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How To Easily Organize Your Life For Success

April 7, 2019


ways to get your life organized for success

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Ah, who doesn’t love a good life organization hack? Yes, me too.

And just in time for spring – the best time of the year.

The sun’s out, we can wear sunglasses again and have coffee on the balcony. #WINNING

There’s a lot of talk about spring cleaning and how to get your house turned upside down (in a good way), but what about your life?

You might as well get your life organized for spring as well.

There seems to never be a good time to get seriously organized, so spring might just be the right time to get started with these organizational life hacks.

An organized life is equal to a balanced and calm life.

You’ll avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed and beat procrastination.

There is just something therapeutic about organizing and tidying up your life and your mind.

Planning and organizing your life is key if you want to achieve your goals.

Start slow and you’ll get there.

Rushing for a more organized life is never the way to do it.

We want nice and slow.


Make sure you scroll all the way down to get the scoop on the resources I use for a more organized life. Resources that can hopefully help you get more organized as well.


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1. Start A Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is at the core of every organized life and it really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Make sure you start your day the right way and also, wake up early.

This is my number one tip for a more productive and organized life. 



2. Plan Your Day, Week, Month Ahead

It’s literally impossible to be organized if you don’t plan for anything.

Tackle the obstacles ahead of time and plan in advance.

This way you’ll know exactly what’s coming, what you need to do when it’s time to take action. 

My absolute favorite tool for daily and weekly planning is the Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change.

I can’t say enough good things about it.

I’ve never been one for physical planners, but this one got me and I’m sticking to it. 



3. Pick A Laundry Day

Set a specific day to do your laundry.

Also, do laundry whenever there is time.

Don’t leave absolutely everything for every Sunday.

For example, get your workout clothes washed as soon as you’re finished with your workout.

I mean, who wants sweaty workout clothes stinkin’ up the place? No one.



4. De-clutter When There Is Time

Do some light cleaning or de-cluttering whenever there is time.

10 – 15 minutes a day should do the trick.

Throw out the garbage, do the dishes, vacuum, and dust off the dining table.

This will make the “official” cleaning days much less stressful. 



5. Plan Meals In Advance

Lifehack numero uno.

Planning, shopping and preparing meals can be such a time-stealer, not just when it comes to time but also when it comes to your mind.

We go about our days, constantly thinking and asking ourselves…

“What should I make for dinner tonight? It needs to be healthy, preferably cheap and easy.” 

Can anyone relate?

This can be so stressful.

Pick a day for grocery shopping and prep your m>eals for the coming week. 

Sundays are great for meal prep. 

Chop onions and seal them in the fridge or make a delicious casserole and bulk up on lunches for the week. 

Write up your own menu for the next week and you’ll know exactly what’s for dinner and how you’ll go about it.

The ingredients are waiting for you at home. Phew. 



6. Become A Master At Budgeting

Organize your finances and budget your way to a more organized life.

If you don’t have your finances in order, you are more likely to feel stressed and disorganized. 



7. Clean Make-Up Brushes

It’s the little things that’ll make you feel more organized, like cleaning your make-up brushes regularly. 

To save money, I use my regular shampoo for this and try and do it once a month to ditch the dirt off the brushes. 



8. Set Goals

Set goals to push yourself into the direction of your dreams. Sound cheesy? Oh well. 

Life needs direction and for this to happen goals are essential.



9. Develop A Self-Care Routine

Every girlboss should have a self-care routine in place.

Nurture yourself and your body by incorporating a little self-lovin’ every day. 

Check out this post for self-care ideas. 



10. Calendar Block

Block out your days, weeks and month in gCal. 

Set specific days for specific tasks.

For example:

  • Sunday – Shopping and meal prep
  • Monday – Laundry day 
  • Tuesday – Creative day (Writing blog posts, music or create art. Work on your dreams and get your creative juices flowing.)
  • … and so on. 



11. Schedule Your Downtime

Speaking of calendar blocking…

You should also schedule your downtime on your calendar to really enjoy this time and allow yourself to whine down after a long day at work.

You deserve it, girl. And please don’t think about your to-do list while you are enjoying an episode of FRIENDS on Netflix. 

In the words of Frankie – “RELAX.”



12. Savor Sundays

Use Sundays for they are worth and treat them as any other day but with an extra 12 hours to do productive tasks that need to get done in time for the next week. 

And don’t forget to schedule some me-time. 



13. Write Everything Down

Make notes of everything so you don’t forget any ideas that you can brainstorm later. 

I love to use the Evernote app for note-taking – it syncs to your phone and computer. 




14. Invest In A Physical Planner

I’ve got three words for you – The Productivity Planner

In all seriousness, writing things down in a physical planner can really boost your organizational skills. 



Busy bee? Pin this article for later. 



15. Buy Functional Furniture & Organization Products

Buy functional furniture for extra storage room. 

We have sooo many things and not everything needs to be on display. 

To avoid the hoarder syndrome – organize and store away papers, things, and other material items you don’t use daily. 



16. Embrace Minimalism

To feel more organized, minimalism is certainly the way to go about life. 

Get rid of material things that no longer have value and be mindful of the “things” you buy. 

A minimalistic wardrobe means less decision-making and feeling way more organized. 



17. Buy Fewer Things & Only What You REALLY Need



18. Make Time To Plan & Organize Your Life

Yes, yes. Planning is the way to a more organized life.

But you also need to make time to actually do the planning and organizing. 

I typically do this every Sunday evening. 



19. Back-Up

Back up your life and digital files on your computer using an external hard drive. 



20. Organize Your Desk

…With a storage unit like this one for example.



