Why Deep Work Will Help You Get More Done as an Introverted Blogger

August 3, 2020

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Today, I have an amazing guest blog post from fellow introverted blogger, Gina Lucia, from Limit Breaker.

I’m so excited for you to dig into her wise words when it comes to why deep work is so important for us introverted bloggers.

deep work for introverts


Get to know Gina:

Hey, I’m Gina and I believe in the power of introverts in business. It wasn’t always this way, but these 12 lessons taught me that not only is my introversion an asset, but it’s the key to building a business I’m now proud of. I now share this knowledge and my journey with introverts around the world. 

Learn more about Gina and her blog here.



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Why Deep Work Will Help You Get More Done as an Introverted Blogger

As introverted bloggers, we have many natural tendencies which when utilized and mastered, can become valuable skills.

One such tendency is deep thinking.

As introverts, we naturally think deeply.

This applies to every aspect of our lives, from thinking about what direction our lives are going to take, to what direction we want our business to take. 

But when we get stuck in the day-to-day workings of our businesses, we cast aside our deep thinking tendencies to complete much smaller tasks.

Here’s the thing, as introverted bloggers, we need to do more deep thinking, not less.

Not only will it help us get more done, but it will help us make better and more aligned decisions too.

So, to utilize this skill to the fullest, I recommend making time for deep work.



What Is Deep Work?

Deep work is actively having higher quality thoughts without distraction and with focus.

Essentially, deep work is you at your introvert thinking best.

You’ve probably already experienced deep thinking in some form when you get into a flow state while writing, or when you’re on a solo walk and come up with some of your best ideas.

But deep work is slightly different.

It’s a specific period of time you set out to deeply think.

There’s no distraction, nothing else to do.

Just you and your brain.

Usually, deep work is done to think on a certain subject that’s prepared ahead of time or to problem-solve.

But actually, the time you allocate to deep work doesn’t have to have any goals at all. It can just be used to think.



deep work for introverts

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Why Deep Work Is Beneficial For Introverts 

Introverts are great deep thinkers anyway, but we can get distracted, overwhelmed, and burnt out without quiet.

We need time and space to do our best thinking work and in a world full of distractions, it’s almost impossible to get. 

So, we have to create it ourselves.

Being able to create an intentionally quiet and focused zone, means we can do our best work in a timed and functional environment. 

In general, it’s easy to get distracted by the day to day workings of our lives and businesses.

Deep work allows you to do some serious thinking without distraction so you can see the bigger picture and make meaningful changes.



How To Bring More Deep Work Into Your Blogging Life

So let’s get to including deep work in your busy blogging schedule.

Because by utilizing and mastering a skill like deep work, you’ll be able to achieve more and get more done in a concentrated amount of time.


Step 1: Create a deep working space

First thing’s first, you need to create a space to do your deep work.

This step entirely depends on you.

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where do you do your best (and most focused) work?
  2. Is this space inside your home, or somewhere else?
  3. Can you adapt a space within your home to allow you to do deep work?

The answers to these questions should give you an idea of where your deep work space could be.

But here are a few other things to bear in mind:

  • You need to be able to remove distractions from this space.
    • This includes other people, housework, mess, noise, anything that could take you out of your flow state.
  • It needs to be a space that helps you focus.
    • This goes hand in hand with the first point, but you should also make sure nothing in the space annoys you or alters your mood. Your focus needs to be thinking, nothing else.


Step 2: Be disciplined

When in your deep work space, you need to be disciplined.

This means:

  • Removing notifications from your phone, or better yet, removing your phone from your space altogether.
  • Blocking web pages, or apps if you need to use your computer. 
  • Telling the people you live with not to disturb you.

View your deep work time as precious.

This time cannot be disturbed and it should be as focused as possible so you can achieve what you set out to do and then continue with your day.

Creating your deep work space is one thing, but being productive when you’re in it is another. 

The level of productivity you achieve might take a little time as you get used to the new way of working.

So don’t beat yourself up if your first deep working session isn’t as productive as you’d like.

It will come with time, trust me. 

If after a few sessions, you’re still not seeing results, go through the above steps again and answer these questions: 

  • Is your space distracting you?
  • Is it allowing you to focus?
  • If not, what could you change/remove/improve to help you achieve more?


Step 3: Schedule it in

In general, deep work should be done for important tasks.

The things that take a lot of thinking power such as creative work, problem-solving and business decisions.

So for this reason, it’s important to schedule in when you’re going to do it so you can prepare.

The length of time you chose to do deep work is up to you, but in general, anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour works. 

While you might come up with some really good ideas within the first 30 minutes, just 10 minutes later, you could come up with an even better one.

Give your mind the time and space to do its best work, trust me, you’ll be grateful you did.

Of course, you don’t have to have a problem to solve or specific work to complete every time.

You can set a deep work schedule once a month to simply think.

Some of your best business decisions and ideas may come from this time.



Start Implementing Deep Work

Deep work can only happen if you schedule it in and intentionally do it.

For introverted bloggers, it could be the key to growing and creating businesses that are completely aligned with our values.

So tell me, will you be scheduling in some deep work sessions?

Have you tried it before?

Leave a comment below and let’s chat. ✨

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