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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review: My Honest Opinion

April 28, 2019


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In this article, I’m about to get very serious and honest about my blogging journey and how I x10 my traffic starting from nothing, in only a couple of months and got over 86.000 pageviews a month from free and organic traffic from Pinterest.


Update August 2019 – I am now at over 200.000 monthly pageviews thanks to Pinterest. See screenshot below. 

pinterest traffic avalanche results

I learned it ALL from  Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and much of my success is thanks to this course.

I know the struggle.

You start a blog, put your heart and soul into it, work long hours, write endless blog posts in the hope of people making their way to your website.

But you hear crickets.

Traffic is needed to monetize, grow and see results with your blog. 

And the best way to do that is through Pinterest.

Let’s get into it…

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

Disclaimer – I want to be completely honest with you and let you know that I am an affiliate for this course, which means I will earn a commission if you purchase anything through my links, at no extra cost to you. However, I’ve gotten so much value from this course and all I sincerely want to do is provide you with an honest and accurate review, share my journey in hope that you will see the same results as I have.



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About The Creators

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is created by six-figure bloggers Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus – two bloggers who very quickly received the six bloggers status – 9 months to be exact.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

They now earn over $100.000 a month (!) from their two blogs, Create and Go and their health and wellness blog, Avocadu.

All largely thanks to free and organic Pinterest traffic.

They now get over 500.000 pageviews a month! 

They blog full-time and travel the world while doing it.

The dream right?

I mean, they KNOW what they are talking about. I needed to learn from them, ASAP.

They’ve been featured on major websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Yahoo! Finance.

If you’d like to further get to know Alex and Lauren, have a look-see at their about page.

It’s long and inspiring.

Just have a look at their growth below…! So, very, impressive!


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche ReviewThe photo is taken from their official sales page.


Alex and Lauren now have over 181.000 followers on Pinterest and over 4.2 million monthly views for their health and wellness blog, Avocadu.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review



My Story: Before Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The real truth is that I knew nothing about the world of blogging and how to get traffic when I started She Dreams All Day back in September of 2018.

I was creating so much content, pinning at random, and creating new pins that didn’t get ANY clicks.

I even managed to be blocked from Pinterest because I was over pinning.

The struggle was truly real. 

I was getting about 100 views a month and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get people to my blog.

Once you launch, people do not come running. 

What was I doing wrong? A lot, apparently.

I was desperate to make this blogging thing work and needed a smart strategy in place. 

It didn’t take me very long to find Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

I’m a member of several blogging groups on Facebook, and it seemed like everyone was raving about it.

I was convinced and I went for it. 



My Results: After Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

It’s crazy to think that I’ve only been blogging for about 8 months now and that I can already see such amazing results from the hard work that I’ve put into it, increasing my monthly pageviews from 100 to over 85.000 by implementing what I had learned from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

I went from 121 views a month to over 86.000 views a month in a span of just 5 months.

I bought the course in September of 2018, started implementing in November, and that is when I could truly see the effect of my new pinning strategy.

See the photos below for proof:

(screenshots from my Google Analytics).

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

September pageviews at 121, before purchasing Pinterest Traffic Avalanche


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche ReviewI started implementing the course strategies about mid-month. I also had a pin go viral as you can see in the spike above. 


Viral pin - Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

The pin above went viral, as you can see from the impressions and clicks, and it still drives a ton of traffic to my blog. 


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

December pageviews escalated to 39.509 views! And I had pretty steady traffic at about 1-3K daily views, which would usually spike on the weekends. 


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche ReviewIn January 2019 I had 86.558 pageviews!! All thanks to Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. *JOY DANCE*


I was also able to increase my Pinterest monthly views to a whopping 2.1 million and 143K monthly engaged uses. 

pinterest traffic avalanche review

My follower count is now at 12 000.

Although, in the course, you will learn that the importance of a big following on Pinterest is not as crucial as on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

It ain’t all about the followers in this case – which I LOVE.

Pinterest is essentially a search engine, not so much a social media platform.

At one point I had 108 people on my blog at the same time! I almost fell off my chair seeing this.

This had never happened before.

I was so excited about these results and my blog continues to grow every day.

pinterest traffic avalanche



Why Invest In A Course?

Starting and maintaining a blog can be an overwhelming journey. 

When I first started, I was constantly confused and felt lost all the time. 

There are a million things you have to wrap your head around, things that people don’t usually reveal and other things that you never thought in a million years you would have to worry about.

All the information is overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in the blogging jungle. 

There is a lot of technical, marketing and mindset work that goes into blogging. And I found that the best way for me to learn what I needed to (and in the right order!) was to learn from people who had the results I wanted in my business. 

This is when I turned to online courses.

