9 Habits You Need To Stop in 2022

December 22, 2019

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The things we do on a daily basis make up who we are today and who we become in the future.

Little changes come with big results. 

Your habits lay the foundation for your future results.

Want amazing results? Implement habits that support that result. 

However, not all habits serve you. 

Looking to quit your bad habits in 2022?

Well, then, dreamer – you’ve come to the right place.

Quitting a bad habit isn’t easy, especially if you don’t even know whether the habit is hurting you or not. 

There are obvious bad habits like smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and biting your nails but what about the habits that you might not even know cause you pain?

Unnecessary pain that is. 

Here are 9 habits you need to stop immediately to live a happy and wholeheartedly life. 

Some of them might surprise you. 



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Your Brain & Habits

First, a quick note on your brain and habits. 

Your brain is a big fan of habits – in fact, it loves to repeat the past over and over again. 

This is why it’s so hard to quit a bad habit because your brain has gotten so used to repeating it.

Just know this going into your I-want-to-quit-my-bad-habits-NOW-journey.

Your brain will never want to do something it has never done before or stop something it has been doing on autopilot for years.

This process takes time, but it can be done. 



My Favorite Habit

The best habit I ever implemented is to wake up early.  

I designed my perfect morning routine and with that, created the life I am living now.

My dream life. 

I’m running a profitable online business and I make my dreams a priority every morning – which is to produce life-changing content for my online dreamer community. 



1. Comparing Yourself

Ouch, the devil of comparing yourself to others. 

Everyone is on their own journey. 

You should never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

Know that no one can tell your story the way you tell it. 

You’re unique and so spending time and energy comparing yourself to other people is a waste of your precious time. 

Focus on yourself instead and look at your competition as inspiration as to what’s possible. 

If she can do it, I sure can.



2. Saying Yes To Everything

No, no, no. 

Don’t ever fall into the yes-trap. 

While it’s true that everybody loves a yes-person, this habit will not serve you in the long run. 

By saying yes to everyone else, you’re essentially saying no to yourself. 

Only say yes to the things and people who truly light you up. 

Do not agree just because you think you have to. 

In fact, make it a habit to say no at least once a day. 

There’s power and freedom in saying “no”.



3. Not Paying Attention To Your Mind

Your thoughts will ultimately create your results. 

All the results you have in your life right now is a reflection of a thought you have thought in the past.

If you want different results, you need to think different thoughts. 

Mindset work is the best work you can do for your personal growth. 

Pay attention to the thoughts you are having on a daily basis.

Journal every day for clarity and get your thoughts down onto paper. 

Are your thoughts serving you? 

If not, change it up. 

Read my post on how to change your mindset here



4. Stop Saying You’re Busy

Feeling and being busy is a mindset. 

The more you tell yourself you’re busy, the more you will feel stressed and overwhelmed, and you guessed it,  busy

Most of the time when we say we’re busy, we’re simply not prioritizing…

  1. Our minds
  2. Our to-do lists

Stop saying you’re busy and spend this time organizing your time, mind and energy instead. 

We all have the same amount of time in a day, it’s just a matter of prioritization.

If you say you’re busy, you will feel busy. 

Being busy is completely optional and if I were you, I’d delete that word from your vocabulary. 


Habits you need to stop today


5. Multitasking

Our brains are wired to do one thing at a time.

When you try to do multiple things at once, you lose productive energy in the process when you shift from one task to another. 

If you want to become more productive and get things done – focus your energy on one task at a time. 

Hot tip! Try working in Pomodoros. Go all-in on one task for 25 minutes, take a break of 5 and repeat. 

Just remember to keep all distractions at bay. 



6. Thinking You Can’t Have What Your Heart Desires

Thinking you’re not capable of chasing and fulfilling your dreams is a painful thought that in no way serves you.

This is a thought born out of scarcity and it’s just not true. 

Pep talk incoming…

We are all capable of achieving amazing things. 

However, if you believe you can’t achieve your dream result, you won’t. 

The world is an abundant place. 

There’s always enough to go around.

  • There’s enough money.
  • There are enough dream jobs.
  • There’s enough time. 


Your dreams are totally chasable and do-able. 

So, make this mindset shift NOW and turn your impossible into possible. 



7. Thinking Problems Are Bad

I told you there would be a few surprises here. 

Problems are not bad, problems are apart of life.

They are part of the journey of living. 

You will never not have problems, that’s just a fact. 

Whenever you set goals, you set problems. 

Problems are how we grow and evolve as humans and that’s the whole purpose of life.

Stop resisting your problems and embrace them instead. 

Find solutions, learn from your mistakes and turn your problems into epic strategies to be able to take the fast track to your dreams. 



8. Stop Looking Outside Of You For Happiness

Change and happiness come from within you. 

It’s all internal, baby.

The minute you look to external factors for gratification you are playing with fire and on the wrong track. 

You can choose to feel happy at any time. 

Your thoughts are what decides your level of happiness – not your husband, a trip to Italy or your dog. 

It’s your thoughts about your dog that makes you smile.

If you didn’t like dogs, you wouldn’t be smiling. 



9. Making Failure Mean Something

Just as the case with problems, failure also isn’t bad.

Failure means you’re onto something and that if you just get up and try again, it might just get really good. 

Failure is the number one reason why most people don’t achieve their goals and live out their dreams. 

They stop when things get hard and make failure mean something about them as if they’re not cut out for it (which obviously isn’t true).

Failing your way forward to your dreams is the only way there. 

Whenever you make failure mean something about you as a person, you give up.

Failure has nothing to do with who you are or your capabilities of making your dreams come true.

Learn to dance with failure instead and stop making it mean so much. 

Because it literally does not matter at all if you fail. 

What matters is if you give up. 

Are you a person who fails or a person who gives up?

I certainly hope you’ll go for the first option. 



Before You Go

Implementing habits and routines that support your dream life is key.

If this all feels a little overwhelming, fear not – you can always start small.

Stop doing one of these habits, to begin with, and notice where and when you do them. 

Becoming aware is the first step to change. 

It’s all about making little changes to get massive results. 

The best thing you can do is to just start. 

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