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12 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing & What To Do About It

June 15, 2020


reasons why your blog isn't growing and what to do about it

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You did it!

You started your dream blog.

You’re excited to make money online, grow an audience of raving fans, and write content that people love.

But then..


No one is reading your content, your Google Analytics is constantly flashing the number 0 active visitors in your face and you start to feel disheartened by it all. 

I feel you. 

Running an online blogging business is challenging at times and it is certainly not a game for the people who want to take shortcuts or make quick cash online. 

When you start a blog, you’re playing the long-term game.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your blog isn’t growing and what you can actually do about it to fix it. 

Let’s get into it. 



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Here’s the YouTube video for all my visual learners.




1. You Don’t Believe In Yourself


I cannot stress how important mindset is for blogging or starting any type of business. 

Without proper mindset work, it’s going to be hard to succeed.

You have to believe there is a possibility that you will succeed and you can make this blogging thing work for you. 

You have to believe your success is inevitable. 

I’ve written an entire post about the importance of mindset work when it comes to blogging. You can read it here and learn how to improve your mindset.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your efforts to have a successful blog – you simply won’t. 



2. You’re Not Consistent With Your Content

Putting out consistent and quality content is a must for any blogger who wants to see growth. 

If you’re inconsistent with when and how often you publish a new blog post, you can’t expect your traffic or audience to grow either.

Search engines like Google and Pinterest tend to favor bloggers who are consistent with how often they publish new content. 

For example, I publish a new blog post every single Monday. 

But I’m not perfect.

There have been days when I’ve missed one or two weeks, but I try and stay as consistent as I possibly can.

Choose a day and time that works best for you. 

I highly recommend posting at least once a week. 

Schedule this time on your calendar so you never miss a week and won’t forget. 



3. You Don’t Know Your Audience

You have to know the people you serve and you have to give them exactly what they want and need the most. 

Your niche (the theme of your blog) speaks to a certain group of people.

The more specific you are the better.

For example:

I aim to serve and provide amazing value for introverts who want to chase their dream life and start dream blogs. 

That is my ideal avatar. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I speaking directly to through my content?
  • Who do I want to serve?
  • Who is she and what is her number one struggle in life?

Remember, your blog exists to solve a problem. 

You’re not writing for you, you’re writing for your audience. 

Get as clear as you can when it comes to your ideal avatar.

Write up a little biography if that helps you to gain clarity.

Then, you base your content around what she would want to hear and learn from you.

I promise you – she is out there waiting for you to help her in your own unique way. 

There are enough people in the world for every single one of us to serve and help. 



4. You’re Not On Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest.

I honestly don’t know what newbie bloggers would do without it. 

Since I started my own blogging journey, it’s been the number one (and still is) traffic generator for my blog.

In my first year of blogging, I got over 1 million page views ALL from the wonderful platform that is Pinterest.

And at one point there were 108 real people and eyeballs on my site at the same time. 

The power of Pinterest is truly mindblowing. 


pinterest traffic avalanche


If you’re brand new to Pinterest, I highly recommend you check out the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. 

This is the course that gave me my results.

I even jumped on a call with Lauren, one of the creators of the course to talk about my amazing results. 

Yes, I was nervous, as you can imagine – as an introvert showing up on YouTube. 

I never that I’d see the day, but the day came. 

You can watch the testimonial video below. 

So, with all this said, get yourself on Pinterest ASAP. 




5. You Haven’t Learned From The Right People

Learn from people who have the results you want in your life. 

That is the number one piece of advice I can give you. 

You can attempt to learn everything there is to know about blogging for free online, or you can pick one teacher or coach, who already has the results you want with your blog and duplicate their strategies to get those same results.

This is what I did. 

I invested in the Blog Biz Bundle by Create and go and I learned from them and them only.

No one else. 

This is why I am so passionate about teaching other dreamers and introverts how to start blogs through my own online course, Dreamer To Blogger

I speak directly to introverts who want to start blogs.

I know the strategies because I’ve used them myself for my own blog and have had success with them. 

You can learn more about Dreamer To Blogger here



6. Your Content Is Okay

Value, value, value. 

You have to go out of your way to provide amazing value for your audience.

Your content has to be nothing less than awesome. 

It’s not enough to ramble up a blog post of 200 words and call it a day. 

Your content should be in long-form and at least 1000 words.

Now, the length of your content doesn’t matter as much as the value you provide – but this is just a general rule of thumb. 

You have to give your audience value long enough for them to want to stay in your online space. 

Let your personality shine through in your content and make sure you’re always relating back to your audience. 

You have a unique story to tell and your own blogging voice – embrace it. 

