Why Mindset Work Is Needed For Blogging

June 1, 2020

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Making over your mindset to support you when starting a blog is a must.

If you don’t work that mindset of yours, you’re not going to have the commitment or focus you need to achieve the impossible with your new dream blog.

Mindset always comes first.

If you’re anything like me when I started my blogging adventure, I had a full-time job and other obligations on the side wanting to make my blog profitable. 

To juggle it all, enter mindset work. 

And because you’re an introvert looking to enter the online space, there are likely quite a few limiting beliefs we need to reframe as well.

The time has come to makeover your mindset so you can start your new profitable dream blog with confidence and ease. 



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How The Brain Works

First, let’s talk about how our brain works.

Our brain is a peculiar thing.  

We actually have two brains, believe it or not. 

Our primitive brain and the prefrontal cortex.


The primitive brain is:

  • Super efficient
  • Your fight or flight brain
  • Avoids pain and seeks pleasure

Your primitive brain wants things to be easy.

It is the brain we (unfortunately) use most of the time and it acts on instincts.

It basically hates planning and honoring those plans because it will always want to do what it wants to do in the moment.

Your primitive brain will always try and protect you and talk you out of doing new things – like starting a blog. 

It just loves repetition and usually flees the scene whenever you play with a new thought or take some sort of new action.

Your brain wants easy and familiar, and it’s programmed to think and act a certain way. 

The primitive brain looks to your past.

For example:

If you’ve never blogged before or had any success blogging – your brain is going to resist you starting a blog.


The prefrontal cortex is:

  • Located in the front of your brain
  • Loves to think, plan and set goals
  • Your dreamer brain
  • Craves a lot of energy

This is the brain we want to channel when starting a blog.

This is the thinker, the planner, and the goal setter brain.



Busy bee? Pin this article for later.



Your Thoughts Determine Your Results

This is how the world is designed.

The thoughts you have in your mind right now will show up as results in your life in the future.

Yup, this is true.

The thoughts you have lead you to have a certain feeling, this feeling prompts you to take some sort of action (or inaction) and your actions lead to your results. 

If you want amazing results with your new blog, you need to think supportive thoughts that back up that result.

It’s as simple as that. 

Your current result is a direct reflection of thoughts you have thought in the past.

Not happy with your result? Change your thinking. 

Mindblowing, isn’t it?

If only we knew this growing up. 



Awareness Is The Start Of Change

Have a look at your life and the results you have.

Then, take a look at your thoughts and ask yourself if they are supportive of you starting your new dream blog.

By becoming aware of how the brain works and the thoughts you currently have, it’ll be easier to pinpoint why you’re doing what you’re doing (or not doing) and why your life is shaped the way it is. 

We need to get you from those unsupportive limiting beliefs to “oh-my-gosh I can actually do this” and the-anything-is-possible-abundant mindset.

Because anything is possible with blogging.

The sky’s the limit.

Awareness truly is the start of change.

Start becoming aware of your own thoughts. 

That is the first step to achieving your dream result. 



Visualize Your Dream Result

You have to believe that you are capable of making your dream blog profitable and be all that you want it to be.

You have to practice having these results and being in that place – now.

Channel your future self and really start to visualize the results you want to see with your blog. 

  • Do you want to make six figures?
  • Do you want 1000 email subscribers?
  • Do you want 100.000 monthly pageviews?

Write it all down and start to practice the feelings you want to feel on purpose.

How does it feel, having everything you could have ever wanted with your blog?

Visualize your dream result, and take action from the place where these results have already happened.

Make the decision and take massive action.

Have an open mind about this because it really does works (if you believe in it).

I’ve visualized my way to a profitable blog. 

Transcend your reality.

Step into the future, act as if it is your truth.

Connect with those feelings and bring them back with you into the present moment.

The more you do this, the more amazing things you will manifest into your life and for your blogging business.

Tune into your future self and give her a high five why dontcha? ✨



You Have The Power

You have the power to change your thinking, and therefore, the results in your life.

Your current thoughts are the root cause of the results you have in your life.

And they might not be supportive of your new dream blog.

Pay attention to your thoughts.

Are they holding you back because you don’t yet have evidence of having a successful online blog?

You have the same ability to start a successful blog as I do. 

Make the change and create a life you love.

Don’t let your limiting thoughts get in the way of your dream.

Go into your day with the right blogging mindset and you’ll create amazing things.

I just know it but you have to work on your mindset daily to stay afloat and to push past the hard things.

*End of pep talk*



Before You Go

By now you know that our minds and thoughts are the basis for everything we could ever want for ourselves.

And that is wonderful news because we can, at any time, change the way we think.

Therefore, we can change our results.

So, if you’re feeling excited and pumped right now – ready to start your blog, you can join my FREE Start Your Dream Blog Course just for introverts and dreamers. It will teach you everything you need to know to successfully set up and launch your new dream blog.

Blogging changed my life and I am almost positive that it will have the same effect on your life.

Wishing you so much luck from over here. 

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