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The 10 Advantages Of Being An Introvert

July 6, 2020


advantages of being an introvert

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Introverts are awesome.

Introverts are thinkers, dreamers, creatives, and doers.

Don’t be fooled by all the common misconceptions about introverts (they’re shy, antisocial, lonely and aloof).

I’ve always known I was an introvert.

However, all through my 20s, I have for some reason, strived to be an extrovert because that is what I believed to be ideal.

Surprise! It’s not.

It’s only for the last couple of years that I’ve made peace with my introversion and escaped all feelings related to FOMO.

I’ve learned to say no to things that don’t give me energy and I stay in the clear when it comes to overwhelming social situations.

There is no pleasure or excitement associated with being around hundreds of people for a long period of time.

The feelings I am left with are drain, tired, and exhaustion.

But enough about me…

Though I’m sure you can relate to all of the above? ✨



So, let’s get into the advantages of being an introvert.

Here’s my take on the definition of an introverted individual:

A reserved and thoughtful person who thrives in a quiet environment loves spending time alone and re-charges her batteries in solitude.



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1. Introverts Are Creative Dreamers

Introverts tend to fall on the creative side and they’re true dreamers.

I daydream a lot (hence the name of my business).

This type of daydreaming won’t hold an introvert back though.

Introverts have big dreams and they imagine the impossible.

We dream and believe things so hard that they eventually end up being true.

The thoughts and beliefs we tell ourselves are so powerful it’s almost mindblowing. 

Our thoughts create our results. 

In other words, daydreams create our results.

Dreaming will serve you well. 

I don’t know how many times I had dreamed about starting a successful blog up until this point.

I created my current result from my never-ending daydreams.

Many forward thinkers of our time are introverts.

For example: Warren Buffet, Elon Musik, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, Eleanor Roosevelt to name a few.  


Try this:

  • Focus on what you want to achieve (the results you want in your life)
  • Journal about it in detail
  • Take 10 minutes and visualize
  • Channel into your future-self

This ain’t woo-woo, it really works if you believe it!



2. Introverts Embrace Solitude

Introverts love to be alone and they embrace solitude every chance they get. 

It may sound strange, but as an introvert, I find so much joy in having the apartment to myself. 

Truth be told, there is no greater joy than canceled plans.

I know you agree.

Introverts thrive in their own little company and don’t need much stimulation to feel at peace.

Give me a good book (alternatively Netflix), a cup of tea, and a blanket and there you have my definition of a perfect Friday night.

Introverts enjoy alone time and it’s much needed to recharge their social batteries.



3. Introverts Don’t Fear The Fomo

Ah, the FOMO.

I used to struggle with fear of missing out on things all the time until I finally embraced the real introvert in me.

It’s ok to not be everywhere with everyone all the time.

Introverts find peace in spending time with themselves and there’s really no need to spend energy on things that are happening outside of their little bubble.

That would be a waste of precious energy. 

I tend to stay away from big social gatherings and if I do need to do some mingling on a Saturday or there is an event I absolutely need to go to, it’s crucial for me to refuel and recharge for a few hours, a whole day or whatever the universe will give me.

Social gatherings with meaningless chit-chat feel draining to introverts.

We’d much rather have meaningful conversations and go deep on a specific topic. 

When the next social event arises that you don’t really have to go to, I challenge you:

  • Say “no thank you, I have plans with myself tonight”
  • Or simply say “no” without explaining yourself.

It’s freeing to say no. 

We should all get better at saying no to things we don’t really want to do, and most importantly, to not feel bad about it.



4. Introverts Are More Focused

Introverts are not as easily distracted.

They are able to put their minds into creative or strategic thinking without something pulling them out of their zone.

The creative work possesses introverts completely.

Because of this,  introverts are capable of getting more done in a shorter period of time.

Could it be that introverts are more productive?

I don’t have scientific proof or research, but maybe?

Introverts also have special access (a Narnia gateway if you like) and understanding of their inner worlds, which comes in handy when solving a problem or when the focus is needed.

The attention span of an introvert is thought to be much bigger than an extrovert because introverts devote their time to creative thinking and avoid social distractions.

They take on a task and immerse themselves completely in it.

On the other hand, it might be hard to pull an introvert out of her inner world when she’s in it. 



5. Introverts Listen

You talk – we listen.

Introverts are generally thought of as amazing listeners.

They listen actively and really absorb what the other person is saying.

Introverts process new information intently and take mental notes when the other person is talking.

There is never any rush to get a word in.

Introverts don’t just jump into a conversation and count down the seconds in their head until it’s their turn to speak.

