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Launching made easy peasy lemon squeezy with Steph Taylor 🍋

August 3, 2022

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Welcome back to the She Dreams All Day podcast, where I speak with the launching QUEEN; Steph Taylor! 👑

In this podcast, we talk all about launching and how being an introvert is your superpower when it comes to having an online business. 

So if you want to know how to launch and stay energised, whilst sharing our love for Clickup, you’re going to love this episode. 

Note: this is a summary of the things Steph and I spoke about. For her exact words, listen to the podcast audio!





Who is Steph Taylor?

launching with steph taylor

I am a digital product launch strategist.

In practical terms, I’m not somebody who teaches you how to make an online course, but I’m the person who’s behind the marketing side of things. Marketing is where I really geek out and it’s what I’m truly invested in. 

I’ve been on my own journey of twists and turns with the online business thing (like I’m sure so many of you have).

My journey started out with an eCommerce business that fell flat.

It burnt to the ground and I had to rethink what I was doing and where I was headed.

That’s when I started out again as a marketing consultant. 

As I built a marketing agency, I realised I didn’t want to manage a lot of people. I just enjoyed the marketing side. 

And that’s how I finally found my niche: launching.

Launching is my magic zone, as well as podcasting. Our podcast Socialette now has 1.5 million downloads, which we’re pretty proud of!

I do resonate with being an introvert, and I think it’s important to highlight that you can still run a successful business as one. Believe it or not, a lot of successful and overly-confident people you may see online actually resonate as introverts!

Yes, things like webinars and podcasts may seem a little harder than they would be for extroverts.

But, I believe we are more conscientious and are able to build our confidence over time by doing these things.

If you’re an introvert, you can still have confidence!

Push yourself initially to get out there.

The more you do, then the more confidence you will have.

Having said that, I will need a nap any time I speak or deliver something! 😅



Your journey with launching as an introvert

When I launched my first business, I didn’t even put my name on the website.

I didn’t want anyone to know who I was, and I hated public speaking and putting my face on social media. 

If I’m honest, this was a major reason to why that business failed. 

People didn’t connect with it.

When I launched my first course, I realised I had to make myself a bit more visible. 

So I started with a 5-day challenge. With 5 emails planned, I could stay in my introvert box behind my laptop.

But again, there was a lack of connection and it didn’t work. 

After this, I accepted that I had to do a webinar. As terrifying as it was, I knew I needed to do it to make some money and just do something.

And honestly, it sucked.

My voice was shaky, I blanked at all the questions and I just didn’t look confident. 

But I had to do this to get my first webinar out of the way. Then after my second, third, fourth and fifth – things started to get easier.

In fact, I actually quite like them now!

Webinars are a great space to be in.

Having that instant interaction with the people you’re speaking to is a great way to nurture your audience.

Just make sure, if you’re an introvert, that you approach a launch in the right way for you. For me now, I don’t do anything that doesn’t align with who I am. 



Top tips for launching as an introvert

You don’t have to do a live webinar.

Yes, it’s a great way to nurture an audience to buy from you, but the most important thing?

An email list.

Start building an email list from day one.

Build the audience. Nurture them to buy from you.

Through emails, we have an average of 20-30% of an open rate. Does social media give us that? Not even close!

Typically, I recommend starting your launch 60-90 days before doors open via email.

When doors are open, your email list see it.

Build the email list – it’s a must-do.

You don’t have to show up on social media if that’s not something you want to do.

Once or twice a week, I send my subscribers an email.

This sends them to my podcast or other content, nurturing them and building a connection.

When the doors open, I email more regularly. And this can all be scheduled ahead of time, so you can manage your energy and where it’s going during the launch!

People still buy from email.

If people stop using Instagram, you can still communicate with your audience with an email list.

It’s security for your business!

To keep everything organised during a launch, I use Clickup and Google Calendar. 

Clickup makes everything so easy and is a good part of managing our energy.



Launching mindset

One of my failed launches ended up turning into a million-dollar product.

Failed launches are not a thing.

A ‘failed launch’ just informs us that something isn’t working.

You sit back and think; I’ve just spent 90 days warming up my audience and they don’t want it. Well, why don’t they want it? This then gives us a chance to pivot.

Pivot the messaging.

Personally, I love the idea of launching something before you’ve created it. It takes away the pressure, and you’re getting paid to create your course.

You can also become more liberal with what you’re doing.

If a bunch of people ask for a self-paced course rather than a live Zoom course, you can use this information and pivot.

Through this kind of process, you learn a lot.



Tips for managing your energy throughout a launch

I will always recommend basic self-care.

So many people in launch mode eat fast food or say they can’t exercise. They might say they’re super stressed so need a bottle of wine.

But ultimately, they are the last things we should be doing!

Taking a long walk or exercising, prepping healthy meals so you don’t reach for junk food is a way better way to approach it. You don’t want extra energy spikes and dips whilst launching

Try not to book in client work, or have any extra commitments when launching. 

And finally, don’t make your cart open too long!

7 days is a sweet spot, 14 days can seem too long. Keep it as short as you can.

Give your audience enough time to make a decision.

When carts closed, give yourself a buffer week before your live course kicks off. 

Book a staycation or even take a few days off as it can be really exhausting. 



Where you can find Steph online

You can find me right here, where I’m launching a new 12-week program that walks you through the process of a repeatable launch.

It can be implemented for not just launching once, but a couple of times a year to build your business around it. 

Thank you so much to the incredible Steph Taylor for this wonderful and insightful podcast on launching for introverts!

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