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57+ Helpful Self Care Ideas For When Life Is Tough

October 21, 2018

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Life can be scary, hectic, chaotic and we all have our share of bad days.

Taking a break from the chaos is a must for our well-being. 

Self-care is crucial for survival.

If you’re having a rough day, week, month or year – it’s important that you make time to care for yourself a little every day by implementing one (or more) of the following self-care ideas.

Hopefully, you’ll find a self-care practice that feels right and works for you.

Most of the ideas below are completely free as well.

Enjoy 🙂



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1. If it doesn’t feel right – don’t do it
Learn to say no! There is so much power in simply saying no.

Save your energy on things that actually bring you joy.

Time is precious, guys.


2. Unplug for a whole day
.. if possible.

Sunday is a good day for unplugging.

Or just put away your phone for a good hour or so.


3. Get some fresh air
Go for a brisk 30-minute walk and listen to an inspirational podcast or audiobook.


4. Bake something delicious
Studies show that baking may improve your well-being and help with anxiety.

And taking the time to focus on a specific recipe and mastering something in the kitchen can be very rewarding.


5. Light candles or incense
There’s not a single day that goes by when I don’t light a candle.

I’m addicted to the coziness.

Yes, I even do this during the summer when the sun never sets.


6. Listen to your favorite music
Some good old Bon Iver or Nick Drake works like a charm for me.


7. De-clutter
There’s something so fulfilling and feel-good about cleaning out the wardrobe and getting rid of things you no longer need. 

Free your space, free your mind.


8. Take a warm bath
Take a bubble bath, light a trillion candles and listen to Enya.

Yes, this really works – as cheesy as it sounds.


9. Hello, face masks!
Refresh and revive your skin by putting on a face mask.


10. Moisturize your entire body
Because when do we ever take the time to do so?


11. Do your nails
Make ’em pretty and all dressed up in your favorite color.


12. Journal


13. Do a thought-download
If you’re having a rough day and thoughts are spiraling in your mind, it might be a good idea to get it all down on a piece or paper.


14. Meditate
Headspace is my go-to app for mediation.



self care tips when life is tough

Busy bee? Pin this article for later.



15. Rent a movie
Just like we did in the 90s.

I love to do this on a Sunday.

I tend to feel quite nostalgic at times and this is such a great activity for that. 


16. Organize old photo albums
Alternatively – go through your albums on your phone and organize it all on there.


17. TED talks are your friends
Whenever I feel down – I’m all about YouTube and TED talks.


18. Drink warm beverage
Tea, coffee or lukewarm water with lemon will do the trick. 


19. Unfollow
..negative people who do not inspire you on social media.

And follow people who do inspire you.


20. Read a book
Read a little every day and escape reality for a moment.


21. Dance!
Sounds crazy, eh?

Put on your favorite feel-good music and dance your heart out.

You’re bound to feel better. I promise.


22. Appreciation time
Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.


23. Do some light yoga or stretching


24. Plan your butt off
If you are feeling stuck in life – planning will save your butt.

Get your goals and dreams in order and make sure you are moving forward.


25. Put your PJ’s on


26. Take a shower
..and do a hair mask


27. Change your bedsheets
There’s no greater feeling than going to bed in a pair of fresh, new, clean and cold sheets.


28. Re-organize 3 things in your safe space
This could be your bedroom or wherever you spend most of your time.

Change up the furniture, photos, plants, etc.


29. Buy a new plant for your home
.. alternatively flowers. It really does bring a little more life into your home.

Quite literally.

I’m all about green plants.


30. Put your face on
Even if it’s just for yourself.

Get dressed and put some lipstick on.


31. Color
Coloring can be very meditative and relaxing.

Try it! You can easily download free printables off the web.


32. Binge watch your all-time favorite sitcom
You all know mine – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I sometimes even have the show on in the background for the company or some kind of radio.

Weird? It sure makes me feel better though. 


33. Take a quick nap
There’s nothing a 20-minute nap won’t solve, right?


34. Go for a drive
..and blast your favorite music on the open road (don’t speed)


35. Call a friend
Or your mom.


36. Plan for an adventure
A weekend getaway or it could be the trip of your dreams.

Plan for it, so it will actually happen.


37. Exercise
This one is so tricky for me, but it always feels so good afterward.

Note to self: just do it, get your butt outside or to the gym. 20 minutes will do


38. Play with a pet
Don’t have a pet? Binge-watch cute puppy/cat videos on YouTube.


39. Invite your closest friends over
.. for board games, charades or a movie night.


40. Paint
Paint your feelings on canvas.


41. Take 3 deep breaths


42. Go on a date
.. with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or with yourself. 


43. Go out in the sun
Get those D-vitamins (wear SPF)


44. Do a DIY or something crafty


45. Work on your to-do list
.. and prioritize


46. Plan for tomorrow
.. down to the hour


47. Watch the sunset and/or sunrise


48. Wake up early


49. Budget
Plan for getting out of debt. Budget your income and expenses.

This really helps me and it feels like I got my life in order.


50. Grab a to-go coffee with a friend


51. Watch a nostalgic movie
.. like
The Parent Trap or Titanic for example.


52. Let go of old grudges


53. Go nuts on Pinterest
.. and find inspiration and motivation.


54. Take up a new hobby
Do something you’ve never done before.


55. Cry it out!
Feeling blue? Cry it all out. It helps, I swear.

Don’t keep it all inside my friends.


56. Explore your neighborhood
.. and go to a new cozy café you’ve never been to before.


57. Make sure to implement a little self-care every day 🙂


58. Take care of your body 



Before You Go

Let me know in the comments below what your go-to activities are for a blue day.

I sincerely hope you’ve found this list helpful and that you’re feeling a little better already.

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    1. Ashley says:

      I never take care of myself and have just recently decided I need to start! Great ideas!

    2. Chrystal says:

      You are amazing! Your posts are top Pins on Pinterest, FYI. I so needed to hear these things and I know everyone says that, but I have been going through a very dark spell in life and at times feel that I am in the lowest mental place that I’ve ever been. I was laid off of my job and am struggling with endometriosis, which makes me feel tired and brainfog so much, plus the sadness of being infertile in a good, happy marriage and feeling unworthy of love. Motivational speeches often leave me in tears of frustration because when you feel very down and tired, it is hard to work on pushy, insistent forms of self-development. The simple, easy to read, and cheerful way that you write is so helpful. I can work on one or two things at a time and feel accomplished and reap the benefits ♡. Thank you so much; you have made a world of difference for me. I have several of your articles written in a journal as reminders, not to mention pinned and saved as page links. Lots of love to you.

      • Mia says:

        Chrystal. <3 Your comment means the world to me and it makes me so warm and glad to know that my articles are serving value and a purpose for you. I'm so so sorry to hear that you're going through a difficult time, I hope things will get better in time for you.

        Lots of love back to you. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. x

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