When they do speak, they have a considerate and thoughtful reply for you.

Introverts are as receptive and reliable – they choose their words wisely.

It’s safe to tell your secrets to your introverted friend.



6. Introvert Limit (Toxic) Relationships

Introverts are picky about who they have around them.

They choose their relationships wisely.

It’s definitely quality over quantity when it comes to people in their lives. 

Toxic and empty relationships feel draining and like a waste of time.

Introverts understand this and they don’t spend time on people who don’t give them a good vibe or warm energy.

I know this is true for me.

My intuition is so strong that I tend to get a “feeling” for people fairly quickly.

I am not fast to judge, however, I am quick to pick up on energy and if we float in the same boat or not.

Free yourself from toxic relationships that do not add value to your life.

I am slowly starting to understand the real importance of this.

In my teens and early 20s, I always thought, the more friends the merrier – but as it turns out – the opposite is true.

We all have those friends that we always plan to see, get coffee, get that drink and catch up but never do. 

Introverts prefer a close group of trusted friends and would rather be without a large network of acquaintances. 

Go through your friendships – reflect and think about who you want in your life.

Time is precious, so spend it with people who bring you joy.

Introverts are especially good at selecting friendships. 





7. Introverts Love Meaningful Conversations

Yes to meaningful conversations and long night discussions about life.

No thank you to mingling and meaningless chit-chat.

Introverts find small talk absolutely useless and may I say boring.

I don’t think anyone really enjoys small talk – but this is especially true for introverts.

Introverts are deep thinkers who seek deep conversations about real things and wish to get to the core about topics they are truly passionate about. 

In the line of work that I do, this type of mingling is sometimes necessary and it can be quite exhausting at times.

But I push through and make sure I have time set aside to refuel and recharge.

Find peace in the silence.

For introverts, there are no awkward silences – they take their time to connect with like-minded dreamers. 



advantages of being an introvert

Busy bee? Pin this article for later.



8. Introverts Are Goal Getters

Because of the solitude introverts naturally embrace, they are able to get things done, set impossible goals, and actually devote themselves entirely to the goals they set.

In addition to this, introverts are really good at avoiding distractions by dodging social situations which can easily cause a conflict between setting and actually achieving a goal.

This is a real strength when pursuing dreams.

Introverts take passive and massive action on their dreams – and they aren’t afraid to dream big.



9. Introverts Are Observant

Because introverts love to take a deep dive into their inner worlds, it should come as no surprise that they love to reflect and observe the world around them.

Introverts may even see things that other people don’t, because they’re not busy talking or examing information out loud all the time.

Their intuitions are strong and can quote on quote read a room with ease.

They pick up on things other people overlook.

In other words, introverts take it all in and love a good pause from the noisy extroverted world we live in.

Introverts enjoy the peace and solitude nature brings and they embrace the little things in life.

For me, this is definitely my cuppa coffee in the morning and the little piece of chocolate that goes with it.

Introverts don’t need to be where the party is at all the time.

They have no need to be social butterflies. 

They’d much rather prefer to observe the “party” from the sidelines. 



10. Introverts Are Self-Sufficient

Introverts tend to naturally be more independent.

They don’t bloom in teamwork, they blossom on their own.

There is no introvert in teamwork. 

Introverts are problem solvers, critical thinkers and therefore they prefer doing things on their own as supposed to in a larger group.

Does anyone else just jump at the thought of…

“Okay, split yourself up into a group of 5?”

What a nightmare.

Introverts produce better work in solitude because they are already reserved and private individuals. 

Perhaps this is why a lot of entrepreneurs identify themselves as introverts?

I know both Amy Porterfield and Arianna Huffington are introverts.



A Little Video Tip For You

It was when watching this powerful TED talk by Susan Cain that I understood what a gift being an introvert really is.

I highly recommend you devote 20 minutes of your day to watch this amazing talk, where Susan explains the real power of being an introvert. 

She exudes so much love and warmth and it’s truly an inspiring talk all introverts should watch.

“We’re not anti-social, we’re just differently social.” – Susan Cain




Before You Go

I think I could go on for longer than this post turned out.

The advantages of being an introvert are many.

I mean, my tagline for my business is…

Quiet people can do amazing things.

I really believe that to be true. 

Introversion is power and a true gift.

Embrace your introvertness.

Let me know how if you recognize yourself in this article in the comments below.

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  1. Marina says:

    I would like to learn to embrace who I am
    Rather than trying to change into who someone else is, thinking that it’s what will make me happy.

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