The Best Personal Development Books For Introverts

June 8, 2020

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I’m a true introvert and I love to read. 

Well, consume any kind of content – whether it’s a blog post, a book, or the audio version of one.

Introverts love to snuggle up with a cup of tea, a blanket and dive into another world through books. 

Reading and consuming great content is partly how we recharge our batteries as introverts. 

And I know I would definitely prefer to stay at home with a good book than going to an event where small talk is obligatory. 

Who’s with me?

I knew you would be.

In this post, I’m rounding up the best personal development books for introverts and dreamers like you and me. 

Books that have changed my life and my perspective on being an introvert.

You know what I say…

Quiet people can do amazing things.

And these books certainly strengthen that statement.



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1. Quiet by Susan Cain

I think this might be my favorite book about introversion of all time.

I love Susan Cain as a speaker and a leader in the introverted realm.

She is the true O.G, and her masterpiece, Quiet, can be considered nothing less than the bible of introversion.

This book is filled with interesting stories of the past, the evolution of how extroversion and introversion came to be and she writes in such a delicate way that really speaks to you. 

She has unquestionably done her research too. 

There is no wonder why this book is a bestseller. 

If you haven’t yet caught her TED talk, make sure you watch it before you click away from this post. 

It’s absolutely incredible and she talks about the power of being an introvert.

You can watch it below. 




2. The Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth Buelow

As an introvert who is also an online entrepreneur, you can probably guess why this book is on this list. 

For that exact reason. 

This book taught me everything I know about being an introvert and entrepreneur and what a strength that really is. 

Beth also speaks to the importance of acquiring a growth mindset and how to overcome the challenges and fears only introverts have to deal with. 

You will learn how to market yourself as an entrepreneur and how to step into the leader role. 

It’s all possible, girl!

If you’re an aspiring blogger and entrepreneur, I highly recommend this read. 



3. Quiet Influence by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler 

Quiet Influence is all about how to truly make a difference and a dent in the world as an introvert. 

Similar to Quiet by Susan Cain, this book also focuses a lot on the power of being an introvert, in addition to the unique strengths that introverts embody. 

There’s even a quiz (called the “Quiet Influence Quotient” or QIQ) included in the book where you can actually measure how well you are applying these strengths in your life – which is pretty cool.

Quiet Influence teaches you how to master your introversion and influence a world filled with extroverts. 

It’s all about embracing your power as an introvert and knowing that you don’t have to shout out loud to be heard and make a difference in the world. 

Another great read you should add to your reading list this year. 



4. Introverts In Love by Sophia Dembling

Love is hard. 

It can be especially hard for introverts. 

Introverts In Love is the introvert’s personal guide to a happily ever after. 

If you have social anxiety, find it hard to meet new people, despise small talk, or if you struggle with relationships in general, this book is definitely for you. 

It speaks to all of the above topics and makes the whole love and romance thing seem less tricky than it in reality is. 

You will also learn how to thrive (to the extent possible) and survive in awkward social situations. 

Sophia Dembling’s writing style is familiar, enjoyable, and easily relatable. 



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5. The Awakened Introvert by Arnie Kozak

This book focuses a lot on practical mindfulness tips to help you survive in a loud and crazy world. 

In other words, there is a lot of meditation and mindset talk – which I always appreciate.

If you’re into mindfulness, this book will definitely spark something in you. 

The Awakened Introvert also speaks to how you can practice self-care as an introvert and embrace solitude. 

It teaches you how to build up your strength and energy as an introvert, so you can handle the crazy world around us with more ease and peace. 

It’s not totally woo-woo, but it’s borderline.

I at least enjoyed it and I think you will too. 



 6. Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe

By now you must get that we introverts have a unique power, right?

All of these books speak to the power of introversion – this book is no exception. 

You will come to learn that half of all Americans consider themselves to be introverts. 

There are opportunities and strengths in introversion and Laurie Helgoe makes this crystal clear.

This book, proves yet again, that finding peace in solitude is power. 

It will surely open your eyes to see that anything is truly possible for you – introvert or not and that you stand for true value. 



7. Confident You by S.J Scott & Rebecca Livermore

Another amazing book that talks about being an introverted entrepreneur and how to navigate the entrepreneur role and life in general – as a true introvert.

This book really spoke to me, as you can imagine – being both an introvert and an entrepreneur.

I highly recommend this read if you’re on the entrepreneurial route yourself or aspire to be. 

You will learn 15 practical strategies to help you succeed and become more comfortable in business and social situations. 

You can tell that the authors of this book are both introverts making the read all the more authentic. 

This book also talks a lot about leadership and how to empower your quiet and most awesome self as a badass leader. 

An introvert’s guide to success in life and business.

I’ll take it!



8. You’re A Badass by Jen Sincero

Now I know what you’re thinking.

This book isn’t specifically aimed towards introverts, it’s aimed towards all people with all kinds of different personality traits.

And it just so happens to be one of my favorite personal development books on the planet.

Jen Sincero writes in a humouristic and badassery way that will for sure lift both your spirits and confidence. 

I’ve re-read this book about 10 times and every single time I pick it up, I learn a few new nuggets that spark motivation, gratitude, and the fact that we’ve got to make the most out of the time we’ve got on this weird planet. 

If you’re a personal development junkie like myself, I can guarantee you will love this book by Ms. Sincero. 



Before You Go

The books above have changed my life. 

I went from being an insecure introvert to an empowered one. 

You can too. 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this list of the best personal development books for introverts, and which one’s you’ll for sure be adding to your reading list this year. 

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