How To Achieve Your Goals In 2020

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how to achieve your goals this year

2020 is on the horizon. 

A whole new decade is coming our way.

It’s goal-setting season.

Are you ready for it?

Are you ready to make this next year the best year yet and achieve all your goals?

I for one love the new year and I’m always committed to making the next one a whole lot better than the last. 

I believe life can only get better as we learn, evolve and grow. 

This might have something to do with the fact that I am a complete planning maniac. 

I find it super exciting to set new goals and to lay out the road map for achieving them. 

Making the impossible possible. 


In this article, I’ll be sharing my top goal-setting tips so you can make 2020 the best year yet and successfully make this the year where you wholeheartedly chase your dreams and make them a reality. 



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how to achieve your goals in 2020



The Dream Vision

Take a moment to dream big. 

Lock in an hour in your calendar where you have some time to yourself and spend it dreaming big.

Get out your favorite journal and start writing out your dream vision for the next 5-10 years. 

Before you set a goal for 2020, you need to get clear on where you see your future headed in general. 

Envision your dream vision for all the different areas of your life. 

Don’t be afraid of dreaming really big here and try to not listen to any limiting thoughts that may make an appearance in your mind as you do this. 

Get creative and have fun with it. 

Create a Pinterest vision board if you’re feeling stuck. 

Explore the quote on quote “impossible”. 

You can literally achieve anything you put your mind to, so you might as well put your mind to something amazing. 



Set a Goal Setting Date

Goal setting can often come with a whole load of overwhelm. 

There is just so much we want to do and achieve in a short period of time.

Can you relate?

I suggest skimming through your calendar and mark off a whole day in which you can devote entirely to setting your amazing goals for 2020. 

No fluff, no distractions.

This way, you’ll know exactly what’s expected of you and where your focus should be on that specific day.

Plus, it’s super fun, right?

A whole day dedicated to planning out your best year yet?

Gotta love it. 

In fact, why don’t you join my FREE goal setting training



Makeover Your Mind For Goal Setting

Reframing your mindset for goal setting is an absolute must.

You cannot set (let alone achieve) goals from a scarce place.

Instead set goals from an abundant and everything-is-possible place. 

If you’re struggling to makeover your mindset and to avoid limiting beliefs, you can try one of these mindset hacks

Before you sit down to write out your goals for 2020, try one of the following exercises to get you in the right frame of mind: ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

  • Take 3-5 deep breaths
  • Journal for a couple of pages
  • Write freely about everything and anything to clear your mind (don’t filter your thoughts)
  • Say your affirmations
  • Meditate for 3-10 minutes with Headspace



Review 2019

Before you do anything, you must revisit the year that’s just about to pass us by – 2019.

Journal about any wins you’ve had (big or small), challenges you’ve overcome and all the amazing things you’ve done in general.

Carve out time to reflect on the past year and ask yourself what you want to do differently in 2020. 



Set A 12-Month Goal 

Choose one goal as your sole focus for 2020.

Avoid the trap of setting too many goals. 

If you do, you will be spreading yourself too thin and you won’t have enough focus or time to accomplish it all.

This is why New Years Resolutions usually don’t work out.

We set too many and keep our expectations high while our execution is low. 

Don’t fall into this trap.

I highly recommend you choose one main overarching goal for the entire year. 

  • What will move the needle for your personal life or your business?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What goal will have the biggest impact on your life?
  • What would be amazing to have happen in 2020?

Take a minute and write down your answers to the journal prompts above. 

Your goal should scare you a little. 

Whenever we set goals, we also set obstacles.

If your goal doesn’t make you a tiny bit uncomfortable, you need to dream bigger. 

Discomfort comes alongside goal setting. 



What Are Some Good Goals To Set in 2020?

Here are a few examples of goals you could set for yourself next year. 

Just a few ideas to prompt you on your way.

I’ve split them into different life categories. 

Remember, choosing one goal to focus on is how you will have amazing results. 



  • Cut out the white stuff (flour, sugar, and dairy)
  • No more soda
  • Work out 2-3 times a week
  • Get enough sleep





  • Refurnish a room in your home
  • Spruce up your office space (make it really cozy!)



  • Say goodbye to all toxic relationships
  • Work on your relationship with your spouse, family or dog
  • Call an old friend once a week
  • Have coffee with your bestie bi-weekly



  • What will you create this year?
  • A book?
  • An online course?
  • A song?
  • Artwork? 
  • Will you pursue painting?


Personal Growth

  • How will you work on your personal growth this year?
  • Meditate daily
  • Mindset work to limit limiting beliefs
  • Read X amounts of books



Know Your Why

Get clear on your why and make sure you’ve set your goal for the right reasons and that you actually like your reason. 

  • Why have you set this goal?
  • Why?
  • Why?

Keep on asking until you uncover your truth.

There will be days when you won’t feel like taking action on your goal, so having your why with at all times can be quite the motivator.



Break It Down Into Quarters

Once you’ve got your one main goal in your pocket and you’re feeling excited about it, it’s time to break it down into quarterly chunks. 

This makes the goal-setting process much less likely to spur into complete overwhelm.

Breaking your one-year goal down makes it more do-able.

  • What are the steps you need to take in quarter one?
  • What are the steps you need to take in quarter two?
  • What are the steps you need to take in quarter three?
  • What are the steps you need to take in quarter four?

State all the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal and break it down by quarters. 



Planning Bundle For 2020

If you want amazing results, you really need to up your planning game for the whole of 2020. 

To be sure you stay on track with your goal, you have to plan out your days, weeks and months accordingly. 

In my digital Planning Bundle for 2020, you’ll get your hands on my personalized daily, weekly and monthly planner to help make 2020 the year of chasing and fulfilling dreams. 

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Before You Go

The point of goals is to grow and evolve as a person.

Goals give our minds direction and something to focus on.

Think of goals as the GPS of your life.

It’s never about how you think you will feel once you get to the other side or to your dream destination. It will always be about who you become in the process.

Happiness does not live on the other side of you achieving your goals. 

Understanding this before you begin chasing your goals will save you so much time and effort. 

You can choose to feel happy in this very moment. 

Just be aware that the point of goals is to experience growth and not to necessarily achieve them.

Life is a moving target.

Once you hit one goal, you’ll automatically set new goals for yourself. 

There is no final destination, ever. 

And that’s actually quite amazing to think about. 

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  1. Really great tips! I have been wanting to make time to make a vision board for a while now. My favorite tip is the one about creating quarters! That way it won’t feel so unachievable!

    1. Making a vision board is so powerful, but also fun!! Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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