21. Organize All Your Files & Folders On Your Computer 

Clean up your desktop, color coordinate, and create folders on your computer for the ultimate digital organized feeling.



22. Prioritize Your Priorities

  • What matters to you?
  • What’s important and what is not?
  • What tasks demand your attention and what tasks can wait?

Answer these questions and prioritize your priorities to lessen overwhelm. 



23. 10 Minutes A Day

… is all it takes.

Spend 10 minutes a day on your dreams and goals.

10 minutes is better than no minutes at all and it’ll keep you moving forward, rather than standing still.

Take action, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.


24. Evening Routine

Having a productive and good evening routine in place is just as important as having a morning routine.

Because let’s be real – your morning routine really starts the night before. 



25. Create A Mood Board

…on Pinterest for creative inspiration for your home, office, fashion and anything really.  



26. Say Yes

…to things to you want to do



27. Say No

…to things you don’t want to do (aka never fear the FOMO)



28. Organize Your Inbox

Create folders, archive old emails you’d like to keep and delete the ones you don’t. 



29. Exercise

You knew this one was coming right?

Work that body of yours to feel more energized.

Schedule your workouts on your calendar and honor this commitment.

It’s good for ya and will help your mind feel much more organized. 



30. Organize Your Trips

Wanna travel and see the world?

Plan for it and organize your upcoming getaways down to the dot.

  • What will you do?
  • Who will you see?
  • What attractions spikes interest? 
  • When will you do what?

Create your own personalized travel itinerary with all the necessary tickets and information – and make it cute 🙂



31. Start Bullet Journaling

Here is a great article to get you started.



32. Practice Gratitude

Start and finish your day by practicing gratitude to stop, think, reflect on your day. 

I love the Five Minute Journal for this. 



33. Have A Place For Everything

This is key to an organized home. Your new functional furniture will help you in this department. 



34. Keep Your Working Space Neat & Tidy

No one is productive or gets work done with a messy desk. 

Clean and declutter your working space regularly to get in the groove and get things done. 



35. Organize Your Phone

…using folders for related apps. You can also color coordinate if you’re into that sort of thing.

Delete old photos, store them on your hard drive instead of them taking up humongous space on your phone.



36. Unfollow

Unfollow people who do not inspire or motivate you.

Stop following anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Seriously, just do it –  they won’t get mad.



37. Have A Good Sleep Schedule

Yes, organize your sleep schedule. 

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to feel more energized and also get more out of the day.

Your body and circadian rhythm will thank you for organizing your sleeping patterns. 



38. Clean Out Your…

…handbags, gym bag and/or purses regularly. 



39. Organize Your Make-Up & Skincare Products

…using this product for example. 



40. Organize Your Jewelry

Avoid messy tangles with a jewelry organizer.  



41. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Just do it 🙂 You’ll feel so much better and productive.



42. Set A Specific Day To Clean Your Home



43. Write To-Do Lists



44. Use Post-its For What They’re Worth

…so you don’t forget anything. 

Stick them to your bathroom mirror or fridge. 



45. Prepare Tomorrow’s Outfit

Avoid this stressful situation and prepare tomorrow’s outfit the night before. ???? 




46. Prep Work Out Bag

…the night before and place it by the front door so you won’t forget. 



47. Meditate & Organize Your Thoughts

It’s not only your life and home that needs organizing, but also your mind.

Meditation is a great way to organize your thoughts.

Peaceful mind, peaceful life. 



48. Unsubscribe

…to services you no longer use.

We all have ’em.

Go through your subscriptions and cancel the ones that no longer give you value.

There might be a subscription or two that you’ve totally forgotten about. 



49. Rid Yourself From Toxic Relationships

Don’t give your time or energy to people who put you down. 



50. Make Room For People Who Fill You Up



51. Organize Pantry

Organize your pantry using glass jars and labels. 



52. Less Plastic

We all know how bad plastic is for the environment, so try and use less plastic – keep this in mind when grocery shopping and organizing your pantry. 



53. Automate What You Can

I LOVE automation. Automate whatever you can to save time and money.



54. Clean Your Fridge

…and freezer



55. Track Your Cycle

Tracking your period can give you organizational control. I use the app called Flo and love it. 



56. Create New Habits

…that support a more organized life and your dreams.

For example, waking up early is a great habit to start with. 



57. Organize Paperwork

Organize your bills, paperwork and other important files. Use binders and store them in an organized space that makes sense. 



58. Delegate

Delegate tasks whenever possible to free up your time, mind and life.



59. Eat More Clean Foods

…to help organize your health and nutrition.


60. Constantly Reflect & Evaluate Your Days

  • Are you moving forward toward your dream life?
  • Does your current life align with your goals?

Check-in with yourself every now and then to make sure you are making progress and taking steps in the right direction. 



61. Ask Questions To Support You

Get your mind to work by asking questions that support your dream life. 



62. Don’t Overbook

Do things that you want to do and make appointments that matter to you. 

Keep your calendar spacious and be sure not to overbook with unnecessary meetings. 



63. Accept yourself for who you are and all the wonderful imperfections that we all have. ❤️


If You Want More…


Productivity Planner

The Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change is my absolute favorite physical planner. I am so obsessed with this planner and I use it for weekly and daily planning. I’ve written a pretty honest review about it which you can read here



Evernote is a great note-taking app for brainstorming, general ideas and for your digital to-do list. You can easily sync it up to your phone and computer. 


Google Calendar

I use gCal for my daily planning needs and I color coordinate EVERYTHING. This is where I schedule the nitty-gritty things and also my downtime. 

I saved you a seat to my free masterclass. you'll learn how to build an audience and create content the introvert-friendly way.


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