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How To Find Your Passion In Life

April 21, 2019

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  • How to find your passion in life?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

These are the big questions that we want the right answers to.

But somehow, along the way, we get lost in our busy lives, time passes and we find ourselves Googling “how to find your passion in life.”

It’s completely normal to get a little lost in this crazy and weird thing called life.

I know the feeling.

We’re all told we are meant to do something. With this comes worry and we stress about our true calling in life and our cortisol levels skyrocket. 

Instead, we need to slow down, ask the right questions to get the right answers.

How to find your true passion in life ain’t easy but our gut knows, and we just need to pay more attention to it. 


How to find your passion in life and feel fulfilled, happy, more productive and get closer to your dream life.


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Finding Your Why

Finding your true why is a piece of cake for some and a tough pickle for others.

The bottom line is that we all have that something that tugs at our heartstrings every time we think about it.

We’re so busy being busy and we never stop to look, reflect and devote enough time for our dreams to find us.

This is particularly true for me.

Whenever I go on vacation or take time off, I always come back to my dreams and what it is I really want to do with my life.

It’s like they’ve been waiting for me to get off work and stop being so busy, so I can actually pay attention.

I spend this time on Pinterest to peak my inspiration or brainstorm until I find something that resonates with me.

Fun fact: This is actually how She Dreams All Day started. I always come back to what’s most important. 

Sometimes it takes a while for your body to whine down and for your mind to think clearly about your dreams.

In our society, distractions are endless.

Go for a long walk in silence (or listen to an inspirational podcast), go on a weekend getaway to a secluded cabin where you can get some peace and quiet and really get to the root of who you are and what you want to do.

Set your atmosphere and environment out to support you.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, fear not.

Try answering the following questions:

  • What did you dream of as a child?
  • If I had one million dollars I would…
  • What makes you feel good?
  • If I knew I wouldn’t fail I would…
  • What would you get up at 5 AM in the morning for?



Shout It From The Rooftops

Once you’ve found your why, scream it from the rooftops.

I’m dead serious – do it.

Tell your friends, family and be proud and happy that you’ve actually figured out what it is that makes your heart pop. 

When you have your why, the next step is to write it down and make the commitment. 



Get Real & Write Up A Contract

There’s just something about writing things down that makes it all very real.

Write down your dreams in bold on a piece of paper and make the commitment to yourself. 

Honor this commitment.

You’re going after your dreams. 

It’s all happening and it’s about to get real. ????

Your dreams do no good just hanging out in your mind.

If you make your dreams a constant daydream, they will never manifest into reality.

Daydreaming are dream-killers, it keeps your dreams locked in your mind and they need to get out of there to actually come true.

Make it all real, shout your dreams from rooftops, tell your best friend and make the commitment to yourself.



Never Feel Shame

Onto my next important point and as woo-woo as it sounds – you should never be ashamed of your dreams.

Dreams can seem crazy, wild and unattainable and that’s ok!

That’s the whole point.

Your dreams should scare you a little.

If your dreams and passion don’t scare you, you need to dream bigger.

When you’re telling people about your new dreams, you should never downplay them.

For example:

“Oh, I have this dream, but it’s really stupid so don’t laugh. But I would love to, someday, maybe, (INSERT DREAM). Or I don’t know.”

This is a big no-no. Why would you talk about your dreams this way?

Be proud, stay committed and good things will happen. 



Slow Down

The world is a hectic place and people seem to have an opinion about everything

It can be hard not to get distracted, side-tracked or inspired by other people’s actions (good or bad). 

But have you ever just stopped, slowed down to think for yourself? 

All I can say is DO IT. 

Find 10 minutes out of your day to sit in silence, journal and really get to the core of what your body, mind, and gut is trying to tell you. 

Pay attention to your body and increase your self-awareness.

Open your mind to your dreams. Meditate daily to get clarity and to whine down your mind and body.

The best and most genuine ideas appear in solitude.

Stop the noise, slow down and you’ll know what to do 🙂



Ask Questions

Ask your mind the right questions.

Put your brain to work and ask it for help, ask it to guide you in the right direction.

Slow down, sit in silence with your thoughts and really get to the bottom of what you want out of life and pursue what lights you up. 



Challenge Yourself

Live a little, go a little crazy. 

Challenge yourself to try something you’ve never done before and get out of your comfort zone every day (or at least a couple of times a week). 

Try new things and see what they’ll lead to.

Things may surprise you and you might just find your way to your dream life. 

You’ll never know what is possible if you don’t put yourself out there. 

Challenge yourself, grow and learn a little something along the way. 



Be Specific, Set Goals

To truly learn how to find your passion in life you need to get really specific about the results you want in your life. 

Once you’ve found your WHY – get specific and set the right goals to support these results.

Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-sensitive



Dream Big & Work Backwards

When you’ve got your goals ready, dream big and work backward to get to the end-goal. 

Break your life goal up into smaller actionable tasks and put these actions on your calendar AS RESULTS. 

Going after your passion in life can feel totally overwhelming.

After all, it is your life goal we’re talking about and the steps to get there may not always be crystal clear. 

If you work your way backward and break the actions you need to take down – it will make the journey there a whole lot easier. 

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    1. Bumbles says:

      I love this article 🙂 I have never thought about actually committing my goals to myself in the form of a contract it’s actually a pretty good idea.

    2. Williams says:

      Thank you for this❤️

    3. Leialoha says:

      Oh my goodness I LOVED this article! My fav tip here has to be slowing down. I feel like I’m constantly stopping, taking deep breaths, and just grounding again to align myself with my purpose—the why behind the things I do. Love that you focused on what matters most and strengthening character to reach those big dreams and goals! Like you said, never be ashamed of the big dreams! I love this, thanks for sharing!
      Sending lots of aloha + good vibes,

    4. Krati says:

      This is a wonderfully written post, and I hope your readers do follow the tips you’ve shared because this is some great advice. We should consciously cultivate the habit of Journaling. It helps build better self-awareness and I really believe that better self-awareness can help us overcome most of our life challenges. Taking long walks, as you suggested, is a good way to get away from the digital distractions and just THINK about what truly matters. As I said, I hope your readers take this article seriously. It could help them in many ways. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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