How To Get Inspired: 4 Easy Hacks To Try

September 29, 2019

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Finding inspiration isn’t always easy.

Sitting around waiting for inspiration to find us almost impossible.

I mean, inspiration doesn’t just fall into our laps. 

To be able to become and stay productive, inspiration is needed. 

We have to design our life in a way that will help us find the inspiration needed to take action and produce at a high level. 

To bring about creativity and inspiration, you have to set your life up accordingly. 

With that said, you can implement one or more hacks below to up your inspiration game and learn how to get inspired – even when you’re feeling stuck. 

Hopefully, these tips will get you into a state of inspiration and creative flow. 



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how to get inspired 4 amazing tips



1. Learn To Feel Inspired

Whenever I’m not feeling my usual inspired self,  I always turn to education and learning.

I find that if I allow myself one hour of pure passive learning, I trigger my inspiration immensely.

I want this for you too, dreamer.

So grab a book, non-fiction or fiction, enroll in an online course, jump on YouTube to learn from a TED talk or other inspiring people or go for a walk and listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook.

Learn for at least 30 minutes a day to up your inspiration level. 

Always strive to up your learning. 



2. Do Something Fun

Sounds fun, right?

There’s really no wonder that if you sit around and don’t do anything remotely close to fun, you will not feel inspired or have creative ideas.

It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re having negative thoughts, anxiety over something or whenever you’re bored out of your mind. 

It’s quite literally impossible. 

No extraordinary idea was created out of struggle. 

So, let’s make it fun!

  • Go on an adventure
  • Take a walk
  • Work out
  • Watch an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Call friend
  • Go to dinner with your hubby, boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Have the perfect latte at your local coffee shop

… whatever feels fun to you. 

Ideas will start to bubble up when you surround yourself with positive thoughts, people and environments. 

However, you need to be careful…

When you’re having an awesome time, it’s easy to drift off into having fun forever and fall into the procrastination trap.

To avoid procrastination and you going off on a fun-time bender, set a time limit for your “fun time.”

Post-fun-time, check in with your emotions, make a note of how you’re feeling and then re-visit your creative flow.

More often than not, I find myself inspired after a good fun-time session



3. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Surround yourself with inspiring people who have wisdom and amazingness to share.

Perhaps they have accomplished something you’ve been wanting to achieve?

It can be any one of these people:

  • Mentor
  • Life coach
  • A new friend
  • A new collective group of people (a support group – online or offline)

Get around people who have different skills that can spark areas of inspiration for you. 

This ties back to the idea of learning for inspiration. 

It’s so powerful to get around (virtually or in-person) people who inspire you and have the results you want in your life.

When I first started my online business, I surrounded myself with virtual badasses (so to speak) and I learned and consumed all the wisdom I could possibly from them. 

Surround yourself with awesome people and learn, grow, share insights and inspire each other. 



4. Journal Your Way To Inspiration

I know, I know.

How many times do we mention journaling as a hack to trigger personal growth?

I bet you’re tired of hearing all about the perks that come alongside journaling.

But I’m still going to include it in the matter of getting inspired. 

Journaling your way inspiration is THE best way to lure out any creative ideas that are lurking in the back of your mind. 

Bring your ideas to the surface (or to paper) and bring them to life through journaling. 

I urge you to wake up 20 minutes earlier, buy a brand new journal (psst here’s my favorite one) and start to write about anything and everything for about 15 minutes.

No rules, no requirements – just let your creative juice flow freely onto the paper. 

Journaling is the antidote to feeling stuck and uninspired because it can uncover truth and ideas you didn’t even know was possible for you.

I love journaling for inspiration!

And I make it a daily ritual that I never allow myself to skip.


If you’re super new to the world of journaling, check out my complete guide for beginners here. It has all the deets!



Before You Go

Finding inspiration doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, it is when we make it hard that it never shows up in our lives. 

Try one of the easy tips above and get inspired instantly. 

The inspiration tips I’ve shared may feel obvious to you, but sometimes I feel we make life and finding inspiration more complicated than it is.

When we make things complicated, inspiration never comes to visit. 

Sometimes we just need to pause, have some fun, hang out with inspiring people and journal for a bit to get inspired. 

Now if you want more and a weekly dose of inspiration sent directly to your inbox, I would love for you to join the online dreamer community. 

I feel that you’ll be a perfect fit and I hope you’ll join us our dream chasing journey. ✨

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