I had never invested in an online course before and to be honest, I thought they would be a waste of my money and that I could gather all the relevant information for free by a simple Google search.

Sure, this could probably work but man would I have my work cut out for me.

There is so much false information on the internet and, to be honest, there are a lot of people giving blogging advice that do not have the proper experience or insight when it comes to growing a successful blog.

Nah, I needed to learn from the experts and so I decided to invest in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.



What’s Inside The Course

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is hosted on an online platform called Teachable.

It’s divided into 8 different modules + a BONUS module.

The lessons are taught in video format using slides and voice-over from Lauren or Alex.

There are a few text-based lessons as well, but mainly just video. 

The course also comes with links to resources and bonus downloadables created by Alex and Lauren to help you keep track of your progress and success with Pinterest, which was very helpful!

Take your time with the course, there is no deadline and once you buy it, you will have lifetime access to it. 

I, personally, like to go through the course whenever I feel like I need a refresher or if there is an update and the algorithm changes (which it will!). 


What you will learn:

  • How to properly set up your Pinterest profile and apply for rich pins
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Learn the power of scheduling using Tailwind
  • How to create beautifully designed pins (that people actually want to click!)
  • The importance of group boards and tribes
  • What to do when a pin goes viral and how to create viral pins
  • How to track your progress and analytics to improve your strategies
  • How to use Pinterest to increase email subscribers
  • And so much more!


Here’s a sneak peek of the course curriculum –

(screenshots from the PTA sales page)



What I Loved About Pinterest Traffic Avalance

1. Alex and Lauren are the most genuine online bosses out there. They are honest in the way they teach and communicate, and I like how they have their feet nicely planted on earth, even though they are now millionaires. I love to learn from people who I admire and who are genuine about their message. Alex and Lauren are so down to earth and I love that about them.  

2. Ninja Secrets – Alex is right when he says that the Ninja Secrets bonus lessons are worth the price of the course alone. I could not agree more. There is SO much value in this module, it’s amazing.  

3. SEO focus – I love how Alex and Lauren focus so much on Pinterest SEO, something that is easily neglected because of the never-ending buzz about Google SEO. If you nail the Pinterest SEO you can have success much quicker, especially as a new blogger, which is awesome. 

4. I’ve really appreciated the bonus lesson that features content from their most advanced blogging course, Six-Figure Blogger. A course that teaches you how to create and sell your own digital products. This bonus lesson was so valuable that I actually ended up purchasing the full course. Learn more about this course here

5. Marketing and email list building focus.


Other things I enjoyed about the course.

6. Private support group on Facebook that Alex and Lauren themselves are part of. They have a community manager, Drew, who is very helpful in the group and offer a lot of amazing insight on behalf of Alex and Lauren.

7. Regular updates – The Pinterest algorithm is unpredictable and will continue to change. Alex and Lauren update the course as needed and when relevant – which helps keep the course current and up to date for any possible changes to Pinterest (which, who are we kidding, happens a lot and it’s hard to keep up).

8. There is also a bonus lesson on how to grow an Instagram account. This is not my focus at the moment, but it was still really insightful.



Any Downsides?

Honestly, it was hard for me to think about any downsides to this course.

However, it’s not magic.

You cannot purchase this course and assume it will work for you, immediately.

The course requires a lot of hard work, content creation, and persistence.

Blogging is a long-term game and it will take a little time for Pinterest to look to you as an authority on the platform. 

If you keep at it and continue to learn from trial and error you will see results and get there much faster. 

And I guess another downside is that I wish Alex and Lauren would be more active in the private support group on Facebook.

I do understand they are busy, being successful full-time bloggers and all, but it would be nice to feel connected to the teachers of this course outside the Teachable platform. 



Who’s Pinterest Traffic Avalanche For?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is for you if you..

  • Want more traffic to your blog FAST and want to do it the smart way
  • Want to monetize and earn a living from your blog
  • Are a beginner blogger in desperate need of  A LOT of traffic
  • Are an experienced blogger looking to improve your Pinterest strategy and learn new tactics
  • Want to grow your email list
  • If you’re BRAND NEW to the blogging world and want to get a head start on your traffic (blogging hack: learn from the pros from day 1)
  • Want to drive traffic without paying for ads and get organic FREE traffic to your blog



Is It Worth The Price?

The course is priced at $197.

In my very honest opinion, it is by FAR worth the money I invested back in September last year.

The traffic I received as a result of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has paid for itself in ads and affiliate revenue.

Now I know what you may be thinking…

“Aren’t you just recommending this course because you are an affiliate?”

Honestly, I would recommend this course even if I wasn’t an affiliate because the course has provided me with so much value and I am beyond thankful to Alex and Lauren for ALL of their courses.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

I only ever recommend services that I genuinely love and have purchased or used myself.  