Ask yourself:

Have I seriously delivered on the promise of my blog post title?

If not, make it even more amazing. 

It’s worth it and your audience will love you for it – and come back to your blog. 



7. You Don’t Have A List

Build that list!

Ever heard that before?

Building an email list is essential to running an online blogging business.

Having and building an email list is the best way to build trust and an honest relationship with your readers. 

The people on your list will be your most loyal and engaged followers. 

You get to swoon them with new content weekly by emailing out about your new blog post. 

If you haven’t started building your list, you should ideally start PRONTO.

I use and love ConvertKit and therefore, it’s the only email marketing service I recommend.

Sign up for ConvertKit here. 



8. You’re Trying To Do It All

Please don’t attempt to do all the things and be active on all the platforms.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok

The list is literally endless.

Choose a platform and focus all your energy on mastering that one platform before moving onto the next one. 

If you try to be everywhere, you will end up nowhere.

You’ll spread your energy way too thin. 

Go all-in on one platform at a time.

My strong recommendation is to focus solely on perfecting your Pinterest strategy first, so you can get a steady amount of traffic to your blog. 



12 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn't Growing & What To Do About It

Busy bee? Pin this article for later. 



9. You Don’t Have A Clear Brand

As much as I’d like to say that your brand and site design doesn’t matter – it kind of does. 

It does a little at least.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter as much as the value of your content but it will have a somewhat effect on the overall experience you’re giving your reader whilst on your site. 

Be sure you have a clear brand.

  • Use 3-4 go-to colors.
  • Use 2-3 go-to-fonts.
  • Choose a filter for your Instagram feed.

You can easily create your own brand kit in Canva or create your own secret brand board on Pinterest.

As for site design and themes, I love the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.

It’s the theme I used for a whole year before I invested in a web designer. 

You can pretty much get the Divi theme to look however you want.

You can drag and drop and make your blog look amazingly professional.



10. You Don’t Have An End Goal

  • What is the dream vision for your blog?
  • What is your end goal?
  • Where do you want to take your new dream business?

Get really clear on what the dream vision is for your blog.

Don’t lose sight of why you started it in the first place.

You need to have a clear direction with your blogging business and a plan in place to get to your dream destination. 

Your why will come in handy on those days when you feel disheartened and like the blogging Gods are working against you. 

Because those days will come.

It’s part of the process.

Blogging is all about trial and error and powering through – especially when things get hard. 

Take some time to journal about your why and the dreams you have for your blog.

For example:

  • Is the dream to leave your 9-5?
  • Is the dream to create a digital product?
  • Is the dream to get 100 000 monthly visitors?
  • Is the dream to live a life on your own terms with no boss telling you what to do?
  • What is the dream?

Get clarity and go for it! ✨



11. You’re Not Looking At It As a Business

When you start a blog, you’re starting a business.

At least, if you desire to make money blogging that is. 

You have to get serious about blogging if you want to have amazing results and be profitable.

Hobby blogs with inconsistent posting don’t make money, blogging businesses do. 



12. You’re Not Marketing Your Blog

So, you’ve written an amazing blog post, spent hours on it,

It just can’t sit on your blog and wait for people to find it – you have to go out there and tell the WWW about it.

You need to market your blog for your target audience to find it.

You need to get your amazing blog post in front of them. 

Writing blog posts is you working as a technician in your business.

When promoting blog posts, you’re the entrepreneur.

You should ideally spend as much time and energy promoting your blog post as you do writing them.

Connect with your audiences’ emotions.

People act based on emotions.

Remember that when you’re writing out your promotional messages for your blog posts.

How will it make them feel?

People share content because of the way it makes them feel about themselves.

Make it relatable, connect, and inspire. 

Share your new blog post on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and of course with your email subscribers – your most loyal readers. 


Tip: Make sure your blog posts are easily shareable. I love the plugin Grow for this. It’s what I use for all my blog posts, so my audience can share my posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with just one click. 



Before You Go

As you can see, there are several reasons why you’re blog isn’t growing but this can be fixed.

Awareness is the first step to change.

So, by just becoming aware of the things you’re doing “wrong” right now, is half the battler towards having a successful blog.

You can absolutely do this.

I am in no way a unicorn.

If I can start a successful online business from scratch, so can you.

Before you go, I invite you to join my FREE blogging course for introverts and dreamers.

It will teach everything you need to know to perfectly start and set up your blog in one little week.

And yes, I created it specifically with you in mind. ✨

I believe in you.

Until next time.

I saved you a seat to my free masterclass. you'll learn how to build an audience and create content the introvert-friendly way.


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