bold Collective, which has recently been rebranded. It’s just opened its doors and is something I’m very excited about! There are different memberships that give you access to certain parts of the coaching like group calls or masterclasses.

It’s something I’m passionate about and I love having such a huge impact on people.

It enables me to live the life I’m teaching, and the life I require whilst having two young children.

I don’t have to work 30/40/50 hour weeks, and my energy is placed in ways that enable me to give 100% to my clients, whilst avoiding the introvert burnout. 

My business is run totally by myself (with the occasional help from my VA for one or two hours a week), as I’m intentional with what I do. 



Join a community (even if you’re an introvert)

Taryn and I finished by discussing the importance of joining a community. 

Just because we’re introverts, and thrive by being alone, doesn’t mean we want to be lonely. 

And starting your own business CAN feel lonely. Joining a community or mastermind is something I wish I had done sooner!

If I had known, I definitely would have reached out and made online besties before. Join either mine, or Taryn’s, or someone’s group to grow in your own business.

Community is a huge part of growth.

In fact, why don’t you join my FREE online fam on Vibely – Cozy Vibes Community. 🥰

Wow, what an amazing interview with the incredible Taryn!

I hope you have gained as much from this podcast as I have, and a huge thank you to Taryn for coming on the show!

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