8 Goal Setting Mistakes That Delay Your Dreams

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goal setting mistakes

Do you set personal and/or business goals?

Setting goals is a must to have success and get to the place you want to be – your dream destination

And I get it, it’s sometimes hard to follow through on the goals we set for ourselves. 

However, sometimes it’s just a matter of looking into the goal-setting process to see if we are actually setting up ourselves up for success and not for failure. 

Goal setting is a process that if done right can have an amazing and life-changing impact on your life. 

It’s all in the details, girl. 

In this article, my hope is for you to catch the goal-setting mistakes before you make them. 

Easier said than done, but with this guide, you’ll at least know what NOT to do when you set goals. 


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8 Goal Setting Mistakes That Delay Your Dreams:

don't make these goal setting mistakes



1. You’re Setting Too Many Goals

Don’t go overboard with your goals. 

Set one main goal for every year, and only when you achieve this goal – move onto the next.

There is a reason why most of our New Years’ resolutions are shoved to the side.

We set too many resolutions and keep our expectations way too high.

This puts way too much pressure on us to accomplish ALL. THE. THINGS.

And, hello overwhelm!

Always start with one. 



2. Your Goal Is Too Big

Speaking of overwhelm…

If you’re only chasing that big picture you are bound to eventually feel stuck, stressed and overwhelmed. 

Break your goal down into manageable and actionable steps.

Now, put these steps on your calendar and honor them. 

Get real specific and do NOT be vague about it. 

For example: 

  • I want to lose weight.
  • I want to make money online. 
  • I want to leave my 9-5. 

These goals are great, but they are way too broad. 

You gotta break it down, girl. 

Don’t forget about the smaller picture.

The small picture will ultimately lead to the big picture and thus come in the shape of your dream life. 



3. You’re Not Using A System

I am in a very serious relationship with my Productivity Planner and my Google Calendar.

And so should you.

You need to have a system in place to track and plan out your goals. 

If you don’t plan for your goals, how will you know when you have achieved them?

It’s so important that you make plans with your goals daily, and allocate a reoccurring time slot on your calendar for them. 



4. You’re Not Writing Down You Goal

You need to keep your goal with you at all times – in your back pocket so to speak.

Write down, review and reference your goal every single day. 

I usually keep my goals document open in a tab on my computer at all times.

Write about your goal in your journal and make this a habit. 

If you do this, you will start to see a shift in your belief system, gain more confidence and you will literally be putting your goal out there asking the universe to please help a sister out.

And if you don’t write it down, how will you remember what your goal even is?

Writing down goals is a must when you want to get to the finishing line. 

It keeps your belief system in check and improves the visualization of your future-self so you can start to manifest your dreams into reality.

Some may call this woo-woo, I call it something-that-changed-my-life.  



5. You’re Not Setting A Time Limit For Your Goal

Setting a deadline or a time limit (I like this word better) for your goal will help to keep you accountable and on track.

Keep your goal time-sensitive and check-in with yourself every week, if not daily.  

If you don’t set a time limit for your goal, it’ll be much easier for you to procrastinate all over your dreams for all eternity.

You gotta set that timer, girl. 



6. You’re Not Reviewing Your Progress

What gets measured, gets done. 

That’s the way it goes, dreamer. 

You need to evaluate your progress.

Do a weekly review of your goals and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How am I doing?
  • What have I achieved this week?
  • What went well?
  • What went wrong?
  • How can I improve next week? 

If you don’t track your progress, how will you know when you’ve achieved your goal?



7. You’re Not Setting Realistic Goals 

This is one of the most common goal-setting mistakes that I see. 

You’re not setting realistic goals for yourself.

For example: 

  • Let’s say you want to start an online business
  • You set a goal of making $100.000 dollars your first year blogging. 
  • This is not realistic.
  • You set a new goal of making $10.000 dollars your first year blogging. 
  • This is more realistic. 

You need to be true to yourself and set the expectations that align with what’s possible. 

But then again, I don’t want you to set the bar too low either. 

There has to be a balance, but your goal definitely needs to be achievable in this lifetime. 



8. You Don’t Have Your Mindset In Check

This is so important, so I’ve saved the best for last. 

It’s crucial that you believe in yourself, in your goal and all its possibilities.

You will not get anywhere remotely close to successfully achieving your goal if you don’t have the confidence or belief needed to accomplish it.

You absolutely have to get your I-can-do-anything mindset on. 

If you’re struggling with lack of confidence and you feel that your mindset just might need some work…

Don’t worry, dreamer, I gotcha. 

These mindset hacks will help you makeover your mindset.



Before You Go

As you can see, there are many goal setting mistakes we have to stay clear of if we want to live our dream life and have success. 

Avoid these goal-setting mistakes and you will be setting yourself up for success. 

You got this, dreamer. 

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