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10 Thoughts You Should Never Ever Think And Why

January 20, 2019


thoughts you should never think and why

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Having a negative mindset can be a real dream-killer and make us miserable. And yet, so many of us walk around thinking the worst of ourselves. WHY oh why would we drag ourselves down like this on the reg?

Practicing having a more positive mindset should honestly be on all of our to-do lists and part of our daily routines. However, it’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity of the hectic world around us, and our thoughts like follow us wherever we go. 



First things first..

Understanding the power of our thoughts is key.

It’s crazy to think just how much power our thoughts have over us. It’s like the kids say, total cray cray.

If you’ve never thought about your thoughts in the way I’m about to explain, it may blow your mind a little. I know I was mindblown when I learned the way our thoughts and realities intertwine with each other and on such a deep level.  

Are you ready?

There is ALWAYS a direct relation between the thoughts in our mind and the results in our life.

In other words..

Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our emotions which makes us act a certain way.

This all equals the current RESULTS we have in our lives.

You can basically tie the results you have in your life now, back to thoughts you had previously thought. If you’re not happy with a certain aspect of your life, congrats! You can change this by starting with your thoughts.

By changing the way we think, we can manifest ANYTHING to be our reality, which is honestly so awesome to think about. This is why it’s so important to pay close attention to our thoughts and be aware of how we are talking to ourselves.

If you want the good life, you need to think the good thoughts.



What are you thinking right now?

  • Are your thoughts positive?
  • Are they negative?
  • Do your current thoughts support you and your dreams?

If they don’t support you, this needs to be changed, and quickly.

I go into detail about the most common thoughts we tend to think but NEVER (ever) should below, including examples of thoughts to think instead so you can, hopefully, turn your frown upside down and start practicing a more positive mindset.

Note that it takes quite a lot of practice to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, but start right now and you can really make a difference in your life.

The key is to believe your thoughts.

What you think becomes your reality, so make it an AMAZING one.



1. BAD THOUGHT: “I’m not good enough”

I think we’ve all thought this thought at some point in our lives. Moments of insecurity and low self-esteem got the best of you. Don’t you dare give this thought more power over you than it already has. It’s time to stop thinking like you have no self-worth because it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

There’s no time to waste. Say your goodbyes because it’s time to leave the pity party and get the heck out of here.

Newsflash! We are ALL good enough. ‘Nough said.

REPLACE WITH: “I am good enough and I am doing the best I can”



2. BAD THOUGHT: “I could never afford X”

If you think you can’t have something or you believe that you could never afford something you desire, your money mindset is off.

What you’re doing here is that you are actually telling your brain that the opposite is true. You are telling it over and over again that you can and never will afford the things you desire to have. And guess what? If you continue to do so, you never will.

Money won’t show up at your doorstep if you constantly push it away with your thoughts.

You have to start to think differently when it comes to your finances. Believe and visualize that it’s all possible for you. Even if you, at this moment, may be stretching a one dollar bill from here and to the moon to see how far it can be stretched.

You can have money, but the having of the money starts, again, in your brain. 

Here are a few things you can do to start to shift your money mindset:

Tip #1 – read Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass At Making Money, it will turn your world upside down (as well as your mindset, hopefully).

Tip #2 – listen to “The Make More Money Mindset” by Natalie Bacon and implement her strategies. 

REPLACE WITH: “Anything is possible for me” or “Money really does love me”



3. BAD THOUGHT: “I can’t”

Yikes! Saying “I can’t” limits you from all the amazingness this world has got to offer. If you find yourself saying “I can’t” a lot, you are pampering yourself with self-doubt and believing in impossibility


Your brain is very polite. It listens to you.

If you believe you can’t, that will be your truth. Turn this around immediately and I promise you will see results.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.”
Henry Ford

REPLACE WITH: “I can do anything I want” or “If I work hard, anything is possible for me” or simply, “I can”



4. BAD THOUGHT: “I’m just not that lucky..”

The story goes: other people have things, things you wish you had. Other people live their lives a way you believe that you aren’t able to.

Guys, this is just an illusion. Comparing yourself to other people is the worst thing you can possibly do. The truth is, we’ll never know what’s going on in other people’s lives, what they are truly thinking and feeling. It may look like they have it all on the outside, but they could just as easily be crying a river inside.

The perfect and “lucky” life doesn’t exist without hard work and solid mind work. You can be just as “lucky” as you perceive other people to be if you put in the work and believe.

Start believing and visualizing your ideal future and great things SHALL happen. Don’t believe me? Read You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero and it will hopefully change your mind because it changed mine.

REPLACE WITH: “Amazing things will and can happen to me”



5. BAD THOUGHT: “I’m not smart enough”

You can learn anything. At any time. And also, people are different. We all are (thank God). Thinking you’re not clever is a common thought that I know a lot of people struggle with.

We are all smart in our own way and have unique areas of expertise.