There are numerous inspiring testimonials on their sales page if you’re still not convinced.

I urge you to have a thorough look for more FAQ and detailed information.

The verdict is certainly in for me.

I’ve seen amazing results from taking this course and it is, in my opinion, the best and most genuine Pinterest course on the web and I cannot wait to see where it will take you. 

Please let me know in the comments below the results you’ve had from this course or if you have any more questions about it.

I’d be happy to answer them in the comments or you can reach out by email



My Video Testimonial With Lauren From Create & Go

As an introvert, I don’t really enjoy getting on video, but I felt the need to get the word out there and to let people know that the strategies I learned from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche are legit and my results are real.

So this is me, way out of my comfort zone. ???? 


NOTE: If you’re not ready to splurge on the course you can enroll in their FREE Pinterest email course here.



Bonus: The Power Of Tailwind

One of the things that Pinterest Traffic Avalanche will teach you is how to NOT be reported as spam on the platform.

I was once and it ain’t fun.

This was before I started using Tailwind to schedule out my pins.

It’s an affordable service that automatically schedules your pins for you, while you sleep, are on vacation or busy doing other things.

A must-have for any blogger who is serious about making their blog a sustainable online business. 

In addition to its scheduling power, it also comes with a very useful analytics feature. 

And let’s not forget about the magic of Tailwind Tribes – bloggers powering up to increase their repins.

Plus, it’s a good way to NOT be blocked from Pinterest. 

Learn more about Tailwind here.



Other courses by Alex & Lauren that I’ve taken –


Launch Your Blog Biz is a great course to get you started if you are brand new to blogging and wish to start one. It is extremely detailed and easy to follow. At the beginning of my blogging journey, this is the course that got me into the blogging game and taught me how to monetize and earn my first $1000 online.

This course was created by bloggers who made $100K in their first year blogging. Need I say more?

Learn more about this course.



Six-Figure Blogger is the course that will teach you to become just that, a six-figure blogger. If you are looking to create your own digital products this is an absolute must.

I’m currently going through this course for the third time and the creators go through all deets that go into becoming a six-figure blogger and making a sustainable amount of money online.

Learn more about this course.

For me, this course was a total game-changer.

This course is aimed more towards intermediate to advanced bloggers.

If you’re just starting out with monetizing your blog, I would suggest you check out their Launch Your Blog Biz course.

Note: It only works if you do the work.

I saved you a seat to my free masterclass. you'll learn how to build an audience and create content the introvert-friendly way.


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  1. Clarisse says:


    Wow! Great article! Thanks for including your testimonial interview. I really enjoyed watching it and has made me decide to try out their Pinterest Avalanche course. I recently bought their Launch your Blog Biz Course and was on the fence with the Pinterest Course.

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m in the 1st month of my blog so what you said was really inspirational!


    • Mia says:

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the review! I hope you get as much value out of the course as I have <3 ALL my best /Mia

  2. Ashley says:

    Would this course work if you’re trying to get traffic to your Etsy shop? If not, why not?

    • Mia says:

      Yes, this course would work for Etsy shop traffic! I know a lot of people use Pinterest to drive traffic to their digital shops 🙂

  3. Knowlea says:

    Thank you for your real and honest opinion. You sold me, ahah! Will purchase for sure!

  4. Sofia says:

    Hi, I loved your review! I wanted to know if we could get in contact to talk a little more in-depth! I am just starting my blog and I am kind of lost, but you truly inspired me to keep going because you show it’s possible to get what you want!

  5. I’m really considering buying this course. Right now my Pinterest is at 204k monthly views but I’m only getting 4K page views per month to my blog. I’ve got 1.7k followers and my pins all seem to be made to a decent standard. There must be some things that I’m missing, right?
    I just wanted to get your opinion on whether the course could help me to increase my traffic. I’ve heard a large part of it is very beginner but I’m more interested in the more advanced bits so that I can fine tune my strategy.

    • Mia says:

      Hi Matthew! Thanks for reading! Not getting clicks from Pinterest is frustrating. I feel ya. I’ve found this course to be REALLY helpful in finding the right strategies and how to increase the click-through rate for my pins. The introduction of the course is pretty basic but then it gets pretty advanced and detailed. The ninja secrets at the end are worth the course alone. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions, or email me at 🙂

  6. This is by far the most in-depth and genuine review I’ve seen for this course. I’ve read others a long time ago and I wasn’t convinced but yours definitely did the trick! Thanks for recommending, will definitely try it out.

    • Mia says:

      I’m so glad to hear this! Thank you! The course is SO good! You won’t regret it 🙂 Good luck on your Pinterest adventures!

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