The 14 Best Self Care Products You Need In Your Life

May 1, 2019

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We all need a little lovin’. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing the very best self-care products you absolutely need in your life (products that I also use).

Taking the time out of your busy day to pamper and care for yourself is crucial to a happy mind, body, and soul. 

The world is a crazy place and distractions are truly endless. It’s so fast-pacing that most of us forget to implement self-care into our daily routines. 

I get it, there is a husband, a few kids and maybe even a dog that needs your constant care and attention. 

However, taking just 10 minutes for yourself is better than no minutes at all. 

So, for this post, I challenge you to start a self-care routine.

Sunday is a good day to get started with self-care. 

Self-care is like that mental vacation we all need, and it also reduces anxiety. 



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best self care products

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I’ve gathered my absolute favorite and the best self-care products for you. 

Just a little extra something you can add to your new routine to make it feel more enjoyable and perhaps even a little luxurious. 

Note that I am all for living minimally, but when it comes to mental health and products that help elevate my daily mood and quiet down the gazillion thoughts in my mind – I allow myself a few self-care purchases here and there. 

These products make for great gifts, as well.



1. Essential Oils

The best self-care products

Essential oils are awesome and they can be used for so many things. 

I like to include them in my skincare – one drop in my evening moisturizer or serum. 

I also have essential oils (my favorite ones are tea tree and lavender) as ingredients in my homemade face serum. 

Read the recipe here

Keep in mind that essential oils are extremely potent, so one drop will go a long way. 

You can also diffuse these oils for better sleep, relaxation, use them in your bath and some say they also help with breathing and give you energy. 

I’ll take it. 



2. Holy Basil Tea

The best self-care products 

You’ve probably heard that green tea is good for you.

And it is – but this tea is fresh off the bat from India and contains the healing herb, holy basil (or sometimes called Tulsi), which has great anti-inflammatory properties and can also help with any hormonal issues.



3. Comfy slippers

The best self-care products 

Nothing says self-care like a pair of really comfy (and cute) slippers



4. Dry Brush

The best self-care products

Dry brushing has several benefits for your skin and overall health. It’s especially great for those with dry skin.

The brush above is from the brand Wholesome Beauty and its bristles are 100% natural. Yay, girl. 

Dry brushing can help with the following:

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Unclogs your pores 
  • Hello, smooth skin!



5. Stress Less Cards

The best self-care products

A deck of cards filled with useful exercises to help you de-stress and reduce anxiety.

It’s neat, compact and you can carry it with you should you be doing your self-care on the bus, train, in traffic or at home. 



6. Books

I know what you’re thinking… “well, this was broad.”

And yes it is, but there are so many great books out there that are perfect for self-care and it was hard to pick just one.

If I have to pick one though, it’s got to be Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. 

Reading is a great form of self-care.

However, if you’re not into reading, audiobooks and podcast is an amazing option, an option I usually prefer.

I use Audible for audiobooks (there is a 30-day FREE trial!) and my favorite podcasts for personal development can be found here



7. Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal

I use this journal religiously. Every morning and every evening.

It works like this:

  • You check in with yourself and devote 5 minutes every morning to your thoughts and set the intentions for the day.
  • In the evening you evaluate the day, jot down a few amazing things that happened and note how you can make tomorrow even better.

It’s a great tool starting and finishing the day on a happy note.

The Five Minute Journal was created by Intelligent Change.  

It just so happens to be the same company that is behind the infamous planner that you know I rave about, the Productivity Planner.

Learn more about The Five Minute Journal here.  



8. Almond Body Wash

I love everything almond.

This body wash from L’Occitane is a regular in my shower.

The smell is unexplainable (in a good way, of course).



9. Matcha Face Mask

There is a giant buzz going around about matcha and all its amazing benefits. 

I decided to finally give in and try a matcha latte. Turns out it’s pretty darn good.

I didn’t stop there, and also splurged on this matcha face mask from Leegeeham (a Korean brand). 

It’s packed with antioxidants giving you that glow. 

You know? That glow.

Nourishing face- and hair masks are generally a great way to treat and nourish yourself. 



10. Scented Candles


I’m a true sucker for candles, both scented and unscented.

Try starting your morning routine by lighting a few candles to set that cozy mood. 

I do this every single morning (and night and yes, even when it’s light out).

You can, for example, get scented candles that are infused with beneficial essential oils, like the one pictured above, to up the game of your self-care routine. 

Another great brand that I love is Voluspa



11. Coloring Books

Coloring is a really meditative and enjoyable exercise to add to your self-care regime. 

It’s fun, stress-relieving and quiets down distractions.

As an added bonus you get to create something to put on the fridge or frame on the wall.

Coloring is not just for kids. 

These coloring books are really affordable on Amazon



12. Bath Bombs

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ultimate self-care product, bath bombs

Baths and self-care go hand in hand. 

The option above is super affordable and it’s packed with essential oils and other nourishing organic ingredients. Woop!



13. Soothing Eye Masks

Best self care products

Why not put on a pair of soothing eye patches whilst enjoying your bubble bath? 

Put on some Enya why don’t cha, and let the soothing session begin. 

You deserve it. 



14. Body Butter


This body butter from Molivera Organics is as buttery as it gets (although, ironically, it’s vegan)

It’s so creamy and thick, made from the purest of the pure, raw shea butter and is full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

If you have dry skin, like yours truly, this is a great option. 



Before You Go

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of my favorite and the best self care products.

Let me know in the comments below, what it is you do in your self-care routine and if there are any more products I need to add to this list.

I mean, we could all use more self-care ideas. ✨

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