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Why I Started A Blog As An Introvert & How You Can Too

April 13, 2020

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I’m a true introvert.

I’m also an entrepreneur and a blogger.

Now I may be biased, but I believe introversion and entrepreneurship are a match made in heaven. 

I started my online business,, nearly two years ago now and I haven’t regretted that decision for a second.

Blogging changed my life. 

It gave me a voice – a voice louder than I ever thought was possible for me – as a quiet person. 



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What is an introvert?

Introversion is a personality trait. 

Introverts love spending time alone and prefer minimal and calm surroundings. 

They dig into creative thinking, books, and tend to easily get lost deep thinking. 

Introverts are true dreamers. ✨

Studies show that over 50% of the US population are actually introverts. 

Quiet people can do amazing things. 



1. I Wanted To Create Something For Me

One of the main reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to create something for myself. 

I wanted to create something out of nothing that would have the possibility to grow it into something amazing that would also have a huge impact on other people.

From an idea in my head to something extraordinary in reality. 

That’s magic. ✨



2. Provide Value To The World

Although I am an introvert, I still have thoughts to share with likeminded souls.

My blog is the medium in which I get to share my thoughts – without having to network or speak on stages. 

I get to provide value to the world from the safety of my own home.

My community is everything. ✨

Without them, I have no online business.

They are my people.

And we inspire and motivate each other daily (yes, it goes both ways!).



My Love For Personal Development

I am a BIG personal development junkie.

In fact, I think I’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts and watched all the YouTube videos. 

I just can’t seem to get enough on the topic of personal growth.

I believe personal growth is the purpose of life.

We were put on this earth to grow into amazing humans who do amazing things with our amazing lives. 

Yup, so it totally made sense for me to go down the personal development route. 

Here’s a little secret you might not know (because I literally haven’t told anyone or written about it on the blog)…

I am pursuing a life coach certification next year and I am over-the-moon excited about being able to share all the tools and value with you all soon. 

Since starting my blog though, I have gotten a soft spot for everything online business – this is why I can’t seem to zip the lip when it comes to blogging and all its glory. 



start a blog as an introvert

Tis me! The introvert, blogger, dreamer, and entrepreneur.



Pursue Freedom

I also started my blog to pursue freedom. 

Throughout my life, it has become quite clear to me that I was always meant to be free. 

  • Free from a 9-5.
  • Free to live anywhere I want.
  • Free to be who I want.
  • Free to speak my mind.
  • Free to serve and provide value.
  • Free.



Earning My Own Money

By running an online business, I control my profits and there’s no cap on the potential money I can earn through my blog and passive income. 

The times when I wake up and see that a sale of Dreamer To Blogger has come in while I was sleeping – I mean – there are no words for how exhilarating that is. 

I’ve never been a fan of the idea of being dependent on someone else to earn a living. 

My money mindset has taken a swift u-turn since I started my blogging journey – to say the least.

I don’t look to money with a scarce mindset anymore, as in, there is never enough. 

I entered the world of financial abundance.

There is always enough money to go around and I really believe that to be true. 

Heck, I’m a #girlboss now, making things happen. 

Let me just say, if I can do this blogging thing, so can you, dreamer.



A Place To Speak My Mind

Having a blog as my medium for sharing my message and speaking my mind fits my introverted personality just perfectly.

As an introvert, I am better at (and prefer to) get my thoughts down in writing than speaking about them. 

My blog has become my safe space.

Not just my safe space, but yours too.

That’s the goal. 

I strive to make She Dreams All Day the loveliest and warmest spot on the web for anyone who magically finds their way here.



start a blog as an introvert

Busy bee? Pin this article for later. 



Gaining Online Confidence

Through my blogging journey, I have gotten to taste courage.

While it’s lovely to be able to share my message from my bed – blogging is so much more than just writing blog posts.

When you start a blog, you start an online business and by starting a business comes confidence and courage.

I started this blog as a hush-hush-anonymous secret thing, but it has since then evolved into an online business where both my face and name appear.


I didn’t just one day decide to put my face on the blog – this has been a gradual shift.

I eased my way into online visibility.

You can do this too – even as an introvert. 

Everything gets easier with time. 



Reasons You Might Want To Start Your Own Dream Blog

  • You want to create something for yourself – something extraordinary.
  • You know you are meant for more than cubicle life.
  • You have a computer with thoughts to share.
  • You too, want to make money in your sleep.
  • You want to change the lives of others.
  • You want a confidence boost. 
  • You want freedom.



How To Start Your Blog

Okay okay!

So by now, I know you might be itching to start your own dream blog.

No need to leave this blog post without any action steps.

I’ve got just the thing for ya.
Join my FREE Start Your Dream Blog course specifically designed for introverts and dreamers – just like you and me. 

This FREE course will teach you ALL the things.

Blogging changed my life and I cannot wait to see what you will create in the world. 

    with your name on it!



    Learn how to start a PROFITABLE blog the introvert friendly way and for FREE.

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