No one (unless you are a wizard) has all the facts. They just don’t. If there is something you wish you knew more about, go and LEARN. Listen to an audiobook on the subject, watch a Youtube video or crack open a book (so old-fashioned).

The knowledge already exists, so go and grab it 🙂

REPLACE WITH: “I am learning, every day” or “I am smart. I choose to learn every day because I can and want to”



6. BAD THOUGHT: “No one cares”

Feeling lonely and self-shame is more common than I’d like it to be. Unfortunately.

Thinking that “nobody likes me” or “nobody cares about me” are aching thoughts we need to diminish immediately because it’s just not true.

Why do we let these awful thoughts consume us? We, as humans, have a tendency to focus on the wrong things and the negatives. We’ll easily draw conclusions about other people’s thoughts about us without actually knowing their truth.

This thought stems from feeling insecure and anxious and hits everyone at one point or the other. It’s our inner critique and demon voice that we can’t seem to shake. Just like it was there for us during our insecure teens, it comes back to haunt us as adults. This is true for everybody, introverts, and extroverts alike.

Replacing your inner demon takes practice, but don’t waste any time and start shaking it off.

REPLACE WITH: “I have loving people who care about me in my life” or “I deserve to feel and be loved, and I am.”




7. BAD THOUGHT: “I should .. X”

Saying “I should” is just as bad as saying “I can’t'”. These phrases aren’t supportive at all. By indulging in “should” you are likely to join the self-pity party and we don’t want that. Worst party ever. In addition to this, it makes you feel bad about yourself.

Should” feeds on negativity and draws even more attention to the fact that you didn’t do something.

If you find yourself adding a big fat “should” to every sentence, it implies that you did not succeed at a certain task or that you didn’t achieve what you thought was possible.

From now on, the word “should” no longer exists in your vocabulary.

Please don’t should all over yourself.

REPLACE WITH: “I am working on it” or “I am doing X and I feel X because of it”



8. BAD THOUGHT: “I wish I could”

Wishful thinking often comes alongside his buddy .. “I can’t”, which is just fueling your brain the fact that you don’t really believe in yourself. And I’ve got news for ya; you are capable and you will succeed. If you train your brain to believe this to be your new truth, visualize it and put in the work you can do anything.


Warning – I’m about to say something quite cheesy. You only live once, there is only ONE you, so make this life count and don’t be afraid to dream big.

Stop wishing for things to happen and make them happen for yourself. It would be such a waste if you didn’t pursue what lights you up or do what your gut is telling you to.

Don’t wait around, because things won’t magically appear – create opportunities by taking action.

Start small, and do something every day for 10 minutes, that moves you a little closer to your goal. 10 minutes, that is all. And you’ll be on your way!

REPLACE WITH: “I plan to”, “I am capable” or “I will X (insert action)”



9. BAD THOUGHT: “I didn’t succeed, therefore, I am a failure” 

The word failure has gotten the worst rep. Ever. You’re not a failure if you don’t succeed, the only true failure is never trying at all!

When you fail you are actually, believe it or not, succeeding, because you are LEARNING.

Failing = Learning

You are trying something new, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into the unknown and you most likely won’t get it all right at first. But that’s ok!

Success is a process and we learn along the way.

Take things step by step, day by day, and set your expectations of yourself to realistic. No one can do it all in one go, take baby steps and you’ll get there.

Think of the things you’ll LEARN on your way. Never be afraid of failing or let the word “failure” put you off. Take chances, feel the fear and do it anyway. And don’t make the so-called failure mean anything about who you are. Because it’s got nothin’ on you.

REPLACE WITH: “I know I’ll get there. I’m constantly learning and my knowledge will take me there” or “Failure is an opportunity, not a stop sign”




10. BAD THOUGHT: “I don’t know”

Oh, how we LOVE to dwell on and think “I don’t know”!

This sentence isn’t doing anybody justice. It’s telling your brain to be as confuzzled as you think you are, instead of trying to find the answers.

When you say that you don’t know something, you are giving up on your brain and its opportunity to learn something new.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s more than ok to not have all the answers.

However, when it comes to making decisions in life and staying committed to a goal, livin’ it up in “I don’t know” – land will prevent you from taking the necessary actions in order for you to have the result you want in your life. In other words, you’re more likely to stay still (and stuck) rather than moving steadily towards your dream life.

If you truly believe you don’t know something, find out! Embrace your I don’t know and learn something new. And foremost, believe in your capability to learn and make quick-wit decisions.

Indulging in “I don’t know” is such a waste of your precious time on this earth 🙂

REPLACE WITH: “I’ll find out and I have the power to do that” or “I don’t know now, but I will soon because (insert action)”



Before You Go

Another way to move from a negative to a positive mindset is to set the right affirmations to support you.

I wish you the best of luck with training your mind, because, remember – YOU are the only master of it and only you, have the power to change your thoughts and in turn, the results in your life.

I believe in you! 

I’ll leave you with this genius quote by Tony Robbins:

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basisis exactly what you will experience in your life.”
Tony Robbins

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